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How To Become Voonik Seller And Earn Online?


Let’s face the truth, the Indian Online Market is more female dominant in terms of shopping than the male section. This is seen in the retail shop section also, if you go to any market place, you will see more shops that are having ladies wear than men’s wear.

Now, if you are a retailer that wants to up their sales and exceed the competition, you have to expand your business. You have to enlarge your circle of reaching the customers and expand to all the areas. This can be easily done with the help of various e-commerce sites. The time of selling from your shop to only the customers that visit or reach your shop is over now.

You must have heard that “We should change with time”. This is the digital age and as the age suggests, we should also go digital and use the technology in such a way that we are benefited with it.

The Benefits of doing business on e-commerce platforms:

  1. You can overcome the geographical limitations and reach the customers all-over India.
  2. Many E-commerce platforms ranks at the top of every search engine, so there are many chances that if a customer google the product that you are selling, your product can be on the top of the google search. (This is a very big thing)
  3. Your costs are reduced and the reduction could be provided as a discount to the customers, and there you get the benefit of providing the customers the items at the lowest possible cost.
  4. It saves the customers to locate the product as they can just use the filters and search options to locate the product easily.
  5. This eliminates the travel time and cost of the customers and they can shop from the comfort and ease of their homes.
  6. The customers can compare your price with other merchant’s.
  7. By doing online business you are free form the bond of shop hours and with this you can conduct your business 24/7/365.

All these points are great for a customer’s shopping experience, which will indeed make them happy and satisfied and if a customer is happy, they will become loyal to you and will become your permanent customers. Seeing all these benefits, many businesses have adopted the E-commerce platforms and are selling are increasing their sales like crazy! Many businesses have become snapdeal seller, flipkart seller, paytm seller, limeroad seller and so on, on various E-commerce platforms.


Sujayath Ali, the co-founder of Voonik along with other founders started Voonik and now he is the CEO of Voonik and Navaneetha Krishnan is the current CTO, Voonik is a Bangalore based start-up. Voonik is the first women only personalized shopping app with its main focus on personalization.

Voonik provides a personal stylist to every woman and the stylist will then consider their body type, skin tone, budget and style preferences and will recommend them the best clothes. Therefore your product is suggested to the targeted customer, and the chances are now boosted for the sale to happen.

Voonik consists of a wide variety of about 15,00,000 products from more than 4000 stores which includes top online stores and 3000 brands and over 5 million active shoppers across India.

So if you want your product to be targeted to the audience that can be a perfect customer, choosing Voonik as your E-commerce platform is the best option for you. The Voonik Seller commission varies depending upon the categories of the products which the seller has listed in. The voonik seller support is also good for all the sellers on voonik which provides proper resolution to each and every query.

There is really huge opportunity for flipkart seller, snapdeal seller, shopclues seller along with other ecommerce marketplace sellers to join another best ecommerce platform Voonik. There is also voonik seller app available which will make the order processing task easy for the sellers.

How to become a Voonik Seller:

Now, as you have made up your mind and have chosen that you want to become a Mr Voonik seller, here are the steps of registration process on Voonik seller platform:

Being the leader in women’s fashion, Voonik has the maximum online reach. It has above more than 20 million users and 5 million active users. It doesn’t matter if you are a well established brand or a start-up, if you possess an innovative, genuine and fashionable product, you are fit for Voonik and you can start selling your project just by following these simple steps:

Step-1: Login


Start selling on Voonik, by joining the Voonik seller. The first step is to become a registered seller of the Voonik. Just open the Dashboard of Voonik for sellers’ and register/fill the details like Email, Telephone number, Company name under the caption “Register Today” and now you are ready to begin with the process of Registration. The voonik seller dashboard is easy to use and operate.

Step-2: Company Address


After you’re done with the first step, the next step in the sellers’ registration process is to provide the registered company address along with the valid address proof of the same. If you are going to deliver from a different address, then mention that address separately.

Step-3: Sellers Agreement:


In the third step of Voonik sellers’ registration, Voonik will provide the sellers an agreement under the heading Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Make sure you read all the terms and conditions carefully for being a seller. Accept the agreement to move futher.

Step-4: Specific Business Details:


Once you have agreed to the agreement, the fourth step holds filling some important information and submitting some proofs.

  1. Details like type of company (Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Private Limited Company, etc.)
  2. PAN number
  3. TIN number
  4. TAN number
  5. AADHAR card details

Valid proofs must be uploaded along with the information.

Note: PAN is the mandatory proof needed by Voonik, whereas GST is not mandatory.

Step-5: Bank Details


The last step in the registration process is to provide all the essential bank details.They are:

  1. Account Holder’s Name
  2. Account Number
  3. Account Type
  4. IFSC Code
  5. Bank Name
  6. Bank Branch

Apart from these details, you have to upload a cancelled cheque to complete the process. Bank account along with supporting KYC documents is a mandatory requirement.

After all these steps, one has to confirm the registration process. The process ends when you receive a confirmation call from Voonik associate.

Voonik Seller Registration Requirements:

  1. PAN and TAN
  2. Bank Account
  3. Trademark Registration
  4. GST Registration
  5. Business Registration.

List Products on Voonik:

Now you are a seller on Voonik and thus now is the time to list your products up for selling them. Find the page after logging in that has the category of your product and fill in the details of each product. Choose a photo and select the right category so your product can be found quickly. The voonik seller portal is not so hard to understand.

Packing, Shipping and Logistics:

Managing packing, shipping and logistics is easy via using app and the website dashboard. There are many options available to package the product and make it comfortable for shipping with best Voonik packaging materials for Voonik Sellers.After receiving an order, the seller has to Download a packaging slip along with an invoice which is then needs to be attached with your product at the time of shipping it. Voonik will then pick up the package from your business address.

How you can strategize your sales on different categories of products on Voonik:

As you have become a Voonik seller, you would be busy in the manufacturing and dispatching of the goods, and you may not be able to cope up with the flooding orders. This takes your time from promoting yourself, taking care of returned goods, or handling a lot of ongoing transactions. On this point you can take the help of different facilities provided by Voonik to get a helping hand from them. Always keep in mind the voonik seller policies and never ever think to violate it because it can also affect your sales growth.

Advertisement is a booster to the sales. It is possible that what you are selling is being sold by another retailer too. Then how can you overcome this competition. The simple answer is to use advertisement. Advertisement will make the people aware of your product, and your product would be shown on the first screen so that the customers see your product first, and if the customer likes your product, why would they go to find it elsewhere.

So here you can use the Product and Category Ads (PCA) feature of Voonik. This  features gets a seller noticed and help in moving ahead of the competition. It is a promotion option feature. Using this, you enable your product to be displayed to 10 lakhs customers that are using Voonik, via advertisement.

PCAs are banner ads. When a customer searches the category in which your product is listed, they receive a pop-up banner of your product.

Rate: Each click costs 1 rupee, so if you have a budget of Rs. 5000, then you will get 5000 clicks on your product, that at least 5000 people would be seeing your product and many of them can be a prospective customer.


  1. Charges apply only when someone clicks on your ad.
  2. You get higher visibility via pop-up ads.
  3. Higher chances of sales.
  4. If you want to do self promotion, you can create your own page on portals like Instagram and Facebook and then you can just link the product with the Voonik page of your product. As you put any product on sale at Voonik, Just post the same photo and description on your Instagram and Facebook page and thus you are promoting yourself outside Voonik and that too at zero cost.

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