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Best Amazon Account Suspended (Plan of Action) Service

It is better to opt for Amazon Seller Training Service before you start selling on Amazon. As a new seller, It will be more difficult to understand the policies of Amazon Marketplace. There are many reasons for Amazon Seller Account Suspension. A suspended amazon seller will also receive a notification titled with “Your Amazon selling privileges have been removed” with a list of ASINs product id that Amazon believe have violated their policies and many other reasons are there for the suspension. However, If you want to find out why your amazon seller account has been suspended then you can check it by going into your Performance Notifications within amazon seller central.


There are the most important parameters which are having set target rate in the Account Health Section within the performance notification.

  1. Order Defect Rate: < 1%
  2. Late Dispatch Rate: < 4%
  3. Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate: < 2.5%

1) Order Defect Rate (ODR): This metric indicates that the percentage of a seller’s orders that have received negative feedback regarding the product, an A-to-Z Guarantee claims. Amazon always recommends that sellers must maintain an ODR less than 1% to avoid account suspension and it should be always in Control. It is found is found to be an important measure of the seller’s ability to provide better customer satisfaction.

2) Late Dispatch Rate (LDR): This metric indicates the number of orders that are confirmed for the shipment after the shipping date divided by the total number of orders in that time period of interest. A very high number of Late Dispatch Rate can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Late shipment rate only applies to seller-fulfilled orders. It is very important to confirm the shipment of the orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders. Amazon always recommends that sellers must maintain a Late Dispatch Rate (LDR) less than 4% to avoid account deactivation.

3) Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate: This metric indicates the number of order cancellations done by the seller before the item shipment is confirmed divided by the total number of orders in the 7-day time period. High pre-fulfillment cancellation rates can be the result of poor inventory management and Cancellation Rate only applies to seller-fulfilled orders. A Cancellation Rate above 2.5% may result in the seller account deactivation.

Seller has to investigate Amazon’s reasons for suspension. Amazon will only inform the seller the cause for the account suspension, but it may not always be overtly clear how your seller account violated the Amazon policies. 

In that case, seller has to Preview the amazon seller central to identify the areas Amazon might be flagging. The seller account suspension period is inconvenient. In this period of time, the seller is not allowed to sell and the Amazon funds are held in the account. It will be good for the seller not to pester Amazon while they are waiting. 

Annoying amazon with a barrage of emails is not a good idea. so don’t take the risk when the account is suspended.

Amazon account selling privileges are commonly removed for following reasons:-

1. Policy Violations of Amazon’s rules and guidelines about Restricted Products.

2. Uploading the copyrighted images in the listing without permission from the rights owner i.e images that sellers have not taken themselves.

3. If a seller opens more than one amazon seller account under the same enterprise’s name or person’s name without Amazon’s permission.

4. If Amazon team finds out that the seller’s account is associated with a  previously suspended Amazon seller account, for instance:

Ø  Same bank account number.

Ø  Same business address.

Ø  Same Tax ID number.

Ø  Accessed with the Same IP Address with a previously suspended seller account.

5. Poor account performance customer metrics which includes (late dispatch rate, order defect rate, cancellation rate, policy violations, buyer-seller contact response time).

Amazon will send a notification to the seller if they find any parameters target rate goes high and ask sellers to resolve the issue as soon as possible and Failing to resolve the issue often results in the seller account deactivation.

Best Practices for Avoiding Amazon Account Suspension:-

If your Plan of Action appeal is successful and your Amazon seller privileges are reinstated, then you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid suspension in the future. Here are a few key points that will help you track whether you’re meeting the Amazon’s standards for sellers or need to improve.

1. Review Amazon’s product rules and policies before adding new products: It is better to check the restricted product rules for the products that you want to add and make sure that they are not in violation of Amazon’s policies.

2. Always check the listing description part: Provide the relevant information about the product. Mention the advantages and features of the product. Misrepresenting your customer is a seller policy violation, so make sure you are accurately describing your products in your listings.

3. For Better Communication Download the Amazon seller app: It is very easy to operate the amazon seller central through app. The earlier a problem is found the easier it is to solve. seller can respond to account notifications and buyer messages instantly with the Amazon Seller App. The Best advantage is that seller can also process the orders with the app.

4. Monitoring your order shipping: For the seller fulfillment orders, you’ll want to make sure that customers are reporting on-time shipments to avoid negative feedback or a high late-Dispatch rate.

5. Having an inventory management software in place: If you’re constantly running out of inventory and cancelling orders, then you may want to consider opting an inventory management software which will help keep your pre-fulfillment cancellation rate low and minimize the negative feedback. Managing the inventory will become much more easier with inventory management software.