Shopclues Seller Registration Process – How to Register as a Seller on Shopclues Marketplace?


There are many ecommerce marketplaces in India, which are emerged with an intention to

address the requirements of both the customers and the sellers. One such marketplace is ShopClues. Shopclues is an Indian online marketplace which was founded in 2011 by Sandeep Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi.

Shopclues marketplace is very large in India which is having more than 12k registered sellers, retailing over more than 2 million products to 42 million huge customer base visitors in India itself. Sellers on the Shopclues marketplace can sell any categories of items or products like mobile phone covers, computers or laptops, electronic products, home appliances, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories, sports equipments, clothing and accessories , home furnishings, footwear, travel items, jewellery items, toys, daily needs items, beauty and health care items.

Documents Needed for Registration on Shopclues Marketplace:

  1. Name of the Company
  2. Name of the Individual
  3. PAN Card Copy
  4. A Cancelled cheque (in which the seller wants payment)
  5. Aadhaar card Copy
  6. Phone number
  7. GST Number
  8. An email address
  9. Bank Account Details
  10. Address proof eg- Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Passport copy etc. needed for submission

ShopClues Seller Fees:

ShopClues online Marketplace platform charges their sellers two different fees on every transaction; the first one is a selling service fee and other is as a fulfilment fee. With the successful sale of any product or item on Shopclues, the selling service fee will be charged.

The amount that will be charged as fee differs according to the category of products or item sold. Along with this, a standard service tax will be also added. Adding Furthermore, each and every package being handled by ShopClues marketplace will also attract a fulfilment service fees together with the standard service tax on it.

Basic Information Needed for ShopClues Marketplace Seller Registration:

Here is the List of the following licenses and registrations which are needed to start selling online on ShopClues Marketplace:

GST Registration

GST registration is required to start as a seller on ShopClues. GST registration is mandatory for the sellers to start selling products or items in India. GST Registration is important compliance for any online businesses before registering on the marketplace.

Business Registration

For business entities, there is no specific need to become a seller on ShopClues marketplace. However, being registered as the LLP or Private Limited Company will definitely help in preventing unforeseen liability in addition to enjoying better access to the credit.

Trademark Registration

When it comes to selling products or items online in any marketplace, any brand wants to get lots of exposure and visibility. Therefore, it is very useful to assure the brand is trademarked and thus well protected in order to avoid counterfeit products. So, sellers are required to register for the trademark (TM) for their own private label brand of products and the services.

Bank Account

PAN Card of the merchant is necessary on the ShopClues marketplace along with current bank account details. Other details including PAN account holder name, account number, and IFSC code should be submitted to the ShopClues marketplace for the payment process. Shopclues will release payment to the seller directly to the bank account number that is associated in the seller dashboard

Steps to Register as a Seller on Shopclues Marketplace:

  1. Visit ShopClues

    Visit the Shopclues Seller Website for Signup. All the mentioned documents above must be ready in advanced at the time of registration. Enter the Email id, Mobile number.

    Shopclues-Seller-Registration Step-1

  2. Name Your Online Store.

    Shopclues-Seller-Registration Step-2

  3. Enter Information

    Enter the pin code. Add all the information like PAN Number, GSTIN Number, Trade Name and submit the documents in pdf or in jpg format.

    Shopclues-Seller-Registration Step-3

  4. Verification

    For the verification part, an email notification will be sent to the registered email id of the seller with a SMS, which is to be sent to the registered phone number.

  5. Add the products in the inventory.

    Shopclues-Seller-Registration Step-5

When the products or items which are listed in seller dashboard are sold, you will then receive an email notification that you have received an order with the buyer details and thus process the order. A marketplace like Shopclues is helping all sizes of businesses (small to large) to grow fast online and not remain limited to geographical boundaries.

As an Ecommerce Consultant, I can help you with your business ready with the services like online business registration process, Seller Training part. (To Better understand the Shopclues Seller Dashboard) and thus increase sales on Shopclues Marketplace.

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