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Paytm Seller Course



Namaste! kem cho! Sat Sri Akal!

It’s my pleasure to Welcome you to the course. I am the creator of this course and I would like to educate many people in Online selling. I have provided Training and other services to 300+ sellers and am still going. I am always up for connections and would love to interact with you too.

Brief overview:

Paytm is one of the best and top rated payment gateway in India. Along with that, It is also considered as the top e-commerce marketplace in India. Pyatm has its own millions of users on their payment gateway.

Now, the sellers are seeing a huge opportunity on paytm marketplace due to high traffic on paytm. It is very easy to onboard on the marketplace. You can start adding as many items and process the orders with ease. Paytm also has its own shipping service which makes the shipping task easier for the paytm sellers.

There is every possibility that you can scale your online business with Paytm. Paytm is one of the best brand for the online sellers. The support team is always up for the sellers at any stage whenever the sellers are stuck in any tasks or have some issues regarding a particular subject.

This course will help you to set up the business, list the items, order processing, etc. on paytm and so on. You have to work with the defined marketplace policy and you will see a spike in your sales once the tasks are done correctly. There is a process that you need to follow before doing any tasks in the paytm dashboard. Once you know the procedures then it will become easy for you to execute any tasks within the seller dashboard.

Course Curriculum

 Chapter 1: Paytm Seller Registration

  1. Creating seller account
  2. Resource: Paytm Seller Account Checklist

Chapter 2: Manage Profile

  1. Verify your details
  2. Resource: Verify your details

Chapter 3: Paytm Brand Approval

  1. How To Apply For Brand Approval
  2. Resource: Paytm Brand Approval

Chapter 4: Paytm Payment Cycle

  1. What is Paytm Payment Cycle
  2. Resource: Paytm Payment Cycle

Chapter 5: Adding Products

  1. How To Add Products in Paytm
  2. Resource: Adding Products

Chapter 6: Order processing

  1. How To Process Order on Paytm
  2. Resource: Order processing

Chapter 7: Advertising on Paytm

  1. How To Advertise products on Paytm
  2. Resource: Advertising on Paytm

Chapter 8: Paytm Seller Support

  1. How To Contact Paytm Seller Support
  2. Resource: Paytm Seller Support

Chapter 9: Paytm Brand Packaging Material

  1. How To Purchase Paytm Packaging Material
  2. Resource: Paytm Brand Packaging Material

Chapter 10: Paytm Commision

  1. Paytm Commision charges
  2. Resource: Paytm Commision