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Best Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service

The Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature generally known as the A+ Listing tool which allows the brand owners to modify the product description part of the branded ASINs. Adding EBC to the product detail pages can result in the increased traffic and sales with higher conversion rates. Using this tool, the seller can describe the product features in a much better way by including the enhanced images and text placements, unique brand story.

Sellers can make the listings better and present the prospective buyers all the relevant information, features, advantages. so that the buyer can get to know about the product and then convert to make a purchase. Building brand awareness plays a very important role and thus leads to getting more sales. The best benefit the seller can get from EBC is that it can be used to answer the common customer questions by providing the relevant product details thus helping to drive rapid purchase decisions.

It provides the customer with more images and information to make them feel comfortable and confident with their online purchase. EBC is found to be much more beneficial for some product or category groups over others. There are no limitations on how many EBC product detail pages you can have.


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service Includes:

1. Image Optimization and Editing Part:

  1. Creating pure white background images in accordance with Amazon guidelines.
  2. Using photoshop tools to enhance the better visibility of the product images.
  3. Providing the best features of the product in the images with genuine content.
  4. Making the product images suitable for EBC ready by ensuring the correct dimensions and pixel quality in Amazon guidelines.

2. Creating Best Content:

  1. Representation of company guidelines and the brand story.
  2. Creating the best product description that instantly clicks the reader’s mind.
  3.  keyword-rich content which leads to driving more traffic and reaching more customers on Amazon.
  4.  Elaborating the product and researching to identify the best product features and the benefits.

3. Template Layout, Designing and Implementation Part:

  1. Designing and layout of EBC content for your catalogue products ASIN.
  2. Updating and implementing with managing all the aspects content submission via amazon seller central.
  3. Constant monitoring and feedback will be given.
  4. Using a customized template and ready-made predesigned templates.