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Flipkart Seller Course



Namaste! kem cho! Sat Sri Akal!

It’s my pleasure to Welcome you to the course. I am the creator of this course and I would like to educate many people in Online selling. I have provided Training and other services to 300+ sellers and am still going. I am always up for connections and would love to interact with you too.

Brief overview:

Flipkart is the best Indian e-commerce marketplace to list and sell your products. This marketplace also provides good business to online sellers. Sellers can onboard to the marketplace with ease and start adding the products they would like to sell. Flipkart has millions of users who keep on surfing the marketplace 24×7.

Flipkart also has its own shipping service to the flipkart sellers. So, seller’s don’t have to worry about shipping the items to the flipkart customers. Sellers can also go with their own shipping method to ship their items and there is no restriction on it.

This course will help you in so many aspects. You will learn to add your products that you want to sell on the marketplace and scale your online business with so many modules available in the course. Flipkart marketplace is definitely a best choice for sellers.

Course Curriculum

 Chapter 1: Registration on Flipkart

  1. Creating seller account
  2. Resource: Flipkart Seller Account Registration Checklist

Chapter 2: Manage Profile

  1. Explore Manage Profile
  2. Resource: Manage Profile

Chapter 3: Flipkart Inventory Health

  1. Flipkart Inventory Health Section
  2. Resource: Flipkart Inventory Health

Chapter 4: Flipkart Brand Approval

  1. How To Apply For Brand Approval
  2. Resource: Brand Approval Process

Chapter 5: Flipkart product Listing

  1. How To Add Products In Flipkart
  2. Resource: Flipkart Product Listing

Chapter 6: Flipkart Order Processing

  1. Flipkart Order Processing
  2. Resource: Flipkart Order Processing

Chapter 7: Flipkart Commision

  1. Flipkart Commision
  2. Resource: Flipkart Commision

Chapter 8: Flipkart Seller Support

  1. How To Contact Flipkart Seller Support
  2. Resource: Flipkart Seller Support

Chapter 9: Holiday Mode or Vacation Plan

  1. How To Set Holidays in Vacation Plan
  2. Resource: Holiday Mode or Vacation Plan

Chapter 10: Flipkart Shipping Methods

  1. Flipkart Shipping Methods
  2. Resource: Flipkart Shipping Methods

Chapter 11: Flipkart Packaging Material

  1. How To Buy Flipkart Packaging Material
  2. Resource: Flipkart Packaging Material

Chapter 12: Flipkart Advertising

  1. How To Advertise products on Flipkart
  2. Resource: Flipkart Advertising

Chapter 13: Seller Performance Overview

  1. Seller Performance Overview
  2. Resource: Seller Performance Overview

Chapter 14: Flipkart Buyer Chat

  1. What is Flipkart Buyer Chat
  2. Resource: Flipkart Buyer Chat

Chapter 15: Flipkart Payments

  1. Flipkart Payments
  2. Resource: Flipkart Payments

Chapter 16: Flipkart Opportunities

  1. What is Flipkart Opportunities
  2. Resource: Flipkart Opportunities