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Namaste! kem cho! Sat Sri Akal!

It’s my pleasure to Welcome you to the course. I am the creator of this course and I would like to educate many people in Online selling. I have provided Training and other services to 300+ sellers and am still going. I am always up for connections and would love to interact with you too.

Brief overview:

There are many people who are selling different items on Amazon and making good part-time & full-time earnings. The products can be clothing, shoes, toys, etc. It all depends on the seller’s product selection.

Amazon has a larger audience on it’s marketplace. There are so many reasons to start selling on Amazon and make some extra money. It is not mandatory to rent a shop or to have your own physical store If you are just starting out on Amazon. You can start your online business from the home also.

This course will guide you from the registration part to listings, promotions, Advertising, etc. and so on. You have to work with the defined policy of Amazon. That is the main reason to go with the course and understand many modules which will help you to grow and scale your business on Amazon.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are running an offline business but you don’t know how to start Online business…
  • You want to launch your brand on Amazon but how to proceed…
  • Thinking about how shipping will work…
  • You have a business in mind but how it can be run from home…
  • How Invoicing should be done when processing orders….

If so, then this course is the best fit for you and I would love to onboard you in this course!

Course Curriculum

 Selling Growth on Amazon

  1. The potential of Selling on Amazon In Hindi
  2. The potential of Selling on Amazon in English

Chapter 1: Registration on Amazon

  1. Creating seller account
  2. Resource: Amazon Seller Account Checklist

Chapter 2: Amazon Seller Information

  1. Verify Amazon Seller Account Information
  2. Resource: Verify Amazon Seller Account Information

Chapter 3: GTIN Exemption & Case Logs

  1. How To Apply For GTIN Exemption
  2. Amazon Header Tabs
  3. Resource: GTIN Exemption & Case Logs

Chapter 4: How To Add Products

  1. How To Add Products
  2. How To Add Variations in product Listing
  3. Category Approval Process
  4. Resource: Amazon Product Listing Checklist

Chapter 5: Promotion Methods

  1. How To Promote Products on Amazon
  2. Resource: Promotion Methods

Chapter 6: How To Advertise Your Products

  1. Advertising Products on Amazon
  2. Resource: Advertising Campaign

Chapter 7: Order Management

  1. How To Process Easy Ship Orders
  2. How To Process Self Ship Orders
  3. Resource: Order Management

Chapter 8: Amazon Fees

  1. Amazon Fees on Categories
  2. Resource: Amazon Fees

Chapter 9: Amazon Buy Box

  1. What is Amazon Buy Box
  2. Resource: Amazon Buy Box

Chapter 10: Amazon Cataloguing

  1. Amazon Image Guidelines
  2. Resource: Amazon Cataloguing

Chapter 11: Amazon Brand Registry

  1. What is Amazon Brand Registry
  2. Resource: Amazon Brand Registry

Chapter 12: Amazon Account Health Management

  1. Why To Monitor Amazon Account Health In Seller Account
  2. Resource: Amazon Account Health Management

Chapter 13: Amazon Shipping Methods

  1. 3 Types of Amazon Shipping Methods
  2. Resource: Amazon Shipping Methods

Chapter 14: Amazon Fba

  1. What is Amazon Fba
  2. How To Apply For Amazon Fba
  3. Resource: Amazon Fba

Chapter 15: Amazon Seller Support

  1. How To Contact Seller Support
  2. Resource: Amazon Seller Support

Chapter 16: Amazon Packaging Material

  1. How to Buy Amazon Packaging Material For Your Products
  2. Resource: Amazon Packaging Material