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How To Sell On Amazon India And Earn Money Online


What is Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s leading ecommerce marketplace. Amazon makes sincere efforts to spread a positive impact on customers, employees, economy and the community.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezoz in 1994, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, he is the world’s richest person today. He started with selling books initially concluding that books would be the most logical product type to be sold online.

The company expanded rapidly in the other areas as well. Various products of amazon are –, Amazon Web services, amazon music, Amazon Prime, Kindle, Echo and Alexa. They have set a benchmark in the field of ecommerce.

The slogan of amazonWork Hard. Have Fun. Make history’ enumerates its work culture.

Amazon has been referred as one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world. A huge shoot out for amazon. There are many big brands existing product on the marketplace. Sellers have listed the items with an appropriate information to get good visibility.

There is a huge audience and it surely going to help to sell on amazon India. With lots of users increasing day by day in ecommerce sector for shopping purpose, amazon seller have good advantage to show the best products to their users to increase monthly sales on amazon.

So, looking at the features of amazon marketplace, if you want to start an ecommerce business, this is the perfect marketplace for you. You can list existing product as well as your own branded items and there is no listing limitation. You just need to provide appropriate information of products and then process the orders. Any sole proprietor or company start their online selling with ease on Amazon.

Why to sell on Amazon?

Thinking of selling your products on amazon? Great idea! Here’s a list why you must start selling your products using amazon or Why Amazon?

1. Fastest growing ecommerce platform in India

When people think of online shopping, amazon is the word that pops in their minds. With a wide range of existing product and varieties, amazon is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms with a huge customer traffic and millions of potential customers. The products listed are accessible to customers across India. Any Amazon seller can find the marketplace easy to understand and work on. You can list entire product line in the amazon seller dashboard and many other details in Description section.

2. Initial startup cost price is low

Selling on amazon does not need to have your own website and there is zero listing limitation on the marketplace. No worries about creating your own ecommerce website. No hosting, SEO, marketing needed. Right away, amazon is ready to go for a seller. No need to spend time on deciding the technology to be used, and manage the orders placed online. Building a website requires a lot of time and money, so the overall cost price is reduced. Also with this you get access to top class amazon seller tools!

3. Quick and easy to register

The registration for an amazon seller account is quite simple and easy. Sellers can easily upload their products using the seller portal. User friendly UI and Description section makes the process even simpler. Your entire product line can be listed with ease. The product information should be represented in a detailed way.

4. Secure payments regularly

The funds are deposited securely in the seller’s bank accounts every 7 days, even for the products with cash on delivery. Amazon seller doesn’t face any issues in the payment section for their sold products. They can get to know all the product information and other information in the reports tab in a detailed manner.

5. Get paid support from certified professionals

Various certified professionals are available to help sellers for their entire product line. Right from registering the account to uploading products on amazon, these professionals can help you out on each and every step. So they have always got your back. As an Amazon seller, you can hassle free sell on Amazon India with lots of resource available. You must be good at providing best product information to the amazon customers.

List of Documents Needed to Become a Seller on Amazon

In case of private limited companies (Small Businesses)

  1. PAN Card Number
  2. GST Registration Number
  3. Bank Account Number
  4. Certificate of Incorporation (Copy)
  5. Memorandum of Association (Copy)
  6. Email Id and Contact Number

In case of Sole Proprietor (Businesses owned and run by a person)

  1. PAN Card
  2. GST Registration Number
  3. Bank Account Number
  4. Email Id and Contact Number

Sellers must provide an appropriate information regarding their business. There are some information like display name, seller ratings, etc. which are presented on a listing page. You can easily become a sole proprietor and start selling items on marketplace.

How to get started to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the greatest and biggest ecommerce websites. Each and every type of product is available on amazon. The selling price of majority of products are very low when compared with other marketplaces. Have you ever thought where this huge inventory comes from?

Amazon is an ecommerce marketplace where businesses can register and sell their products across India. The reason for such a huge inventory is because of the sellers who put on these variety of products on amazon from around the globe. Amazon bridges between the sellers and customers. If you have exact product type to sell which is shown on amazon then you can list with your offers to customers.

There are many online selling products through which online business can be expanded. Online individual seller have so many options to increase monthly sales of their products via promotion and advertising. All the promotions can be seen in the Description section of a particular product. It is always better to maintain all the tasks in an appropriate file.

An amazon individual seller always feel to do good and long term business with amazon so that rotation of products can be well maintained in their warehouse and can earn good profits with best in class Amazon system. You can also get a good price suggestion when looking at other product listings. The selling price of a product should always be standard on the marketplace.

There are certain categories which requires category approval before listing product in specific category like Food products, Health and Beauty products, etc. The seller has to apply for the approval with the invoices of all the products that he wants to list in the inventory. After getting the approval, all the sub category products can be listed with the given brand name which was provided at the time of application.

The seller must follow the rules and regulations while listing the exact product and sellers should not violate any brand policies while adding in other brand’s listing. It is better to have brand authorization letter from the brand owner of the product if it is not the seller’s brand. As an Amazon seller, It is not good to list the item going into other amazon seller zone. You must consider the policies very strictly to sell on amazon India. The return request are something that you must understand for any category items.

There may be a time when you start receiving return request of your processed orders. In that case, you need to look into the policies of listed item category and proceed with the next steps.

There is also a special program for the Amazon Seller’s which is Amazon Brand Registry. Enrolling in this program will definitely benefits the seller in terms of brand authority and protection from other seller’s. You can add the brand details in an appropriate file and search on any marketplace for infringement cases.

When the Brand is approved by Amazon Brand Registry Team, then seller can do A+ listing of their exact products with addition of video in the product details page and therefore showcasing the product images in an enlarged way. An amazon brand registry India is different with other Amazon marketplace location.

At the time of product listing, the seller must have product id which are to be added in any form like EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc. in the listing page. If the seller is not having product id for a specific product at the time of listing, then there is a program called GTIN Exemption by which the seller has to apply for it mentioning the brand name and the specific category in which the exemption has to be made. Sellers can also list the items in bulk with Inventory File tab.

So if you own a business and are willing to sell products online and become an online seller, then you must go through the process and become a pro amazon seller. Visibility of products can been increased due to impact of e commerce in today’s time. You must be clear in price suggestion to the customers.

Benefits As A Seller on Amazon: 

1. Promotion of products to millions of customers


Discounts and promotions are very important tools to increase monthly sales. Promotion here means the price rules that the amazon seller India can give out on the catalog. The customers get attracted to products with promotions and discounts. As an amazon seller, you can offer the below promotions:

  1. Money Off: The amazon seller can offer a money off discount on the catalog. This is a widely used promotion by the sellers. Select the promotion amount and then click Add products to add in the campaign and run it. This will be shown on the listing page.
  2. Percent Off: Using these promotions, sellers can give discounts of some percent to the customers on the products. Fix the percentage and click Add products to include in the campaign.
  3. Buy One Get One: This promotion offers the customer to buy one product and get another free. Click Add products and finalize it. Checkout the below steps:

Click on the Promotion tab and select any the promotion type that you want to offer to the customers. With the following steps you can setup your promotion and increase the orders rate which will help in expanding your business. You can setup the process for your own product line.

Buyer Purchases: Select the type of purchase from the below options

  1. At Least these quantities of items: to enable this, the user must at least purchase these many quantities of items and enter the amount of item in the text box.
  2. At least this amount: A marginal amount must be kept to enable this offer. I.e a bag worth $10.
  3. For every quantity of items purchased: On purchase of items i.e on purchase of every n number of items.

2. Advertising of products to millions of customers

As there is a huge traffic on amazon, your products are viewed by millions of users. Through these advertisements, your sales will gradually increase on your own product line. Amazon offers management and marketing services through which the seller’s products will reach out to maximum audiences. You can create an appropriate file for advertising task related to Ad spends and other costs.

3. Create Discount Coupons for customers


Amazon sellers can create discount coupons, which can be used by the customers at the time of checkout. Through these discount coupons on your own product line, customer sales will gradually increase. Once these coupons are applied, as per the configurations that you have set, a discount will be applied on the order at the time of checkout or at the cart page. This campaign will help the sellers in their product sale.

How Much is the Cost PriceTo Start Selling on Amazon

You don’t need to invest on anything except product type sourcing to start selling on amazon India. Yes, you read it correct. If you have a business and you are planning to showcase your products online or start an online business, you just need to register on the official website and increase your product sale by performing different tasks. The best part is no listing limitation in different categories.

There is a huge scope of online selling in india and it’s only because the user base is really huge when we actually see the stats of Amazon India. The Traffic continues flows at the time of festival season and amazon seller promotes different products for their customers. As a result, the sales increases and online business expands. Amazon seller hub is really a best option to start an online business for any individual seller.

This is a great opportunity for all the business holders to start an online business when they do not want to create their own website as the initial cost is very very low. There is no registration cost price. Once you start getting orders, Amazon only charges referral fees and the fixed closing fees. Commissions are deducted after the product sale on the marketplace.

Anyone with small as well as big businesses can opt for this. Sellers can sell stuff online and gain huge potential customers. Depending upon the category of the products that you are selling on amazon, amazon takes a few percent from it. As described below in the pricing and fees section. You can also take price suggestion from the experts to get the desired profits on the marketplace.

What Are Different Pricing And Fees?


1. Amazon Referral Fees

Depending upon the category of your product, referral fees is a percentage amount from your selling price. You can easily see all the fees associated with amazon listing. An amazon referral fee India is not the same fee that you see in other amazon marketplace. All the associated fees can be seen in the product information section. Checkout the referral fees charged by amazon for all the categories Click Here

2. Amazon Fixed Closing Fees

Amazon charges Fixed closing fees based upon the selling price of the sellers products and the shipment method that is being used by the amazon seller (Amazon Easy Ship, Self Ship, FBA). Checkout the prices here

These fees are charged per transaction i.e there are price tiers, depending on those, closing fees are charged by amazon.

How to Do Packaging of Products on Amazon?


Packaging plays a vital role, it helps reach the product safely to the customer. If properly packed, the customer would give higher ratings. Nicely packaged products not only benefit the products, it helps to reduce the damages that might occur during the transportation. That is why amazon seller never take risk in shipment of products. The product packaging cost is not so high in order processing.

You can use the packaging material provided by amazon, or any other packaging material of your brand. Sellers are not allowed to use packaging materials of other marketplaces branding.

Amazon sells its own packaging material. It can be purchased from marketplace. Amazon Seller can also purchase the packaging materials from the local vendors in their cities whichever method they find suitable in. Product packaging cost depends on the volume of orders received at the initial stage of order processing.

How to Do Shipping of Products on Amazon to Customers?

Amazon provides the below shipping services:

1. Amazon Easy Ship


Amazon Easy Ship is a shipping service that amazon provides to the sellers to ship their products to the customers. Amazon owns its own transportation company Amazon Transportation Company which offers shipping services to the sellers. The shipping costs are not so high in this service.

Amazon Easy Ship service is available at selected pin codes. Availability can be checked by providing zip code at the time of seller registration process. Shipping costs will be triggered according to the product size and weight of the product.

All you need to do is just pack the items and schedule a time on which the delivery person should come to collect your order. The delivery person will come to collect the parcel on the date and time that you have scheduled. Amazon seller can easily process the orders with simple process to execute. Product packaging cost and other costs have to be included in overall order processing cost.

The charges of easy ship depends on the weight of the products and place of delivery (Local, Regional or National)

Local Shipment: If the delivery is to be processed in the same city as the seller’s city of operation.

Regional Shipment: Regional zones are divided into four regions. Click here to check out the regions. These charges are applicable if the shipment is to be delivered in between these same regions.

National Shipment: If the shipment is to be delivered from one region to another, it comes down in this category of shipment.

2. Amazon Self Ship


If your zip code is not valid for Amazon Easy Ship, you can go for Amazon Self Ship. Otherwise seller has to go with Self Ship option.

In this shipment type, the sellers can ship their orders using third party logistic services such as Fedex, Bluedart etc to ship the orders to the customers. Easy Ship service is considered as the best shipping service for amazon sellers.

3. Fulfillment by amazon


Fulfillment by amazon (FBA) allows you to store your inventory in fulfillment centers or warehouses of amazon and operate on the orders directly. When you receive any order, the inventory will be already available in the amazon fulfillment center, they will pack and deliver it to the customer. Amazon FBA is totally different than Easy Ship.

The product queries, returns and customer support is also managed by amazon. It is similar to a prime account of a customer. So, this is how sellers can become prime sellers. You must note that the return request shipping costs will be different in all the shipping methods.

Benefits of using Amazon FBA

  1. Tag of being an amazon prime user.
  2. Increased sales.
  3. No worries about the packing and dispatching.
  4. Inventory management and hassle free transportation/shipment of orders which can help in getting good product reviews.

What is the Payment Process to Amazon Sellers?

When you receive your first order on amazon, amazon will settle your account balance after 14 days. After this settlement, this process will repeat every 7 days.

There are two modes of payments:

  1. Cash on Delivery Transactions and Non – Transactional Fees: This mode includes payments of all the orders with cash on delivery.
  2. Online Payments or Electronic Transactions: All the orders with payment methods as Braintree, Credit Card, Debit Card ,Net banking are included in this payment mode.

All the payment statements can be viewed from the seller’s account. Checkout the below steps:

  1. Login to the amazon seller account.
  2. Select Reports – > Payments from the menu.
  3. Select the payment modes from the available modes – COD and Electronic.

The payment statement will be displayed now. You can apply various date and month filters to view the statements of a particular date range. Current week’s payment statement will be displayed by default.

What is Product Detail Page in Amazon?


When the customer searches any product on amazon, then the marketplace showcase different products according to the demand and need of sub category product and when you click on any product details page of a product then it comes with different attributes like Title, Images, Product Description, Bullet points, Seller ratings, product reviews, etc.

How To Get Initial Sales And Generate Good Revenue On Amazon?

Even After getting 2 or 3 orders from the customers after doing listing in your Inventory, there are certain things which are not in control like Product reviews, feedback and seller ratings. But there are many other things which can be done perfectly by seller’s end that can generate good volume of sales initially.

1. Must use High Quality Images when listing the product. It must have minimum 4 to 5 images which can describe the product features and advantages to the customer.

2. The price must not be too high initially to get sales on Amazon. It is good to go with Low pricing. optimize your prices when listing the products by Inventory File tab.

3. Must provide all the useful details regarding the product so that customer can easily understand it and then make a decision on purchasing it. Easy Ship service is value added option for shipping the products.

4. Make the Title the product short and simple to understand.

5. Use Short sentences in the product Description and in the Bullet point section.

6. Must use search term field to provide the relevant keywords that the customers are typing in the search bar of amazon website so that the product must have good visibility when searched.

7. After doing proper listing with all the details by single listing or Inventory File tab, Share the listings on all the social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


1. How to sell on amazon India?

You just need basic details about your business like email id, phone number, gst number, etc. and then you can register on the marketplace to start selling on amazon. After setting up amazon account, you can list as many products in your inventory.

2. What is sku on amazon seller?

Sku is stock keeping unit which is assigned at the time of listing product in your inventory.

3. How to sell books on amazon india?

As an amazon individual seller, you can list books in the inventory with the product id of that particular book with all the necessary detail in the product details page.

4. How to sell used books on amazon India?

As an amazon seller, you can also list used books in the inventory with the product id of that particular book with all the necessary detail in the product details page. Images must be uploaded in proper format with it’s real condition.

5. How to sell on amazon usa from india?

If you want to sell on amazon usa, then you need to contact amazon team to know all the documents they require to start selling on amazon usa marketplace. After Registration on amazon usa marketplace, It is better to go with amazon fba service to ship the products.

6. How to sell groceries on amazon india?

As an amazon seller, you can sell groceries on amazon by listing all the items you have in that specific category.

7. How to sell clothes on amazon india?

As an amazon seller, you can list clothing products by listing it in the relevant sub category.

8. How to sell jewellery on amazon india?

Sellers can sell jewellery items but they have to make sure jewellery products needs category approval before listing. You can list as many jewellery items on amazon india marketplace and showcase it to millions of amazon customers and can earn good profit with it.

9. How to sell food products on amazon india?

For selling food products on amazon india, seller needs to submit a license called FSSAI and other documents like invoice, images, packaging images, etc.

10. How to sell art on amazon india?

You can sell art products by listing it in a relevant sub category which is then to be found by the users so that they can get to know about it what your product can offer to them and then makes a buying decision.

11. How much it cost to sell on amazon india?

Amazon will only charged to seller when the seller’s product is sold out. There is no subscription feee to sell on amazon india.

12. How to sell t shirts on amazon india?

T shirts item can be listed in clothing category and then the seller have many options to promote it, advertise it and generate good profit by selling to millions of amazon customers.

13. How to deactivate amazon seller account?

For deactivation, seller has to provide a reason for it and then amazon team will deactivate the account permanently.

14. How to become a prime seller on amazon?

To become a prime seller on amazon, you need to register for Amazon FBA. There are many benefits after enrolling in this program.

15. How to close amazon seller account?

For closing the account, seller has to provide a reason for it and then the account will be closed by amazon team.

16. How to delete amazon seller account permanently?

For deleting it, seller has to provide a valid reason for it and then the account will be closed by amazon team.

17. How to change seller information on amazon?

Amazon seller can change the information like business address, invoice address, email id, phone number, etc. by going into account info section in seller’s profile.

18. How to contact seller on amazon?

By going into particular order id tab, seller can be contacted for any help or support purpose.

19. How to reactivate amazon seller account?

Amazon seller has to submit a POA which is Plan of Action in order to reactivate the seller account on amazon.

20. How to reactivate suspended amazon seller account?

If the seller account is suspended, then a proper plan of action is made as per the policy violation that the seller had done. After sending the poa to the Amazon Team, the seller account can be reinstated only if it is presented with all the solutions that the team has asked for.

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