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What is Product ID in Amazon Marketplace?


E-commerce marketplaces are growing day by day. There are many e-commerce companies which are having millions of customers. Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. are the top e-commerce platforms on which many sellers are selling their products. Sellers are approaching to these marketplaces is only because users trust on them. Any individual can start e-commerce business in India and can earn with many e-commerce marketplaces.

Online shopping has become a trend for many of the customers all around the globe. They are surfing many items on different e-commerce websites and buying from there. Amazon comes to the top in every customer’s mind when they are looking for more offers and discounts on the products. Amazon has many sellers on it’s various marketplaces like Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon US, Amazon UK, etc. 

Amazon offers many advantages to all the amazon sellers worldwide. The company has created many programs for the sellers. Amazon FBA, Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Easy ship service, etc are those services which offer hassle free online business to amazon sellers. Amazon has a dedicated team for all of their operations. 

Whenever sellers list their items on any e-commerce marketplace then they require a special product id through which it can be listed with the mentioned details of it. All marketplaces will ask for the product id at the time of filling the information regarding the item. There are different types of ids like product id amazon which are mandatory when doing listings in the amazon seller central account by the sellers.

The product id in amazon is termed as the special alphanumeric words through which a particular product can be identified easily when searching for it on the amazon marketplace. When the listing is created with one amazon product id then It can’t be used in other listings or sku’s. i.e stock keeping unit.

What is product id in Amazon?

Whenever a seller wants to add a product on amazon it should have a product id on it. There is an importance of product id in amazon seller central account. Amazon sellers have to add product id in amazon seller account when listing their products in the Inventory. These product id are UPC, EAN, GTIN, etc. If the sellers are having any of these product id then it will be easy to add as many product listings in the inventory.  You can see that there are many types of amazon product id when filling the information in a product detail page. 

product id amazon
product id in amazon

I always get many questions from most of the amazon sellers like: “what is product id in amazon?” “how to get product id for amazon” “what is amazon product id type”. For a new amazon seller, It is quite difficult to add the products when having no specific amazon product id  for all their items and their variations too.

Once the product id in amazon is given in the product listing, It can’t be changed again. If the products that the seller wants to add in the inventory have variations then for each variation different amazon product id have to be used. For example: A seller wants to add t-shirts in mens clothing category and this item has variations in Red, Blue, White, Orange, Purple color. Then for each color variation amazon product id will not be the same.

All the variation items will be listed with different sku amazon codes and product id in a product detail page. The seller also keeps this point in mind that they must have to add images in 5 different color variations. Otherwise amazon customers will not be able to see the images of all mentioned colors when they visit on a product page.

There are many other fields also which should be well described when providing information about the item on Amazon.

How To Get product id For Amazon

There are most of the amazon sellers who are doing online business on amazon with the Generic brand or with their own private brand. It doesn’t matter if the product is of generic brand and it can’t be listed without any amazon product id. Generic Brand also requires product id amazon through which it can be listed on the amazon marketplace.

There is no problem at all when the amazon sellers have no amazon product id at the time of listings. Amazon has a GTIN Exemption program in which amazon sellers can apply for it with the brand name and the category it belongs when listing the product in the Inventory section of amazon seller central.

The GTIN Exemption process is very easy and simple. Once the seller has successfully provided all the details like brand name, category of item, product images in which the brand name should be clearly mentioned, packaging images with brand name and logo, etc. chances are there it will get approved as soon as possible. If all these details are perfectly given and your GTIN Exemption application get approved, then you can list as many items with the given brand name.

Process To Get Amazon Product id GTIN

Step 1: Visit Amazon seller central website with your login email and password open the account.

amazon account product id

Step 2: Search for GTIN Exemption in the search bar of amazon seller account.

amazon product id type

Step 3: Click on :Click here to apply for GTIN Exemption.

what is product id in amazon

Step 4: The page will be displayed to you which says “Apply for GTIN exemption”. Fill the information in the field of product category and Brand / Publisher. After adding in these fields click on Check for Eligibility and proceed.

how to get product id for amazon

Step 5: The Next page will display the status about the application.

what is product id on amazon

Step 6: Now you have to submit the proof to get your application approved. If you have a support letter from the brand then click on yes or select the option no if you don’t have the letter. Now, Just give a title of your product and submit the product images and packaging images of the item and then click on submit request.

how to get product id on amazon

After all these steps, The GTIN Exemption application is successfully processed. Sellers will get the notification about the status whether it is approved or rejected. If it is approved, then you can add many items with the specific brand name for which you have approved in the application. If it is rejected then the amazon team will provide details about it and through which you can re-submit it. 

Sellers can also get other amazon product id types like UPC, EAN by purchasing from the marketplaces which are selling codes in bulk. Sellers have to make sure that the product id that they are getting from the vendors are all original and authentic to use. But sellers have to invest money in getting amazon product id. Instead of buying the codes, It is better to go with GTIN Exemption process.

If Amazon sellers stuck for getting amazon product id in amazon seller central, then seller can take help from the amazon seller support team which will guide them for the process. Amazon sellers can either communicate with email options, webchat, or directly through the call. The support team of amazon are always ready in any situation if the sellers find difficulty in their workflow. There are special dedicated teams for all the matters. Seller support is the primary contact when having issues in any subject.

1. What is product id on amazon

Product id is the identity through which the product can be identified with a product id amazon code.

2. How to get product id on amazon

You can apply for GTIN Exemption to obtain product id on amazon.

3. How to get product id in amazon seller central account?

You have to search “GTIN Exemption” in the search bar by logging into the account.

4. How to add product id in amazon product listings?

Select the product category and the relevant subcategory of product you have to add. You will then see the field product id in a product detail page. Enter the product id and mention which amazon product id type it is.

5. How to create product id in amazon

You cannot create amazon product id by yourself. There is a process to get the product id amazon listings.

6. What is product id type in amazon

The amazon product id type contains GTIN, EAN, UPC.

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