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What is SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in Amazon Seller Central?


It’s an interesting idea to sell on Amazon international or sell on amazon india, but finding unfamiliar contents or terms can be scary. The Different Product identifiers like SKU, ASIN, EAN, UPC, GTIN  are required to sell in e-commerce marketplace like Amazon. It helps your business because it improves traffic to your business and improves knowledge and accessibility of the type of product. 

Amazon is a big marketplace to showcase your products to the customers. There are many special programs which is designed by amazon for online sellers. Amazon seller flex is also a good program through which seller can expand their online business and visibility.

Amazon SKU

Have you ever come across the word Amazon SKU code on the Amazon website?

Have you ever asked yourself: “What is an SKU code?” And “what does SKU mean on Amazon?” 

When using Amazon, SKU is used to track goods and their locations. It is necessary to avoid confusion and accidents with goods when moving it to and from the warehouse.

Also ask yourself, “What does SKU mean?” SKU stands for the Stock Keeping Units.

Amazon SKU character limit can contain up to 40 characters. Stock keeping unit is an integral part of developing an inventory management system. You can use the SKU generator online to create an SKU code that allows you to create a unique code assigned to your product. It will be useful to create an SKU code that works and is useful for you.

Model numbers is one of the factor which can be used to create a SKU product. SKU can be a great help especially in running multiple tasks of your business, such as its use as a marketing strategy. In addition, you can personalize your products to suit your business needs. 

SKU Amazon

There are several features that you can activate when you create your SKU barcode:

1. You can add a product identifier, its own attributes, descriptions, its model numbers, and much more.

2. You can add the supplier or manufacturer. With this feature, you can distinguish the manufacturer or supplier of your products, which is very useful when you receive your products from different sources.

3. Product history can be added. It helps you if your products are seasonal. It is also used to increase the requirements of the product at certain times.

4. You can add the site to your repository or repository for easy access.

5. The product status can be added. Differentiate if the item is brand new or secondhand or used.

6. Product costs can be added. Here you can see how the demand for your product is changing, depending on your pricing strategy.

Information to be included in the SKU:

  1. Supplier: It is possible to indicate from where you have purchase the product. For example, when you buy a book from Amazon with Goodwill, to make the identification process easier you can include the summary “GW” in the custom SKU code. Here it will look like: GW-00001
  2. Date purchase/list: You can also add a registration data of the product. So, when you sell a product, you can see all the taken days, months or years it took to sell. Here is an example: GW-00002-7-24-2017
  3. Sales Rank: I am surprised that more people are not using it. I always put a note at the end of the SKU. For example, If you sell a book and the reference number indicates a range of 4,321,849, Here you can see the date of purchase and find out how long it took to sell the book over long distances. Here is an example of an integrated SKU for a variety of sales. GW-00003-7-24-2017-4321849
  4. Location: This can be useful for a satisfied Amazon seller. Knowing your subjects can make your job easier. You can use a 2 or 3 digit code for the location. For example, when your book is in the first shelf, the third shelf down you can add the 1B3. An example of SKU might look like this: GW-00004-7-24-2017-1B3-4321849
  5. Unit price: It is useful to know how much you paid for the product after its sale. So know the exact benefits. An example is similar to the following: GW-00005-7-24-2017-2.20-4321849
  6. Status: Use a code with a letter to determine the status of the item. N = new, VG = very good. This will help you know that your “acceptable” items are on sale. Or if the price corresponds to the lowest price for this condition. GW-00006-7-24-2017-2.20-VG-4321849

What are the Amazon Identifiers:

1. What is Amazon SKU:

It indicates a Stock Keeping Unit and It is a general term used in warehouses to identify a single product. All Amazon products require an SKU code that you or Amazon can choose. SKU codes for Amazon are designed to help sellers find products.

2. What is Amazon EAN:

It indicates the European article number and usually include 12 to 13 digits in the code. In fact, it is a barcode that identifies each product individually and all the related details such as the manufacturer and other characteristics of the product. This code is usually printed on the manufacturer’s label or packaging.

3. What is Amazon ASIN:

For each physical item in the Amazon inventory, Amazon creates and assigns an ASIN. But it is not a supplier code. ASIN stands for Amazon Stock Identifier Number and is a unique identifier with which it registers all the products they sell.

4. What is Amazon UPC:

UPC stands for “Universal Product Code” and manufacturers who guarantee that they manufacture their products on the side. It is a common form of monitoring and recording system used by most countries in the world. Specifically, That barcode encodes a 12-digit number which is called GTIN-12. GTIN-12 is important UPC data and mainly it is delivered from GS1 Company Prefix and Item Reference Numbers.

5. What is Amazon ISBN:

ISBN or International Standard Book Number, a bar code used commercially to identify the book. Note that the new ISBNs have 13 digits and are usually printed on the back cover.

6. What is Amazon GTIN:

Another identification that you will find is the GTIN. GTIN stands for numbers all over the world. It is made up of 12 digits in the United States, but approximately 13 digits outside the American region. It can also be eight digits for very small products. This is necessary for shipping to Amazon as it is a standard product key.

Here are 5 important reasons to create your own SKU:

Reason 1: Help You To Increase Product Visibility On Google 

sku amazon seller

It is important for all of us to have our product or service in Google search results as it help you to increase product sales. This will help you increase the likelihood that your product will appear in multiple search results.

When your targeted audience search for one specific product on any search engine, the best match from your product will appear in the search list. And when you add your custom SKU number the best matches of the appeared product with also appear in the search list.

Reason 2: It can be a speedy process for loyal customers

seller sku id

When you deal with multiple products, it can be quite difficult for loyal customers to find a product they have already bought and want to buy it again.

They can enter an undefined search line, product name or description. However, it can take some time and can be disappointing to achieve the end result. By adding the SKU number in the order details email, your customers can easily search for the product by copy and pasting it on the search menu bar. Also, it gives you one more benefit, when you change the product name and description in the future. The SKU code is always the same, so the product can be easily found.

Reason 3: Speed up Support


If you’ve ever encountered returns, inquiries, or disputes about your products, you know how long these discussions can last if you don’t have the right information. By requesting the product SKU (found on the product page or in the email with the order), it becomes easy for you to find all the necessary information about the product.

Our key tip to follow is: To take full advantage of the SKU, include custom SKUs for each product variant such as variation in color, size, quantity and much more so that you can find the exact product at any time.

Reason 4: When you want to resell your products

amazon sku character limit

When you want to sell your product in bulk to wholesalers or other stores, you need SKU items to make your life and task easier. It also offers best advantages in b2b ecommerce marketplace.

Many department stores use SKUs to distinguish their huge inventory. If your products are interconnected, you must provide unique and detailed SKU so you don’t get lost in the sea with other black shirts or green pillows.

As an added benefit, we assume that a supplier needs to find more information about your product for your site. You can easily enter the SKU in the search bar and find the necessary information. This saves you from countless letters full of questions from the seller.

Our key tip to follow is: Even if you are not going to resell your products, it would be good to start a good reference immediately. You will save yourself much later.

Reason 5: It helps you in keeping your inventory well organized

SKU Amazon

Since references are used to track product specifications and variations, they can be used to analyze the total available stock. By using SKU, products with similar names and variants can be tracked. Make sure every product never ends, especially if it’s popular. An added benefit is it helps you save a lot of time when you track the SKU instead of product names are that it saves you time. When you order, research and follow with SKU, you can easily manage your inventory.


1. Do you need a SKU to sell on Amazon?

It is automatically created if the seller does not defined it.

2. What is Asin and SKU?

ASIN is Amazon Standard Identification Number and SKU is stock keeping unit.

3. What is the SKU of a product?

Different products have different sku code.

4. What does SKU mean in sales?

SKU simply means stock keeping unit in sales or in product listing.

5. How to get sku number for amazon?

The seller can easily create a sku for their products or it will be defined automatically by Amazon.

6. How to create sku numbers for amazon?

The seller can create sku numbers according to the model Name and Number of the products.

7. How to make sku for amazon?

The seller implement different strategies like Model name and number when creating Unique SKU for their products.

8. How do i get a sku for amazon?

You don’t need to buy sku codes for your products.

9. What is merchant sku amazon?

Merchant sku relates to the product sku which is different for different items.

10. What is parent sku in amazon?

Parent sku is the sku code which is defined at the time of doing listing variation.

11. What is amazon product sku?

Amazon product sku is unique product identifier code.

12. How to change sku on amazon?

SKU can’t be changed once it is defined.

13. How to find sku on amazon?

SKU can be found at the bottom the product detail page.

14. How to get a seller sku on amazon?

Seller can defined sku in their own way or it is automatically defined at the time of listing.

15. What is my seller sku on amazon?

Seller sku can be identified by going to the product detail page.

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