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How To Scale Your Online Business With Flipkart Warehouse

flipkart warehouse

What is Flipkart Warehouse?

Flipkart has emerged as one of the best ecommerce marketplace among the Indian audience. It provides a platform to small and big sellers. To reduce the delivery duration for customers and enhance the order processing for sellers, Fulfillment by Flipkart was introduced. Everything that these centers do right from the point when order is placed to the point where the order is delivered to the customer, this entire process can be termed as fulfillment.

Flipkart has a large number of sellers on its marketplace across India and not all of them had modern practices to ship the orders faster and warehousing practices. So to overcome this, this plan was implemented.

Flipkart warehouse or Flipkart Fulfilment Center is a third party service by Flipkart which provides services of warehousing and shipping to the sellers. The sellers can store their inventory across fulfilment centers of flipkart and they will take care of the rest. Flipkart has their own logistics – Ekart which delivers the products to customers. Ekart is said to be the biggest logistics partner which delivers across 3800+ zipcodes.

The ecommerce major began this smart fulfilment solution with three cities in the beginning establishing flipkart warehouse locations – Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. Flipkart warehouse in Hyderabad is said to be the biggest and busiest warehouse. When orders are received, flipkart will pack, ship and deliver the order to the customer.

The cases of returns and exchanges by the customer or courier companies are also handled by Flipkart. Sellers can easily track their inventory, have an automated workflow and get the entire inventory view through smart fulfillment by flipkart.

The businesses which do not have a warehouse of their own, those who find it difficult to manage their inventory and do not have enough manpower for their warehouse or those who have a warehouse but only for B2B shipments and not for B2C can opt for the fulfilment service by flipkart.

Flipkart tracks the performance of sellers and approaches the top sellers for Fulfilment services. For more queries, sellers can involve their Account Manager or Flipkart Seller Support team.

For Flipkart warehouse requirement users can email and within 7 days the flipkart team will contact. Minimum of 400 sq ft to 700 sq ft storage is required for flipkart warehouse franchise.

Flipkart warehouse in kolkata invested approx Rs 600 Cr  and built the fulfilment center across 80 acres of land. These efforts in building new centers shows how keen Flipkart is to expand sellers reach and provide productivity in their business.

Also with this fulfillment program there were so many employment opportunities created. The employees have shared positive feedback and they do really enjoy their job.

Let’s take a look at the types of Fulfilment services. There are three types of fulfillment services provided by Flipkart:

1. Seller Fulfillment

Once registered as a Flipkart seller, by default the seller’s fall under this fulfillment type. Seller is responsible to process, pack, ship the orders and manage the inventory all by themselves. Once the order is packed and ready, Ekart executives will collect the order.

2. Smart  Fulfillment

Smart Fulfillment helps the sellers to manage their inventory by arranging them in the warehouses by flipkart, order processing and inventory management, packing and shipping the orders. So everything is managed by the fulfillment center.

3. Flipkart Fulfillment

All the packaging and customer service will be provided by Flipkart. This is one of the best service for flipkart sellers to increase visibility and sales of their products.

Registration process of Flipkart Fulfilment Center:

  1. Flipkart seller registration.
  2. Can approach Flipkart for Flipkart Fulfilment service.
  3. When approved by Flipkart, register for Flipkart Fulfilment.
  4. Create a list of items from your inventory i.e Consignment that you want to send to the Fulfillment Center and ship them. It can be done through the seller panel through Inventory -> Consignment menu.
  5. Select a Warehouse.
  6. Click on Create Consignment to add items one by one.
  7. To add the item, click on Add to Consignment
  8. To create a consignment using Bulk Action, select ‘Use Bulk Action’
  9. Flipkart conducts a quality check before storing the products.
    10.Once inventory is shelved in the warehouse, the products become live on Flipkart.com
  10. When customers order, Flipkart will pack, and deliver to the customers.
  11. The payments are settled for every order as per the normal payment cycle.

Advantages of Flipkart Warehouse For Flipkart Sellers

1. Order Processing and Faster Delivery

flipkart warehouse in hyderabad

The order processing becomes hassle free for sellers. Flipkart takes care of the packing and shipping of orders as orders received. Sellers do not have to worry about late deliveries, as the delivery process is faster through fulfillment centers. So the entire order processing becomes seamless for the sellers. Customers are more than happier to receive the orders before estimated delivery dates.

Fulfilment by flipkart has made the order processing easier than ever. Sellers can easily manage their inventory, sales and business using the fulfilment plan. Earlier when there were no such programs, the order processing was not an easy task to handle. To process so many orders, pack and ship but fulfillment by flipkart has taken over all of these responsibilities.

2. Quality checks

flipkart warehouse in dankuni

Before adding the inventory to the warehouse, a rigorous quality check is performed by Flipkart. Once this quality test is passed only then the inventory is stored in the fulfilment center.

As quality plays an important role for the customers, to receive the order in good condition and not in damaged condition, by doing these quality checks, Flipkart lets the customers build a trust on it.

For the sellers who have default Seller Fulfillment, there are chances that damaged products could be shipped to the customer as no quality checks are performed by them on a daily basis. So in this case, the customer would like to return the item. It is a very tedious cycle. So through high quality checks, these multiple layers are eliminated.

3. Quality Packaging

flipkart fulfilment center

Quality Packaging is important, if not done in the right manner, damage will be caused to the products. Flipkart Fulfillment centers use high quality packaging materials to make sure that products do not damage and reach to the customers safely.

So through quality packing customers also gain a trust on Flipkart. Due to such virtues Flipkart is the most loving ecommerce marketplace in India.

4. Flipkart Assured badge

The products which will be processed to the customers from the fulfillment centers, are of high quality, less number of customer returns and good reviews by customers will be labelled with an Assured badge which will give assurance to the customers that Flipkart has done the quality checks and will ship the products by themselves.

Customers can even have 30 days hassle free returns on these products. So with this badge, there are chances of increase in the sales. The items which do not have this badge will continue to ship from the seller.

So this badge assures quality and speed assurance to the customers. It is noted that these products are bought in higher numbers due to this badge.

If this badge is achieved, delivery charges are applied by Flipkart and if this badge is lost, sellers have to set delivery charges.

5. Inventory across multiple warehouses

Flipkart Fulfilment

As the fulfillment centers are spread across India, sellers could even store their inventory across multiple warehouses. It is estimated that there are 34-35 warehouses/fulfilment centers all over India. So as per Flipkart norms, you can store the inventory across multiple warehouses, so there is a possibility that orders for those warehouses will ship faster.

In a normal workflow once an order is packed and is ready to be shipped, Ekart agents collect the order from the seller and deliver it to the customer. In flipkart fulfilment, this step gets cut off, so as the item is shipped directly from the fulfillment centers, it reaches the customer faster.

Let’s say there is a seller named X, he processes the orders all by himself – from packing to scheduling pick up by ekart agent. So it will increase the delivery time for the customer. In this same case if the seller had enrolled for flipkart fulfillment, his inventory could be available at different warehouses, and once order is received, it is ready to be shipped once packed. Also, orders received from various locations could be easily delivered due to items stored in multiple warehouses.

Flipkart Fulfilment Locations

There are many locations in India where the flipkart fulfilment center are Located. The state includes West Bengal, Haryana, Telangana, Maharashtra. You can find various address of Flipkart Fulfilment locations. You can opt for any of these locations by seeing the actual address of warehouses. By enrolling in this service “fulfilment by flipkart” Sellers can expect fastest delivery of their items and Better customer service for the products.

If you know how to start ecommerce business in india and aware of different programs by e-commerce platforms then you can easily scale your online business. With Flipkart fulfilment, sellers can observe their growth in their business but they have to strategies many things at the saame time.

Here is the actual address which is provided by Flipkart.


As Flipkart has revolutionized the Indian ecommerce market, the small and medium sized businesses are shifting towards digitalization. These businesses prefer selling on Flipkart due to its popularity. So all the enthusiasts should go for the fulfillment options by Flipkart to manage the order processing cycle seamlessly. Any seller who does not have warehouse practices, lack of manpower or order management issues should go for the fulfillment program by Flipkart.


1. What is Flipkart Fulfilment?

Flipkart Fulfillment is a program by Flipkart which enables the sellers services of warehousing and shipping.

2. Does flipkart have its own warehouses?

Yes, flipkart has warehouses where the sellers inventory can be managed.

3. How many Flipkart warehouses are there in India?

According to industry estimates, there are 34-35 warehouses spread across India.

4. Who can enroll for FF?

Flipkart sellers can enroll, however flipkart has few criteria which are to be fulfilled.

5. What are the benefits of FF?

Smooth Order Processing
Faster Order Delivery
Quality Checks
Flipkart Assured Badge
Inventory across multiple warehouses

6. What are flipkart fulfilment charges?

You can checkout the prices on the official site.

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