How To Contact Seller on Amazon Marketplace

How To Contact Seller on Amazon Marketplace


E-Commerce has made an online business operation very well. Alibaba and Amazon are the top e-commerce giants in the world now. Alibaba is well known for b2b operations and amazon is known for b2c operations as well as b2b operations. Amazon business customers can buy products in bulk also if an amazon seller has put the b2b deals in a particular product listing. Either percent off or money off deal is given to the business customer when the customer is ready to buy in bulk on Amazon.

Many e-commerce companies allow customers to directly contact the seller through their platform. This way of communication between them makes them feel secured in terms of getting more and more details of the product. Both parties can easily communicate via chat and email functionality. All the sellers who are registered on the marketplaces have to deal with the customers with defined terms and conditions. Amazon customers always ask “how to contact seller on amazon” and this question always arises if they have some issues with purchased products.

There are many people all around the world who believe in safe and secure online shopping on amazon. The easy and best option for all the Amazon customers is that they can apply filters and choose the pricing option, delivery methods, feedback and rating, etc. according to their exact needs. The customers on the amazon or any other ecommerce marketplace surfs on the platform generally don’t want to see high shipping charges.

The shipping charge also matters in the customer buying decision of a particular product. If there are no shipping charges on the product then chances are very high that more customers will buy that product. There are many merits of being an amazon prime customer. Along with the free shipping on a large number of products, Amazon customers can also take benefits in Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, etc. The shipping speed is also a big benefit customer experiences on the amazon marketplace.

There are many terms like sku amazon and product id amazon on a product detail page which the customers are not able to understand when giving product details to support executives and amazon sellers. Sellers can be contacted by customers for various reasons. They also ask questions related to the item that they want to buy.

Many factors are included when deciding the product to buy or not in a product detail page itself. The main thing customers see are reviews, feedback on the product and images that the customer has uploaded when they have received the product and what other user experience after purchasing it.

The messaging feature makes it possible to communicate between two parties in a very convenient way.

Amazon also sends promotional emails to all the customers and they have an audience in a very large number. Those emails will redirect them on the amazon website and the customers are then able to see a bunch of deals which are promoted by the company. There are many reasons to contact a seller on amazon website and it is all related to knowing about the products.

Amazon also promotes third-party seller’s products with different marketing channels so that the seller can also experience good business on the Amazon marketplace. Sellers can also run the promotion campaign with money off or percent off on those items that they want to offer. The best advantage the seller can avail by promoting the products in low price or higher percent off is that they can get good reviews and feedback which will certainly help them in making a brand value.

There are many ways to contact sellers on amazon marketplace. Messaging is one of the best options amazon customers have in the amazon customer mobile apps. Amazon is a very user friendly marketplace for all the customers. Any customer can get the details of the product from the product detail page or also by the third-party seller who is selling that item. 

Amazon customer support team is always available for the customers who wants any kind of assistance. The customer support team is trained in such a way that all the queries will be solved by them as soon as they can. Amazon is well known for best customer service by providing products at a very reasonable rate. They are very good at getting customers back again and again because the offers and deals they run on the Platform.

Customers generally contact sellers on amazon if they are having issues regarding the product. Sometimes when the customer lands on the product detail page, they can ask the question regarding the product from there also. They may ask questions which will be all about getting more information like variations in color, size, etc. the seller has. So that they can make a purchase decision.

There are many top products which are sold by Amazon itself. Along with Amazon, There are many sellers who have done listing on the amazon of their products and sell to the amazon customers. All the product information is listed on the product detail page where customers can see the images of it. The advantages and features of the product are given in the bullet points and product description is also there at the bottom of the page.

The sellers are there on the amazon portal in a very large number. That means there are more and more items listed by them and available to the customers. If you want a specific product for you then you will easily get it offering from 5 to 10 different brands and with different selling price to the customers. This makes you easily compare the things and make sure you will get exactly what you want.

Steps To Contact A Seller on Amazon After Purchase:

Step 1: Go to Amazon marketplace. Click on any product listing that you like or want to buy.

how to contact seller on amazon

Step 2: You will see a product details page where all the details will be given in it.

how to contact a seller on amazon

Step 3: The seller profile will be there  besides sold by option. Click on the Seller display name.

amazon how to contact seller

Step 4: The seller feedback and ratings, policies, products, etc details will be there. Click on “Ask a Question”.

how do you contact seller on amazon

Step 5: The Question asking page will appear where you have to provide the subject line and contact seller on amazon.

how do i contact seller on amazon

If you are having an issue with the returns or replace part then you need to contact seller on amazon by another method.

1. Visit the Amazon Marketplace website.

how to contact the seller on amazon marketplce

2. Click on Your Orders.

how to contact seller amazon platform

3. Select the product in which you want Replacement or Returns. Click on the returns or replacement link.

how to contact seller on amazon before purchase

Amazon customers must keep in mind the policies of the amazon marketplace and other policies which are related to the product. The policies are different for all the categories of the product in which a sub category product is listed. The returns and replacement policies also differ from marketplaces all around the world. For example:,, Amazon uk all have different terms and conditions, policies related to specific products. There are only two or three methods to contact seller on amazon marketplace.

If the time period is exceeded by the final date of returns or replacement submission then the customer can’t process the application. But the customer doesn’t have to think about much because the majority of the categories’ products are having long period returns policies. It is always good to check the product with its quality when the item arrives at your doorstep. 

If you even found the product in damage or broken condition after the shipment, then you must think to contact the seller on amazon of that product. You can also contact the amazon customer support team who handles customer complaints and queries regarding the products. The team will understand your concern very well and make sure that you don’t feel unsatisfactory. 

Sometimes it may happen that you ordered a product with 2 or more quantities and the product arrives in only one quantity. In that case, It is better to contact the seller directly to let them know the product received in very good conditions but the quantities are missing. You just need to ask them to create a new shipment for you and send the remaining quantities which are missing.

Being an amazon prime customer, you will find more deals which are filled with different promotion offers in easy way. But before purchasing any product make sure that it comes under replacement or return policy in case if you receive a broken item you don’t have to be in a matter where the money will be not refunded to you as per the policy.

The customer is going to receive all the items that they have requested from the amazon website. Many times it also happens that you will not be able to get the product which you have ordered and it’s only because the seller has cancelled an order by their end. You will be notified if the cancellation is done by the amazon seller. There is also an option to check whether the product is ready to dispatch by the seller or not. If the seller has not done the shipment process then you can contact the amazon customer support team directly.

The sellers on the amazon always provide information regarding the product they want to sell. With Frequently asked questions customers can easily clear their doubts if they have regarding a particular item. So, there is no need to contact the seller because many of the customers’ questions have already been answered by the seller.

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