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Top 14 Growth Tips To Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

how to increase sales on amazon

Amazon is a best e-commerce marketplace to sell the products online. It is due to the large number of audiences who regularly visit Amazon stores. Amazon customers have trust and satisfaction with the company services to the. There is a huge scope of amazon sellers to provide visibility of their products to millions of customers worldwide. Amazon sellers have this one question always in their mind “how to increase sales on amazon” as soon as the products are listed in their Inventory.

As an amazon seller you should be always active with your inventory management system. Your products must be live and active to get more sales on amazon. If it gets Inactive for any reason then it’s your responsibility to monitor the listings on a daily basis. Amazon inventory management can be done with different tools also. 

Amazon sellers don’t have to care about order fulfillment with amazon easy ship services to them. The order fulfillment part becomes much more easy and secure with Amazon’s own shipping service method. Amazon also has an affiliate program for the sellers through which they can generate more income. There is no eligibility to join an affiliate program. You can refer more sellers to join and can earn a good income.

Amazon sellers have to do more marketing strategy to get the visibility on amazon. The inbound marketing has to be also strategized. Once you start receiving positive feedback on your orders then you will see yourself growing on amazon marketplace. Positive feedback boosts confidence in your listing creation work and quality of your products.

List of Best 14 Tips Which can Drive Good Sales In Amazon:

1. Product Title Optimization

product title optimization

Product listing title optimization is very important to let the customers know about your brand. It must contain your brand name along with a primary or secondary keyword. If the product comes with variation then you can also define the variation terms like colour or size in the title part of listing.

The listing title must be prepared in such a way that It can also tell about the product in a very short form of it’s features. If your title is not informative about the brand and variations then customers won’t be able to make purchase decisions sometimes.

Example: “Samsung Galaxy M21 (Midnight Blue, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)”

In this product title, you can easily get to know about the mobile brand that you want to purchase. There is also a model name which is M21 mentioned in the title along with its features and colour variation. So, this is the best way to clarify some details in your product title about a particular product listing.

2. Work On Bullet Points

bullet points

Bullet points or key product features is a crucial field in which you have to provide all the details of product features, advantages, how to use, etc. After the Title part the main focus of amazon customers falls on the bullet points field. As an amazon seller, you have to know about your product very well because you can only specify many features to customers.

You must provide true information about the product in these fields. You can’t mention false details here. The customers will make buying decisions as per the size, colour, or other important variation theme that you have mentioned.

If you do not provide any details in these fields then you can’t get enough sales even if you have done enhanced cataloging.

3. Create Good Product Description

product description

Product description always comes at the bottom of the product detail page. The description must include information about your brand and a particular product. You can also describe the detailed features in this field. It is also good to let the customers know about your company or what your brand basically provides to the customers.

You can explore more about the product varieties that you deal in. In this way you can explore more about the categories of products that you want to sell on the amazon. The product description content primarily focuses on the main features of the item. However, It is a value added advantage to showcase your brand value to customers.

4. Strategize Your Pricing

how to increase sales on amazon

The pricing of a product should be done by looking at the amazon marketplace. It should be very reasonable to the amazon customers. You should not try to over charge the amazon customers because there are other sellers also which can come anytime with their best price that can kick out you on the pricing factor. Price point is a key point in product listing. 

It is a good choice to put that price on your products which matches the condition with the buy box. Pricing is an important factor in getting the buy box. It plays a crucial role when you want to get buy box on your products. If the pricing is high then you may not get the buy box all the time and It will definitely affect your sales.

You can set the pricing rule on your products. It is one of the best methods through which the products remain in the buy box. You must monitor the price point on every listing.

5. Do Some keyword research

how to increase online sales on amazon platform

Keyword research for your product listing is one of the factor which increases visibility of your products. The search term must be relevant to the sub category item. If you do not put actual keywords in the product detail page then It will not get visibility to amazon customers. The search term field can’t be unfilled in the product listing detail page.

There is a process that you need to understand when doing keyword research of all your products in your Inventory. You have to visit the amazon marketplace and then search for those keywords which are actually giving visibility to products. If it is done properly then you have to implement it in your sub categorized listings. The search term field always matters for visibility. 

There are many ways to do keyword research by purchasing some awesome tools available in the market. Those tools will provide you insights of various keywords potential which can provide maximum reach to the amazon customers. Keyword research is also important when creating an advertising campaign. Your advertising campaign should be always optimized with budget and demand.

6. Customer Satisfaction With Reviews and Feedbacks

reviews and feedback

It is not always the sales volume and profits that you have to look at when doing business on amazon. As an amazon seller, you need to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your products. If they are satisfied with it and your brand that means they can reconsider your product again to purchase from you on amazon. Customer review is a key for getting more customers on amazon.

Those satisfactory customers will come on amazon and look for your product with your brand name. That means you don’t need to always advertise to your loyal and satisfactory customers. The product quality and your brand value will make them feel to buy from you another time and it’s all because of customer satisfaction. If you ignore customer satisfaction then It will not generate recurring orders on amazon. Customer engagement has to be there on the product listings. Through customer engagement other customers can make a decision to buy your item.

So, Customer Review and feedback on your products will definitely put a good impact on other customers who want to purchase products on amazon. Customer experience is what you have to analyze to get more orders on amazon. The customer experience with your product will provide more feedback to have some improvements or updates to make the product better at different times. All in all, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role everytime.

Your customer service has to be good after order processing. If you are not able to provide good customer service then those customers will never come to you again.

7. Maintain Good Amazon Seller Account Health

how to increase sales on amazon

Amazon seller account health is a monitoring tab that amazon sellers have to maintain in the amazon seller dashboard. All the parameters like order defect rate, Late dispatch rate, Cancellation rate, etc.their target rate must be below the mentioned rate which can be seen in the account health section.

If those parameters target rate goes beyond the mentioned rate then you need to provide a better solution to the amazon performance team so that your seller account does not go into suspension mode. It can take some time to get the revert from the amazon team regarding your solutions to the policy violations.

Brand Infringement is also one of the reasons on which amazon sellers get email about it. It is a policy violation if you are listing the products in a brand which have not authorized you to sell on amazon India marketplace. It is a good option to run an online business on amazon by keeping the policies in mind.

8. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a must for all new enrolled amazon sellers. Social media marketing can give good sales to you on amazon. There are millions of audiences on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. It is necessary for you to know about your target audience on which platform It is active and ready to buy. You can advertise your amazon products on facebook and Instagram as the target audience are always active on these 2 social media platforms.

You can promote the promo codes also to the social media audiences. But you need to advertise to a large number of people. It can be very useful in the festival time as more people have intention to buy with the sales offer.

Before scheduling an Ad campaign on facebook, you must know the aim of your campaign. You have to select the right target audience for your products so that they can buy the items for their use. Social media is a good target market for getting maximum traffic on your amazon listings. It will be easy for you if you target market by looking into your product audiences on social media platform. Your product landing page must be working when it gets advertised on social media. You must optimize the landing page on Amazon.

Influencer marketing and content marketing is a growth technique for getting a large number of orders in a short time. There are many Influencers who can do this work for you with a high service charge. Influencer marketing is a new trending form of marketing method whereas content marketing is considered for a specific niche audience.

9. Do Content Marketing on Social Media

how to increase sales on amazon india

You have to create a good advertising script which looks appealing to the customers after creating an awesome content of your products. Content marketing is an art and It should be done looking to the demand and actual audience which need your product. Without analysing the audience, It is just a waste of time and budget.

You have to create a roadmap through which you can target more number of customers on search engines and social media. There are people all over the internet who are searching for different products for their needs. Social media marketing, Content marketing, influencer marketing plays their own role in getting sales on amazon.

Content marketing on facebook and Instagram is a must task for amazon sellers. You will definitely find people there who are having buying intent looking to the discounted deals and offers. Sometimes social proof is also considered as the top factor about the brand that you are selling on Amazon. Social proof will provide the authenticity of your products quality and their durability also.

Social media plays a very important role in brand awareness. Your brand gets more attention with advertising campaigns on facebook, Instagram, Linkedin platforms. Amazon seller have to think about brand awareness when they are just stepping into online business.

10. Advanced Product Cataloging

product cataloging

Product cataloging is an important part in listing creation. The images should be clear and its quality should also be good. If you have presented your product with 4 to 5 images then it has a good impact on sales. The reason is quite obvious because amazon customers have to be satisfied with the images. They can assume the product quality also with the images. 

By looking into images they can get the feel that If they buy that product then the quality will be good which meets their requirements. Sometimes having an infographic image will make the decision to buy the product without looking into the bullet points. As many of its features and advantages have been shown in the Image.

Image is also a big factor of your increased conversion rate when promoted or advertised. You can definitely find changes in conversion rate if you list products with 2 images and after some time you add 4 or 5 images in the same listing. Your brand page must be always Informative to the amazon customers. Brand page can explore more about your brand with the categories you deal on amazon.

11. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is a must part for amazon sellers to get some insights about the work other sellers have done in their listings. You can get to know many things about the content creation, bullet points, title, pricing, and other promotion strategies that they are implementing in their work.

You can get the idea of “what are the main topics to cover in the bullet points”. You may be definitely a master in knowing your product well as it may be developed by you. But how to present them to the Amazon audience is a major task to get visibility on amazon. The competitor product type is a factor to understand. Their product type will provide you with more information for content.

12. Follow Amazon Listing Guidelines

Amazon products have to be listed with amazon guidelines. The Images, title, bullet points, product description, etc. all need to be correct and verified by the seller. Any wrong information given about the products and found many complaints on them will make amazon think of account suspension. 

You should also not violate policies by listing in other sellers’ product listing on their registered brand name. As an amazon seller, you can search for cataloging guidelines, content guidelines, etc in the search bar of amazon seller central.

If you have registered trademark on your brand then your listings will be protected from other sellers. This is a big advantage of having a registered trademark on our brand name. You need to provide a call to action in your listings. Call to action definitely works on amazon if properly described.

13. Start Promotion Campaign

As you complete the product listing task in your seller account the next task proceeds with marketing your products through promotion and advertising methods. There are different promotion methods by which you can generate more sales on amazon. This is a built in tool that all amazon sellers have access to.

Promotions are very helpful to the sellers through which It can get more visibility and return on investment at the initial stage to get sales. Amazon customers are always looking into best deals and offers across various categories on amazon. With promotions strategies you can get more orders with good reviews and feedback If you have provided them good quality products.

Free product Promotions are always productive in your promotion strategy. But the free product method does not help you in getting more profits after some time. So, It is better to go with money off or percent off strategies. You will get the best return on investment through these strategies. 

14. Start Advertising Campaign

Advertising is the all time best method to get your brand and products to amazon customers. You have to analyse which targeting method suits you when advertising the products. It can be targeted automatically or manually in your advertising campaign. You can create a campaign with your own budget whether it is low or high it’s up to you. 

The products may not come on the first page after the product listings. But when It gets visibility with advertising campaigns then you will start receiving orders from amazon customers. Amazon will provide maximum visibility in your advertising campaigns. But you need to optimize the listings first so that people will click and buy from you.

Advertising campaigns will boost the sales at the initial stage after the product listings. There is a high chance that your products get noticed more on amazon. If you have presented your product with all the details which can solve the customers needs then they will definitely buy the products from you. You can see the changes in conversion rate after the products get advertised. You also need to monitor your listings in Inventory with inventory management system before scheduling an ad campaign.

There are many other things that can be done to generate a good amount of sales on amazon. Email marketing, search engine optimization, digital marketing, etc are all various methods to get the more number of views on your products. Inventory management software makes the task of managing Inventory very easy. You can monitor all the listings with inventory management software.


I believe that now, you will get some idea about “how to increase sales on amazon”. You have to work on a regular basis in amazon seller central as an amazon seller to understand the amazon search algorithm and how your listings are getting noticed at various times if they get promoted or not. Amazon search algorithm is different from other search engine algorithm.

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