How To Change Authorised Signatory In GST Explained

How To Change Authorised Signatory In GST Portal


GST Registration is very important to start an ecommerce business. People generally ask about “How To Change Authorised Signatory In GST” and other changes that they feel were added incorrectly at the time of GST Registration once the gst application has been done and processed. It is always advisable to put all the information correct at the time of gst registration process. 

If you register with gst on various ecommerce platforms then you can list and sell as many taxable products to millions of customers. But if you don’t have a gst number then you can only sell non taxable products which includes books, some handicraft items, etc. There are a variety of items which are listed on e-commerce websites. 

There is an importance of having authorized details like email id, phone number, etc whenever the new edits or changes have to be done in your GST Application. If you are capable of operating the gst dashboard then you can make the necessary changes through your own. You can also consult with accounting professionals to make the changes or addition of authorised signatory in the gst panel.

How To Change Authorised Signatory In GST With Steps:

Step-1: Visit GST Official website and Login with your own details.

how to change authorised signatory in gst

Step-2: Under the service tab there will be an option of “Amendment of registration non-core fields”. Now you have to click on that option.

how to change mobile no in gst authorised signatory

Step-3: Click on the authorized signatory option to see and edit the name.

how to change mobile number of authorised signatory in gst

Step-4: You will see an actual authority signatory  on the next page. Click on “Add New” button to add the new authority signatory.

how to change authorised signatory in gst portal

Step-5: In the next page, Add the details of the new authorized signatory and then click on the save button.


Step-6: Now Roll over to the “Verification” tab. check the verification checkbox and then choose the authorized signatory from the drop down menu. Fill the place name also. Now you have to select the option for digital application signature using DSC OR EVC.


Step-7: Once all this has been done. You will then receive an email regarding the GST Registration changes and It will be directly sent to previous email id and the phone number.

Step-8: You need to login to the GST Dashboard once the acknowledgment is sent to you after the changes in the gst application.

Step-9: Switch over to service-Authorized Signatory option.

Step-10: Now you have to select the new added signatory as the main authorized signatory and uncheck the old authorized signatory.

Step-11: You must verify the email id and mobile number for the updated authorized signatory.

Step-12: Once all things are completed, goto verification option and resubmit the application by EVC or DSC.

Step-13: You will then receive notification on new details.

All details are confidential and notifications will be triggered as soon as the new changes will be made in the gst application. The gst dashboard is very secure and user friendly. Taxpayers can easily migrate from one tab to another tab with ease. There are actually many other things also in which changes can be made.

You just have to make sure that you are adding a correct spelling whenever any new changes have to be made. There is also an option of adding another APOB If you are operating your business with multiple locations. Let’s say If you want to sell products on Amazon India and want to store the items in Amazon warehouse then you must have to notify in the gst dashboard about it.

Once the APOB has been added then It will be an ease for you to manage and operate different tasks from multiple locations. So, the pin point is that every change can be done in the gst dashboard which is allowed from the authorities.

It is an important point to note about the changes that you have made in the gst application must be kept confidential. These details can be used for any reference purpose or If you forget about the actual information that you have put in the gst process.


I believe that this guide will help you to understand about How To Change Authorised Signatory In GST portal with step wise explanations. It is important to follow all the steps and make the relevant changes in the fields without any spelling mistakes in the name and other details.


1. How to change authorised signatory in gst?

Login to the GST Dashboard with your credentials and roll over to services and follow the steps mentioned above.

2. How to change mobile no in gst authorised signatory?

BY going into the authorised signatory section under service tab.

3. Can I change the authorised signatory in gst panel?

Yes, You can change it.

4. Can I change the primary address in gst?

Yes, You can make changes to your business locations.

5. How to change the mobile number of authorised signatory in gst?

You need to click on the edit option to make the necessary changes by following the above procedure.

6. How to change authorised signatory mobile no in gst for proprietor?

The procedure is the same in all the gst applications.

7. How to change primary authorised signatory in gst?

You can only add a new authorised signatory in gst portal and all the notifications will be sent to the actual email id and phone number.

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