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How To Change Address In GST portal Explained

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GST is an important part of any business which operates offline or online. Any new online business which want to make their operations from offline market and also through online market have to be GST Registered. Many people ask for “How To Change Address In GST portal” when they have successfully completed their GST Registration process application. It is sometimes due to the address they have put in the application was not correctly spelled or might be they want to operate business from the other store location.

Having a GST Certificate for a business is very important. GST Number has it’s own advantages to the taxpayers. There is no possibility that you can start an online business without gst if you want to deal in taxable products or services. So, one should definitely consider registering a business under GST on GST portal.

The Amendment Process in GST is simple and easy to understand. But If you are not aware of any terms in the accounting field then you must have accounting professionals who can guide on various tabs in the gst panel.

Those accounting people are dedicated to their work and they will properly suggest many things to make things better for your business and also about the process. You just need to provide the detailed information to make changes in your application and they will make it for you. All the changes made have been notified to your registered email address and mobile number which are very good security features.

Online business is growing rapidly in India. The customers and sellers both are engaging online to purchase and sell the products. GST Registration procedure also becomes much easier now. You can get the gst number for your business in a very short period of time. The best thing is that all the information regarding the business and it’s places of operation can be seen from a single dashboard.

You can also download the gst certificate anytime from the gst portal. It is good to have a certificate showcasing in your store for the authentication of your business to the customers and other authorities. It is always advisable to consult with professional accounting persons to know about the programs and benefits that they can get with gst registration according to their business size and financial capability to run the business.

There are many benefits that the government provides to SMB’s or MSME’s. Your business needs to fulfil the requirements and guidelines to get it approved in the schemes. Once it gets approved, then you can avail the advantages of a particular scheme and grow your business.

E-commerce sellers have to make sure that all the details are correct and verified from their own. The verification is necessary because all the business details will be presented in an invoice when they receive orders from the customers. It is their responsibility only to update the business details in every e-commerce platform like Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. Many of the tasks are there whenever any new changes have been done in the gst dashboard.

So, how to change address in gst portal online is the main question that people generally ask about. We will now understand how it can be done with the following process explained.

How To Change Address in GST Portal With Steps:

Step-1: Go to GST Official website and Login with your details.

how to change address in gst portal

Step-2: Click on the services tab and under it you have to click on “Amendment of Registration core fields”.

how to change address in gst portal online

Step-3: Now select “Principal place of business”. Add all the details on that page.

how to change the address in gst portal

Step-4: Provide the reasons for the changes and click on save.

how to change the business address in gst portal

Step-5: If you want to add a new additional place of business then click on that option and fill the details of the new location and then click on save.

how to change email address in gst portal

Step-6: Click on verification tab for the verification purpose.

There are many changes that you can do in the gst portal. You may be also interested in how to change trade name in gst portal. It must be kept in mind that you have to save all the previous details and current information in a document so that If it is needed in your audit purpose then you can present it to any authorized person.

Whether the business is operating in any mode, they need to keep varios information in a secured document. Sometimes, It can be found useful If audits have to be made and error comes in the auditing tasks regarding the business information like Address, email id, phone number, etc.


So, This guide about “how to change address in gst portal online” has made all the things clear. By following the above steps you will be able to make necessary changes in your gst portal. You can also get the notifications once it is processed in your application. That is the best way to have a security feature in the gst portal.


1. How to change address in gst portal?

You have to visit the gst website and click on the services tab under which the option comes to make changes in primary address.

2. Can I change the address in gst portal?

Yes, you can make changes in address by logging into the gst dashboard.

3. Can the Amendment Process be done Online?

Yes, It can be done online by logging into the gst panel.

4. How to change address in gst portal online?

You have to visit gst official website and login with your details and roll over to “Amendment of Registration core fields” and add all the details you want to make changes in.

5. Can I change email id and phone number in GST?

Yes, you can change it in the gst portal.

6. Can I add APOB in GST?

Yes, you have to provide new details of your business locations and then verify the application by EVC.

7. How to change the address in gst portal?

Follow the Steps above and make changes in the mentioned tabs in Services section.

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