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How To Change Trade Name in GST Dashboard

how to change trade name in gst

GST is the most important identity in Online Business. Any business which wants to step online on e-commerce marketplace or on their own website, they must have a GST Number. People generally ask questions like “How To Change Trade Name in GST” after getting the GST Certificate from the authority. There might be a reason for their brand name that they find to be matched with their trade name.

GST Registration application flow has increased in the recent years. This is all due to the expansion of e-commerce business. Large number of businesses are coming online to sell their products on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. There are many advantages of having gst number for the business.

E-commerce marketplaces make the seller onboarding process very easy. There are many other tools available inside the seller portal through which sellers can increase their online sales by showing items to maximum audiences. The best advantage for the sellers is that they don’t need to pay monthly charges of showing their product listings to the customers. If they have their own website then there are many charges which have to be pay for setting up the store.

GST plays a crucial role in product listing on every marketplace. Your product tax code must be updated in all the listings so that actual tax can be applied on it. As an e-commerce seller, You must check and verify your GST details in the gst portal.

GST Registration Amendment has to be done when the wrong details have been put at the time of registration process. There are many fields to look in the application. You must check the spellings of each word that you put in the registration form. There is every possibility that It can be edited later after the registration. But you must cross verify all the information of your business at the primary stage.

There are 2 possibilities when the businesses have to update their Information:

  1. When the GST Registration Application is in process.
  2. Businesses have done the application and it is already processed.

There are some Information which can’t be changed or updated:

  1. PAN Number can’t be changed as the GST Registration process takes place with PAN of the business or an Individual.
  2. Updation in the constitution of business can’t be done as it also needs updation in the PAN Number.
  3. Editing the place of business establishment from a state specified to a different state as the GST Number will be provided with the state code of a particular state.

What are Different Information Which can be Updated or Changed in GST Dashboard?

  1. Name of the Organization or Business.
  2. APOB – An Additional Place Of Business.
  3. Primary Business Address which was submitted at the time of application.
  4. Phone Number and Email id
  5. Adding or deleting partners, directors, etc. Those people which are responsible for daily operations in your business.

Organization or business name matters a lot in the category of the business you deal in. The product category must match with the brand name that the business is operating. APOB only has to be updated when the business wants to operate from multiple locations within the country. If the business wants to process the operations with 5 locations within the state then It must have to be updated in the gst portal.

You can change the principal business address in the gst dashboard. This principal address is not considered in the apob. Mobile phone number and email address can also be updated in the gst portal for the particular business. 

How To Change Trade Name in GST:

Step 1: Visit Official GST Website and login to your dashboard.

Step-1 Trade Name GST

Step 2: Now under the services tab click on the “Amendment of Registration Core Fields”.

Step-2 Business Name GST

Step 3: You can see various tabs like Business details, principal place of business, additional place of business, promoter/partners and then verification.

Step-3 Change trade name

Step 4: Once all the details have been entered then you can verify all the details and click on continue. You must save all the things after editing.

Step-4 GST Registration Amendment

Step 5: You have to digitally sign the application by using DSC Digital Signature Certificate or E-Signature.

The changes which you have done in the core fields require approval from the GST Officer. It may take some time for the final approval by the officer. But the changes in Non Core Field does not require any approval at all. These edits can be done online by the authorized person of the business.

Trade Name is the name which is to be filled when you are registering your business on various e-commerce websites. The Invoice will be generated with your trade name and business address whenever the customers purchase your items on the website. 

If your trade name does not match with the actual name when you have registered your business on amazon or any other marketplace then problems will arise in APOB additional place of business. If you want to avail service like Amazon Fba as an amazon seller then you need to do the apob application first.

You can get to know about adding APOB in the gst dashboard by consulting with accounting professionals. It is an important part whenever you have to update the details about your business address. When the apob is completely done you can avail many benefits in amazon seller central dashboard by becoming a prime seller on amazon.

Amazon offers many advantages to the prime sellers but they have to send their products to the amazon fulfilment warehouse. Amazon warehouses can be the secondary business address of the sellers and from those locations all the business operations can take place when the order comes to the seller.

There is an option of adding the trade name or display name in the e-commerce marketplace seller dashboard. You have to enter exact details whenever you register on any website to sell the products. 


I believe you have got the idea about How To Change Trade Name in GST Dashboard. The process is very simple If you are able to operate the gst dashboard and make necessary changes through your own. It is also advisable to consult with professional people who are working in the accounting Industry. 


1. How to change trade name in gst?

You can login to the gst dashboard and follow the steps to change necessary information.

2. Is it possible to change trade name in gst portal?

Yes, you can change some information by logging into the gst portal.

3. How to change trade name in gst portal?

Trade name can be changed within the gst dashboard by logging into the gst official portal.

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