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How To Change Delivery Address in Amazon of Your Orders

how-to-change-delivery-address-in- amazon

There are many customers on amazon who keep coming on the website to purchase different categories of products. Amazon always offers the best products to the users. It is the trust and loyalty which have been developed in the customer’s mind. 

Amazon has extraordinary features and advantages for it’s millions of customers worldwide and also for the Amazon sellers. There are many teams which works accordingly to handle many operations at different levels. All the teams are dedicated to their work. They work very passionately keeping the slogan of amazon in their mind.

Amazon has built its brand value to the next level around the customer that no other company has done yet. The best customer service is what its users believe in. Many other ecommerce companies must have to take customer service lessons from Amazon. It emphasis mainly on customer focus, Customer Empowerment, Customer Loyalty. These 3 points are the pillars of a successful amazon journey so far.

Amazon communication to all the customers after the order is delivered to their address is really great. The best part is the customers are notified on email as well as on their mobile phone number. Through the Review and feedback system, Amazon easily understands the client’s satisfaction regarding the purchased product. Different Analytics are the part of the amazon success. Taking surveys is definitely a reason to understand the customer experience.

Many users are not aware that there are many options in the customer’s dashboard. The option includes the information about Your orders, Your account, Your Recommendations, etc. So there are a lot of things that the customer can get to know about them. All the past purchases along with the product details can be seen in the amazon customer account. 

Amazon customers can also download invoices of their past orders. The invoices can also be used for the tax purposes so that it can be also benefited to them. Amazon customers can set their delivery address as their permanent address. There may be situations in which the customer is at another location which is not it’s primary delivery address then there is also an option of adding a new address when the order placing process is executed by the customer.

Sometimes it happens with the customer that they select the wrong shipping address after placing an order. When the order was placed, they realized that the address was entered incorrectly. After that, Amazon seller immediately receives the notification of dispatching the product to the customer. 

There is no meaning to cancel an order by the customer’s end. Amazon customers have another best option as well which is “Change delivery address” in the customer’s profile dashboard.

Once the order is placed, you can always cancel that order and place it again with a new address. But this process doesn’t suit both sellers and customers. 

There may be a chance that the seller can deliver the product to the mentioned address at the time he received the order. But amazon customers can easily update the new address after placing an order. This process should be done by the customer as soon as possible. If the package is processed by the seller’s end to the previous address then it will not be delivered at the new address which was updated after the order was shipped from the seller’s address.   

Process to Change the Delivery Address in Amazon:

Step 1: Visit the Amazon Website and then login to your customer account

change delivery address in amazon

Step 2: Enter the login details. i.e Your email id and password.

delivery address in amazon app

Step 3: Roll over to Your orders.

delivery address in amazon india

Step 4: Then click on the tab ” Change delivery address”

how to change the delivery address in amazon

Step 5: Add a new address which you want to update.

how to change delivery address in amazon after placing order

Step 6: Add Full name, Address Line 1 and 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone Number and then click on continue.

amazon  delivery address

You as an amazon customer can easily change the delivery address in Amazon Account at any time. The main point to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t be processed from the warehouse for shipping.

There is a support team also for both the customers and the sellers. The customer support team handles all the queries related to the customers. Those queries are all related to the product information, order details, payment methods, etc. They can be contacted via email and phone number. There is also an amazon customer care number from which the customer can get all the information they want regarding their ordered products.

The amazon seller support team handles all the queries which are related to the seller’s part. There are many options in the seller’s dashboard too. Amazon seller can easily process the orders by going into the Manage order section after the order is placed by an amazon customer. The seller can easily get to know all about the customer information like the name, email id, phone number, delivery address, etc.

Amazon customers can easily manage the addresses in their customer account panel. They can also add a primary mode of payment in their account whenever they want to purchase a new product on amazon. The Payment process part is all secured in amazon so there is no reason for fraudulent activities in it.

The Amazon customer support team is very helpful to all the customers. If the customer is not satisfied by the seller’s product or if the wrong product is delivered to the customer, then they can reach them and it will be resolved by the team as soon as they can. 

So there is a single method only to change the delivery address in amazon which is only by logging into the customer account dashboard. The notification is also sent to the relevant email id of the customer in which any changes took place.

This is the best security that amazon offers to its customers whenever any information is changed or any unauthorized access has been initiated from different systems. There is also a Two way security login factor in which an otp is sent to the customers mobile number for the login purpose.

Note: Amazon sellers are not able to change the change delivery address in amazon for which an order has been placed. Once the order is executed by the customer, the details are automatically fetched in the invoice. So, if the customer wants to edit or update the delivery address and the product is actually not shipped yet by the seller’s end, You will need to edit it ASAP.

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