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How To Contact Amazon Seller Support In Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller support

Amazon is the best e-commerce platform for both the sellers and buyers. There are many reasons to start selling on amazon and earn good income by working full time or part time. Once you are set with your account registration then you just need to understand the policies and learn various things which will help in business expansion on Amazon. Amazon Seller Support along with other teams helps the sellers in Onboarding.

There are many e-commerce marketplaces across the search engines. One of the thing some marketplace lacks is in the seller support they have when dealing in onboarding of sellers from different locations. Some marketplace operates Nationally like Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. but there are top e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay  Which operates internationally in many countries.

As a seller on various e-commerce sites, you may experience good seller support and sometimes not and It also depends on the situation for the support operations working time. When you start working as a seller on an e-commerce platform you have to work with the policies of that particular marketplace. It is not always possible that the seller support team will be available for the seller 24×7. However, there are different communication channels through which you can contact the team in a short time.

There is a ticket system method on different e-commerce platforms. This method of communication with the seller support team makes the process of resolving a query lengthy. Sometimes you will get a call from the support staff when you are not able to attend calls or in meeting or driving. As a result the query that you have in the seller panel remains in un resolved condition.

But Amazon is that marketplace where you don’t have to worry about the matters. seller support amazon takes the issues of all the sellers and provides the solution in a simple and understandable way. Amazon seller central interface is very easy to operate and in functionality. Any individual can learn the process of implementing various tasks by taking Amazon seller training service from experts.

What Is Amazon Seller Support?

amazon seller support associate

It is a dedicated team for all the amazon sellers. They are the source of contact whenever sellers are stuck in any tasks when operating in amazon seller central. Amazon seller support associate understand the seller’s queries whether it is related to product id amazon or any other thing and according to the subject topic they resolve the issues in a very short period of time. All the details are available in the case log section between the seller and amazon team.

There are different teams in amazon and all teams have their specific role when dealing with sellers queries. Amazon seller central support team, Amazon performance team, Amazon payment team are those teams which communicate with the amazon sellers. There is no directly available amazon toll free number through which they can be contacted. Amazon sellers have to login to their account and communicate with their details.

Seller support amazon works very differently when compared with other e-commerce marketplaces. The timings of sending solutions to the amazon sellers is very good and It would definitely be a reason for getting productivity in an online business with amazon. The performance by seller support amazon co relates with amazon sellers performance in getting more and more sales from amazon marketplace.

Amazon seller support phone number india or any other international marketplace phone number is not available to sellers. All the amazon sellers have to contact via the same methods explained below with their own seller account details. There is no other ways for contacting the amazon team.

When you look for all the methods for communication purpose, you will find that seller support amazon email is the best way and it’s only because email can be sent any time whether you are operating your seller account when the working time of seller support has shut down. But when you send an email to them you will expect the revert as soon as possible.

How To Get Seller Support Phone Number

Many of the amazon sellers keep on asking about the amazon seller support phone number and they are not aware about the contact methods through which they can reach them. As an amazon seller, you can contact the seller support by logging into the seller central account and search for the term “contact seller support” in the search bar. There is no direct seller support contact no available on google or any other search engine.

You just have to make sure that you are contacting them to resolve the doubts or queries you have as a seller but not as an amazon customer. There is a seperate amazon customer care team which handles all the operations of the customers. The Amazon customer team is there to help the customers whenever the customers want help in making the purchase of product or the customers wants information about the status of the product delivery.

Amazon seller support phone number india does not exist directly. So, the only way to connect with them is to provide your phone number through which your seller account is registered and an automatic call initiation will take place as you hit call me now button after following the steps mentioned in the below section.

seller support customer care is an experienced team which handles many tasks in everyday work. Amazon seller support associate also provide the description of resolution when solving any query of sellers. You can get resources also for a particular topic in which you have an issue with. With having resources about learning specific topics you can also grow your knowledge and implement different tasks in seller central.

3 Methods Seller Support Can Be Contacted

A. Amazon seller support Email

amazon seller support email id
amazon seller support email

Seller support is available to all the sellers via email communication. Sellers can draft an email regarding any issues or doubt they have when doing different tasks in their amazon seller central account. The only work you have to do when drafting an email is to provide your statements with the exact topic on which you are facing some issues or an error.

Once you are ready with your statements, you can add the screenshot also about the issue you are experiencing and the team will understand your concern easily and can also come with the resolution as soon as they can.

There is also a performance notification tab in which you can see all the emails that is sent by amazon teams. Those emails can be related to your account performance, payments, or It can also be about specific product listing which may be inactive because of any reasons. It is important to look for all the emails and revert the amazon team if they asked for it.

Take a look at the Image below to know about contacting seller support team via email method.

B. Amazon seller support Web-Chat

contact amazon seller support

Web Chat is another way of communicating with the seller support amazon team. However, In this method you just have to enter your name and then click on the chat now button. Then after you will be redirected to seller support associate of amazon who will take your queries, understand the concerns, and then resolve it as per the topic of your issue. 

It will be live chatting with the seller support amazon associate team member and you can ask any questions related to your account. It is your responsibility to provide all the information correctly to them so that It becomes easy for the seller support to come up with the final resolution of it. You will also get the review email after your communication has been done. 

Based on the experience in the web chat process, you can rate the chat via going on the survey link. This is good for the seller support amazon team also. By sending survey emails they can get to know about the service they just had provided to the sellers and can improve much better every time. 

There is a time slot of this web chat contact method. So, you can not access web chat after working hours that they have mentioned. Web chat is not available 24 hours a day. But you need your query resolved early as possible then you can contact via other 2 methods.

C. Amazon seller support phone

amazon seller support phone number

This is also one of the best methods to contact seller support team and you just need to provide your phone number in your number field and then click on call me now. The call will be connected immediately and you just need to choose the language of communication in which you feel comfortable.

Firstly, seller support associate will greet you first and then you can explain the issues or doubts you have when working in amazon seller central. There is no such time limit in this method. So, you can take time to explain things better. Through this way of communication, sellers’ doubts can be cleared in an easy and simple way.

After the call has been completed, an email will be sent by the amazon team regarding the issue that you had communicated with the team member. You can see the status of messages between you as a seller and the amazon as pending, answered, etc. It is a good way to track all the communications and it can be easily found in the amazon seller central and in your registered email address.

Steps To Contact Seller Support In Amazon

Step1: Visit Amazon seller central website. Login with your seller account credentials. 

amazon seller support phone number india

Step2: In the search bar type “contact seller support” and then hit Enter.

contact support

Step3: Click on “Help”.

seller help section

Step4: Scroll down the next page it opens and then you will see option like “Get support”. Hit that button and proceed to the next page.

amazon seller support jobs

Step5: Roll over to Selling on amazon option. 

selling on amazon

Step6: You will see different options like mentioned below. Select any of the options and then you will be redirected to support team.
Easy Ship or Self Ship orders
Products, Listings, or Inventory
Seller Fulfilled Prime
Seller Flex
Your account
Other issues

amazon toll free number

Now, you have to choose the actual reason for contacting the amazon seller support team. If you are having an issue with orders a-to-z claims then you can proceed with Self Ship or Easy ship orders. There is a next option of products, Inventory and in this option you can elaborate on the product page issues or an inventory file upload issues.

For each and every option you see on the page there, you can contact the seller support via three ways of communication. But those three ways will not be there every time for specific mentioned options. The good thing to understand is that communication becomes much more easier in amazon seller central with just simple steps to follow.

There is no amazon toll free number or amazon seller support contact no for the amazon sellers for contacting purposes. This is also a good part of the amazon seller dashboard that they don’t provide the phone number of support team. If they show a direct number then It can happen that another person or unauthorized person except the seller can call the team and they can reject the sellers in the verification part. So, Amazon has put the best method of putting the sellers phone number option when contacting from the seller account itself.


1. How do I contact amazon seller support?

The seller support of amazon can be contacted via logging into the seller panel with your credentials and then following a simple process for a reach out.

2. How to crack amazon seller support interview?

If you are looking for a job as seller support associate then It is good to learn about how amazon seller central works before applying for the particular job role.

3. How do I call amazon seller support?

You cannot call the seller support amazon without logging in the seller central. Follow the steps mentioned in the post and then you can be able to communicate with them in very easy way.

4. How to contact amazon seller support?

There are a total three ways of communication to contact seller support. These are: Email, Web-chat, Phone.

5. What is seller support in amazon?

Seller support amazon is a team which is there for amazon sellers to provide solutions of any query seller ask about and then take their online business to the next level.

6. What is amazon seller support phone number?

There is no seller support phone number in the seller central.

7. How to contact seller support of amazon directly?

They can be reached out via your seller panel details and with the 3 ways of contacting methods.

8. What is the role of seller support in amazon?

Seller support amazon plays a different role when it comes to resolving the doubts of amazon sellers.

9. How to contact amazon seller support india?

You just have to enter in amazon seller central india marketplace and then provide the details like phone number and email id of yours for contacting purpose.

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