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How To Sell Clothes on Amazon Marketplace


Amazon is known for good customer service and satisfaction. The customer database amazon carries is in millions of numbers. It is one of the top brand company which is having operations in many countries across the world. 

Anyone can register on the Amazon seller dashboard and start selling in different categories. Sellers have to register with their tax identity so that they can deal in all the products which come in different tax slabs. It is very easy to sell clothing on amazon marketplace and earn money online.

Sellers can also sell used clothing on amazon platform. But that listing has to come under the used tab instead of the new. Seller’s must keep in mind that even if they want to sell used clothing on amazon marketplace, the only thing that matters is that it should be in good condition with an exact image as the product will look when it is purchased by the Amazon customers. The need of e commerce is at its peak.

Selling clothing on amazon is one of the best idea to go with and gain visibility in this trending category. There are many sub categories which are most searchable in this. Users are mainly searching for Western wear, Sportswear, Jeans, Tshirts, etc. 

There are many sub-categories in the clothing and apparel category. Seller’s can list the items in any of the sub categories in which they are suitable. The product category and sub category must be relevant before adding details in the product detail page. If the listed item is not added in the relevant category then it will not come up as it should be. 

In the Clothing & apparel category, the subcategory includes Men, Women, Girls, Boys, etc. So, as an amazon seller if you want to add women gowns then you have to select women – ethnic wear- Gowns. A product detail page will be open thereafter. In that page, sellers have to provide brand name, manufacturer name, manufacturer number, title, product description, key product features, keywords, etc.

After adding all the details in the page, sellers have to click on save and finish. It will be then shown in the manage inventory section. You can see details like selling price, quantity, title, front image, amazon fee preview, etc important terms in this section. If the seller has to edit in the product listing then they simply need to click on the “edit” tab and make changes whatever you find useful.

The Amazon Referral Fee and Closing Fee is different for clothing and apparel categorie. It can be changed anytime by Amazon. So, you want to keep an eye on those fees also. Amazon seller’s can change the selling price of the listed clothing items if the commissions are increased and work accordingly. The Fees are not so high on selling clothing on amazon. There is an every chance that you will get best sales on amazon when dealing in clothing products.

5 Tips To Sell Clothing on Amazon Produces Sales

1. Images

sell clothing on amazon

Whenever the customer lands on the amazon website, they mainly see a product image first. They will only click on it if the main and other picture is clearly visible and eye catching. Cataloging is the first preference sellers has to focus on. So, the seller has to provide the best images when selling clothing and apparel on amazon marketplace. A good image can convert your customers if they are presented with a model in different poses when the seller has actually had interest to sell clothing on amazon.

2. Product Description

sell used clothing on amazon

Clothing & apparel sellers have to describe their product in a detailed way because many customers are there which have certain material type and fitting type considerations in mind. If any incorrect detail about the sizes or material is described in the product detail page then there will be a chance of return on it. Sellers have to provide many details like wash care instructions, materials used, exact colors, etc in the bullet points and in the description section.

3. Variations

selling clothes on amazon vs ebay

There is no meaning if the seller wants to sell clothing on amazon marketplace and it is not listed in the variations. Customers who search on Amazon for the clothing category have different sizes of themself. Therefore, sellers have to provide as many variations in terms of sizes, colors, etc. so that any customer can find relevant size by going into the select variation tab on amazon. It is not an easy task to sell clothing on amazon without having variations. Adding variations will definitely reduce the return rate of the product. You can also provide a size chart through which customers can measure their sizes accordingly.

4. Packaging

selling clothing on amazon

Packaging plays an important role when the product has to be delivered to the customer address. Sellers have to invest in good tough packaging material through which it can last long upto many distances. It does not matter if the seller only sell clothing on amazon or sell used clothing on amazon. Whether the product is new or used, they must have to provide better packaging with their brand name and logo on it. Branding is also crucial in packaging any product you wish to sell on amazon. Without branding, the customer will never come to you again. Polybags are the best option on amazon to package the clothing and apparel products.

5. Quality

how to sell clothes on amazon

Customers are returning the products on amazon only because they have received poor quality products from the sellers. To expect good sales on the Amazon marketplace, seller’s must have to maintain a quality check before packaging and shipping to the customers when they receive orders from them. Amazon Sellers have to make sure that the product is not broken or damage when processing an order. If the quality is good, the customers will come back to you with your brand name and make purchases again. It is always advisable to feel the quality of the product as a customer first then start selling clothing on amazon as a seller.

Selling clothing on amazon does not require any approval in this category. However, there are many other categories which require approval when selling on amazon. The category includes Health and supplements, battery products, Cosmetic products, etc. Amazon seller has to provide the invoices along with the brand authorization letter and other important license if the amazon team asks to submit at the time of filling the application.

Amazon sellers will soon receive the update regarding the status of their category approval process. If amazon approved the application then the sellers can list as many items in the relevant category of the products. If you really want to sell clothing on amazon then you must have your brand letter and the invoices. 

There are many options in the amazon seller central through which clothing seller’s can generate more sales on amazon. Amazon sellers can create percent off or money off promotion initially to have some good reviews and rating on their all clothing items. In this way the seller’s will get more profits and their sales volume will increase to the next level.

Advertisement is also a good option when sellers have an idea to sell clothing on amazon. Sponsored clothing products drive sales to the sellers and this is the best option to gain visibility from a large amazon audience. It is easily understandable that the new listings will take time to come up when searched. But Amazon has introduced a good option of advertising with free credits upto 20$ or more for all the new sellers who registered on the marketplace.

If you want to sell clothing on amazon with popular brands in the market then they have to search for those exact items listed on the marketplace and if they found that exact product then the seller just has to give his selling price and the quantity they have for selling it. If the seller doesn’t want to sell reputed brands clothing items and has to sell their own private branding products then the procedure is different for adding it.

Sellers have to list the clothing products with product id like UPC, EAN, etc. Those are the id’s which will give unique identification to the products when purchased from the amazon. If the seller doesn’t have the product ids then it is not to worry about. Amazon sellers can go for gtin exemption application in which the details like category, brand, Images of the product, packaging images, etc have to be submitted in it. Once the exemption is made sellers can do as many listings in the relevant category they have applied to.

Adding relevant keywords in all the clothing items always matter when the sellers are interested in selling clothing on amazon or selling any category they find profitable. If the sellers want to list women saree items in the inventory, then they need to find the keywords which are searchable by the amazon customers. For the women saree product, the search terms field includes: women saree, women saree latest design, women saree new collection, women saree new design latest, etc. any keywords that you as a seller find suitable in it.

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