Brand Authorization Letter For Sellers

Importance of Brand Authorization Letter In Business


What is a Brand Authorization Letter?

Brand Authorization Letter is a letter which is authorized by the brand owner to the vendors who want to sell the products with the mentioned brand name. The Brand Authorization Letter will provide the authenticity of the supplier and the owner. It is always recommended to have this letter when dealing with other vendors in business whether you want to operate it offline or online. There are many reasons for having a Brand Authorization Letter if any seller wants to deal nationally or internationally.

Brand Authorization Letter must contain the details of the owner to whomsoever the brand is connected with. It should also mention the trademark number or the trademark certificate when assigning a letter to the person who wants to show to any officials for the authorization purpose.

In some Brand Authorization Letter, The entity who is assigning the letter will clearly mention the period of time in which the letter can be used. After that certain period, they have to issue it again as per the statement in the letter.

Brand Authorization Letter Sample

brand authorization letter sample

This is the Brand Authorization Letter Sample which is issued by the company or the real brand owner of the products. In this Brand Authorization Letter Sample, all the details of the registrant is clearly mentioned. Along with the name and address of the company, the trademark identity is also given for the authorization purpose. 

You can see that the Brand Authorization Letter Sample does not have the written statements on the company’s letterhead. But whenever you have to submit a brand authorization letter, you must have it on the company letterhead with an authorization signatory.

This is just the brand authorization letter sample through which you can get the idea on how it looks like and what the information that it represents on the letterhead. Different organizations have their own way of representing the brand authorization letter. The only thing matter in the brand authorization letter is that it is all original and authorized by a regulatory identity.

You will see different brand authorization letter format for different big brands. There is no single format which is followed by the company or brands. It should be structured in such a way that it can get some good impact on the authority to whom you have to submit the legal document.

In the majority of e-commerce marketplaces, the brand authorization letter must have documentation of the brand identity. It develops trust in everyone’s mind. Once the brand is approved on the marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal, etc. It will provide many benefits to the seller.

Benefits of Authorized Brand Products

1. Always Update Latest Content

The striking part about all the brands that needs to be observe is that they regularly update the content of their products on their physical copy of catalogue and also on their own website online. Whenever the new product is going to come for the customers, the brand or the business will update about it to their audiences with different marketing channels.

After the update goes live on the website regarding any news or content, features of the products, they will send emails to them and inform the customers. There are many channels through which the updated content goes viral from social media marketing platforms like instagram, facebook, linkedin, Twitter, etc.

2. Conversion Rate is High

Businesses can convert more and more customers through providing a good shopping experience by labelling the brand as pure authentic and genuine. So, that customers can believe in the product quality as well as in the brand seller. Branding and labelling on packaging plays a huge impact in the customer’s mind. The customers can easily recognize the brands if the businesses put a brand logo or brand title with the brand name.

Many of the customers don’t want to buy generic items online. If the product quality is also good then also the customers are having some doubt in their mind. This is only because of the lack of brand name on the product. If the customer is not able to see the brand name then it might happen that they will not buy the product from the seller.

3. Customers Trust on Brand

brand authorization letter

Customers have more trust when it comes to branding. Whenever they see a brand on the product, some satisfaction they will get about the quality of the product with a good logo on it. Customers have their own confidence in brands when they go to shop online on different marketplaces like Amazon, Paytm, etc. They are much more likely to get customer service they assume when they make a decision to purchase products from a well reputed brand.

4. Customer Service From Brands

brand authorization letter format

The customer service from well authorized brands plays an important role when acquiring those customers again and again for all the products which are specifically designed for the customers. If the business owners will not take this task seriously then there is every possibility that the business or brand will lose the business for a long term. 

Businesses have to hire best Customer Service executives through which they can serve the customers with great satisfaction. Let’s take an example of Amazon. Amazon always believes in customer satisfaction and customer service is the top priority. This is the main reason behind the amazon success story. Amazon always take feedbacks and reviews from their customers when the products are delivered to them. In this way they can easily understand the needs of the customer and satisfaction.

The best options to provide better customer service is through webchat, email, and call. Businesses must have customer support numbers through which any customer can get their queries or issues resolved. It also helps in providing more accurate information regarding the orders, product information, etc.

5. Long Term Guarantee and Warranty Periods

brand authorization letter format for amazon

Mostly branded items which are sold in the markets come with the guarantee and warranty label for a very long time. This makes the customers feel very good because they know that if any damages occur or the item defects after a certain period then that brand will replace the product and provide them with a new piece of it.

The guarantee and warranty time period depends on the company or the brand which has their own terms and conditions when selling the product to a customer. Big brands in the market are very good at that. They are acquiring more and more customers coming back to them with this top advantage that the customer sees when purchasing their products.

Why E-commerce Seller Need Brand Authorization Letter?

brand authorization letter format for flipkart

E-commerce sellers on different platforms sell different varieties of products. Some products are related to big brands and some products are of their own private brand. E-commerce platforms also have those products which are unbranded and sellers have listed the items with Generic. Generic means the brand is not there and this is the main reason when sellers are not able to get sales on their products.

When e-commerce sellers list the items they sometimes forget that they are doing listing in other’s brand name product listing. There are all chances that they will get removed by the real brand owner of the item if they find the sellers are coming in their listings. Having a private brand is different than dealing with other branded products. Seller have to go with the company terms and conditions for their customers.

So, It is always recommended to have a brand authorization letter from the brand or company mentioning the details of the seller who is authorized to sell on the e-commerce marketplace. This letter will also help the seller whenever any customer files a complaint on their products. By showing an invoice and the letter to the e-commerce portal’s team, the seller account will not go into suspension. These documents will definitely saves you when dealing on big e-commerce platforms as a seller.

Advantages of Brand Registry at Amazon

1. Protect your Brand from other sellers

There are many sellers who violate the policies on the e-commerce marketplaces. But Amazon has a special program which is called Amazon Brand Registry designed specially for the sellers to protect their brand on Amazon. Amazon sellers have to submit genuine documents to the amazon team and after the verification process you will get the status whether the brand is approved or not. If the brand is approved by the team then seller can avail many benefits through it when selling the product on amazon.

2. Amazon A+ Content

Sellers can Add enhanced images and videos of the products in a product detail page. Amazon Enhanced brand content listings will help the sellers in getting more orders on Amazon. The amazon customers will get to know about all the details regarding the product through it. Amazon has offered this feature to all the sellers who are interested to provide detailed information about the product.

3. All the rights for seller

Through amazon brand registry, sellers have all the rights to complain of those sellers who come into existing listings unauthorizedly. If other sellers don’t take action by getting notifications from the amazon team then it might happen that other’s sellers account can be suspended.

Nowadays, Many e-commerce marketplaces want a brand authorization letter before listing the product on the platform. Having a brand authorization letter is really important when the seller aims to do long term businesses on the e-commerce portals. The portals also have their own dedicated team which supports the seller to let them know about the brand authorization letter identity. The seller support staff are always helpful to get the work done of the sellers and they can list the items easily.

Some of the e-commerce platforms will provide you a brand authorization letter format which will help you to know the structure of it. This brand authorization letter format will be in the simple form which you have to provide the company that will give an authority to you with an authorized signatory.

As a seller, it is not a good idea to submit a fake brand authorization letter to the portal which has asked about it. If you found providing false information to the company then chances are there your seller account goes in suspension mode. So, It is better to submit relevant information and genuine details to the end user or company.

All in all, Brand Authorization Letter is very important if the seller wants to sell other brands products. A Brand Authorization Letter will help the sellers in every situation if they receive complaints on the products or if they have to show to the authority team of the e-commerce marketplace.


1. How to get brand authorization letter

You can get the  brand authorization letter from the brand owner or the company who is eligible to authorize you as their trusted supplier or vendor.

2. How to make brand authorization letter

There are some brand authorization letter sample you can search it on through which you can get the idea on the structure of it.

3. What is brand authorization letter

A Brand Authorization Letter is an authorized letter which is issued by the company to whomsoever it may concern when asked about the authority of brand.

4. How to get brand authorization letter for flipkart

You can get the brand authorization letter for flipkart by contacting the brand owner of the products that you want to deal in on flipkart.

5. How to get brand authorization letter for Amazon

You can get the brand authorization letter for Amazon by contacting the company or the real brand owner of the items in which you want to deal on Amazon.

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