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Paytm Seller Login Guide and How To Sell on Paytm Seller Central

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Paytm Seller Login Reference

Paytm Seller Login Reference

To login to Paytm Seller Central, sellers can visit Paytm Seller Login page https://sellercentralpaytmcom/. After registering for an account, sellers will need to enter their registered email address and password. Once logged in, sellers will be able to view their account information, as well as manage their products listings and other tasks.

If you are seller at amazon then you are aware of login into various ecommerce marketpalce dashboard.

Paytm Seller Central is the main selling channel on Paytm. In this ecommerce marketplace store, sellers can list their physical products for sale to customers. Once a customer clicks on a product listing, they are taken to the seller’s page where they can make a purchase. The paytm seller central dashboard is easy to understand and adding products in it. There is only one procedure to sell at paytm marketplace.

What is Paytm Mall Seller?

What is Paytm Mall Seller

Paytm was launched in August 2010 as a mobile wallet and has now entered into the e-commerce industry. Paytm is mostly famous for its mobile and ecommerce offers to the indian customers. 

It started with providing basic services such as mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, gas bill payment, postpaid bill payment, etc. In today’s scenario it has become a most known e-commerce marketplace platform for many purposes including selling and shopping products. 

Paytm Mall Seller is a merchant account dashboard that allows paytm sellers to sell all types of physical products on the Paytm Mall. Sellers can create a merchant account and start selling products immediately. You just need basic skills to sell at paytm marketplace.

The Paytm Mall Seller account provides sellers with access to the following features in order to get productivity in the online business. It is a user-friendly platform that allows sellers to manage their sales and inventory. The dashboard is so clean and easy that the sellers can add the products by downloading an excel template and filling the details in it. Once the product information is added they can upload the file to make the listings live on paytm mall.

It also offers a wide variety of products and services that buyers can purchase from sellers. Paytm customers can have variety of products on paytm mall. It is all because of sellers which are actively listing their products on it.

Paytm also offers an efficient order management system that helps sellers keep track of their sales transactions. They can track all the order history in the managed orders section. This section is used to process the orders on paytm mall. It offers clearity to sellers in all aspects. 

Paytm sellers are also experiencing productivity in their online business by doing on paytm marketplace.

All the Paytm Users can store and add money in the virtual wallet which can be used in online transactions instead of net banking and debit/credit card. To transfer the money to paytm wallet, users can make use of net banking and debit/credit cards. 

Paytm is a very popular mobile commerce app in India with millions of active users. Paytm subscribers just need to create an account on paytm to enjoy all the benefits and cashback offers.

Paytm users can add up to a certain amount before kyc in the account. The limit of Rs 10,000 has been set by the Reserve Bank of India. So paytm users cannot have more than this amount in the wallet. But this limit can be upgraded to Rs 1 lakh once your account is verified by the KYC process.

Paytm is known for providing many services to online shoppers and ecommerce merchants. Additionally, it also provides financial services such as Monitoring credit score, insurance services, investing in mutual funds etc. 

Paytm is moving in all technology sectors and has covered all the fields for acquiring more Indian customers. It has been successful in acquiring apps such as Jugnoo, Nearbuy, Balance, TicketNew, NightStay, Jplustxt and Cube26.

Paytm was awarded the most innovative startup of the year in 2012 in an event organized by Franchise India. If you are a business owner who wants to take a step ahead in expanding their business then paytm is the right ecommerce platform. There are huge benefits for sellers which will be explained in the article.

In this article, you will learn the Paytm seller registration process to start selling on paytm, benefits of selling on paytm, documents required to start selling on paytm. The procedure is same as you became seller at flipkart marketpalce.

What are the Documents Required in Paytm Seller Registration?

Documents Required in Paytm Seller Registration
  1. Name of the Individual
  2. Name of the Company
  3. PAN Card
  4. A Cancelled cheque (in which the seller wants payment from paytm)
  5. Aadhaar card
  6. An email address
  7. Phone number
  8. GST Number.
  9. Bank Account Details
  10. Address proof eg- Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Passport copy etc. needed for document submission.

How To Sell on Paytm?

How To Sell on Paytm

Step 1 You need to visit the Paytm Seller Website. Fill up the following information like email id, name, mobile number. Keep all the documents handy which are mentioned above. For the verification purpose, the contact details have to be verified. So for that an email will be sent to the registered email id of the seller and an SMS will also be sent to the registered phone number.

paytm seller

Step 2 Enter the Brand name of your items and select the category in which it belongs.

paytm mall seller

Step 3 Enter all the following details like Business type, Display name, Pincode, Business place address and submit other documents.

paytm seller account

Step 4 The next step is KYC Verification. Once the verification part is completed, the KYC documents must be submitted i.e the Address proof of the entity, Identity Proof PAN CARD Copy, Aadhar Card Copy. Now, enter the PAN details and Bank details.

paytm seller panel

Step 5 You need to enter the warehouse and GSTIN Details.

paytm seller registration

Step 6 Next, Start Adding the products in your inventory. Your Products must be catalogued in advance at the time of listing in the inventory section. For the best customer experience, you can hire a professional photographer to showcase your items in a good manner.

paytm seller app

Step 7 The catalogued products can be listed on the Paytm Marketplace and also it can be displayed on your own website for the sale. Keep Updating the stock units and price of items.

It is very easy to list the products in the paytm mall. Once the products or items are sold from the customers, you will get an email notification that you received an order and thus you need to process it. A marketplace like Paytm is helping businesses of all sizes (small to large) to grow fast and not remain limited to geographical boundaries.

Just Remember the slogan of amazon and start working from today itself. All you need to take one step further and then things will become much more clear to grow on paytm.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Selling on Paytm Seller Central

1. Paytm has very less competition among indian online sellers

Paytm has very less competition among indian online sellers

Paytm is the most popular online marketplace in India. It has very less competition among Indian online sellers to capture the Indian market. Paytm has a large user base and offers a wide range of products and services. It also offers discounts on various occasions which makes it an attractive proposition for buyers.

Sellers can start selling products on the Paytm Mall after creating a seller account and registering for a merchant account. The Paytm Mall Seller account provides sellers with access to a user-friendly platform that allows them to manage their sales and inventory. 

Sellers can also sell a new variety of products on the Paytm Mall. The order management system helps sellers keep track of their sales transactions.

Paytm is the first and the only mobile ecommerce marketplace, the number of seller’s are not in high number than the other e-commerce marketplace. So the competition is less and sellers can take advantage of it to get more customer’s attention and sales of their products. They can definitely generate a lot of sales on paytm mall.

When we talk about Amazon or Flipkart marketplace the seller has to compete with thousands of sellers to get a sale and perform lots of promotion and advertising activities.

But in the Paytm Marketplace, there are not enough sellers as of now, therefore It clearly means your items or products in your inventory can get more visibility on the platform.

2. There is an advantage of 5 million+ Customer Base on Paytm Mall

There is an advantage of 5 million+ Customer Base

Selling on Paytm is a great way to get your products in front of millions of customers. Not only is there a large customer base but the online seller community is active and supportive. 

This means that you will have plenty of resources available to help you sell on the platform. Additionally, Paytm offers an easy return policy and excellent customer support.

Paytm drives more organic traffic like Amazon and Flipkart marketplace. It is just because of 5-10 million Paytm users on Android alone, traffic shouldn’t be the concern. Due to the huge customer base of paytm, the sellers have more chances to showcase their products and can get sales.

The seller just has to be descriptive about their product in a very unique way. They need to be more important in a very informative way so that the customer can see all the features and advantages of the product in the detail page.

If we still look at the 5 million subscribers for its various services, with whom they have established credibility and trust can play a big role in visibility of the items of the seller.

So in the customer’s mind, Paytm marketplace would have the same trust and credibility which will definitely result in generating more traffic and sales.

3. The Best First player advantage of paytm seller panel

The Best First player advantage

There are actually many reasons why a first player advantage might be advantageous when selling on paytm seller central. For one, people are more likely to trust someone they know rather than a faceless entity. 

Additionally, first players can establish themselves as trusted sources of information and advice which can lead to increased sales and higher rankings on the site. Finally, first players can capitalize on new customers who are just discovering their products or services.

If you are really interested in selling on Paytm then you must consider marketing techniques also. These marketing activities can bring a lot of potential traffic to your e-commerce store.

Paytm is the first trending e-commerce mobile marketplace in India . So, being first in the game always has an advantage with the addition of more chances for correcting errors, unless and until other players are not in the marketplace.

Paytm doesn’t not have more sellers when compared to Amazon and Flipkart, the seller can take advantage to sell the items to a larger audience and get more sales. Paytm is already integrated with the technical domain, being in the mobile domain with its mobile recharge option, bill payment options and with other features.

The process is also easy and fast to become a seller on paytm and set up an online store with it.

4. Paytm Seller Voice will be heard whenever they need help or scale their Online Business

Paytm Seller Voice will be heard

A very common problem that the sellers face in any e-commerce marketplaces is that their problems or concerns are not being heard when they are stuck with doing any task like listing the items, promoting the items, or how to advertise the item. 

Paytm sellers will not face this problem anymore. The seller support paytm team is always handy and productive for providing quick resolution to the online sellers.

Online sellers’ problems are not given consideration on most marketplaces and thus it leads to dissatisfaction in the mind of the seller regarding the marketplace. Many sellers believe that the eBay marketplace is more customer-centric and it only worries about keeping the customers happy, irrespective of losses incurred by their registered sellers.

Although many sellers are trying to change the way with bestseller training programs services, Account management services and also better support facilities.

But the fact still remains the same that it may not be possible to hear everyone equally when required. But here in case of Paytm, you will definitely have a benefit. It is just because the number of sellers is much lesser when compared to other e-commerce marketplaces, you have much better chances of being heard and issues being sorted in a very short time.

Paytm Seller Voice is a powerful tool that will help sellers scale their online business. Whenever they need help or need to scale their business they can reach out to Paytm Seller Voice for assistance. Paytm Seller Voice is available 24/7 and is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to help sellers succeed online.

The paytm mall is in the initial growing stage and it would be open to listening to all the sellers on its marketplace more because they also want to concentrate on improving the user-friendliness and more important seller friendliness.

5. Support of Live chat messenger in paytm seller panel

Support of Live chat messenger

The paytm seller panel offers an exciting feature which is a “Live Chat Messenger” with the sellers to all the paytm customers. 

They can directly start chatting with a seller who is selling a product to them. The customers can inquire about all the product features when they want to buy a product for themself.

Most of the marketplaces have the option to chat with the customer service executives. What paytm did was out of the box. Paytm connects the customer directly to the sellers. When a customer chats, he would be communicating directly with the seller. There is also an option to download the Paytm seller app for all the paytm sellers.

Customers can rejoice in the shopping experience virtually also. When a customer visits any shop and enquires about different colours, sizes and patterns, he can ask the seller the same through connecting to this live chat messenger. It is a very unique feature and Lovely isn’t it?

Abandoned carts have been an important concern for e-commerce sellers. Thus with the top feature of live interaction, abandoned carts can be avoided. Customers can bargain and ask for discounts to the seller directly by chatting.

Customers get happy when a small amount of discounts is given. For this reason, street shopping is very common in India. Paytm has made an effort so that customers can experience this joy by simply sitting at their homes.

Human interplay helps establish trust. With this live chat feature and without any human interaction, paytm has gained trust of lakhs of customers. So these services provided by paytm makes it a more trusted marketplace for customers.

6. Paytm sellers can make use of different marketing Channels

Paytm sellers can make use of different marketing Channels

Paytm is one of the most popular among the Indian audience for fast services. It continuously offers coupons and discounts to their subscribed customers.

There are a number of marketing channels that Paytm sellers can make use of to promote their products and services. These channels include social media, paid search, and local search.

Social media is the most popular way to market products on Paytm Seller Central. The platform offers a wide range of platforms for sellers to use, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Sellers can also create their own social media accounts and promote their products directly to their followers.

Paid search is another important marketing channel that Paytm sellers can use to reach potential customers. Paid search ads allow sellers to place ads on Google and other major search engines. 

Ads with high click-through rates (CTR) are more likely to be successful, so it’s important for sellers to invest in effective ads

Paytm customers can get Coupons & Cashback Offers on everything. Whether you want to book movie tickets, book a ticket for bus, purchase any product, paytm offers 30-40% cashback on its marketplace. 

When such offers are put on by the sellers, the sellers of course get the full amount in their accounts. So your paytm seller panel won’t get affected.

The Customer Base keeps coming on the portal. Paytm has been in this domain for a while and people are aware about it. 

There are so many transactions for mobile recharge, shopping on paytm mall app, payment of utility bills are made daily. With such meticulous efforts these customers can be converted to sure shot customers. So, as paytm has already built an audience and it becomes easier for the sellers to get sales.

The marketplace continuously sends Push Notifications. Paytm keeps on sending constant push notifications regarding new offers which increases traffic on the application. So customers would click on the notification to check out the offer and make a transaction for their products and services. 

Sellers also have confirmed that sales increase when push notifications are sent.

7. Paytm 24×7 Availability for Customers and Online Sellers

Paytm Seller Central is always available to customers to buy and sell products. The online sellers can also use the platform to sell their items anytime and anywhere in India. The platform offers a wide range of products and services for both buyers and sellers without cost of listing

Sellers can easily process their orders any time. So whenever sellers get stuck anywhere, they can contact the paytm seller support team. Order processing will also not get stuck. You can run your business the entire day, which means 24×7.

Selling on Paytm is a great way to monetize your content and reach a large audience which are ready to buy products from your store. In addition to their wide range of products and services, they offer sellers a comprehensive seller support system that is available 24×7. 

Theri team of experts is always available to help you with any questions or issues you might have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance selling on Paytm.

8. Paytm have its own Payment Gateway Feature for customers and Online Sellers

The company has its own payment gateway feature for customers which allows them to make payments directly from their bank accounts. This makes it easier for customers to make purchases on the platform and also allows online sellers to accept payments directly from their customers.

Paytm itself is being used as a payment gateway in most of the ecommerce websites of India. The team of paytm has made the mobile commerce user friendly and a normalcy with the integration of the wallet. 

The users can load money in the wallet and use this money on various other platforms because paytm is available on most of the ecommerce platforms.

Paytm has a target to make “1 million orders a day”. When this happens, it will be the first ever ecommerce company to process so many orders in a single day.

So with this motive of paytm, the sellers must get inspired to sell on paytm.

9. Paytm have its own Payment Gateway Feature for customers and Online Sellers

When you are working as an online seller then choosing a payment gateway can be one of the most important decisions you make. Not only do different gateways offer different benefits, but also the right gateway can increase your sales significantly. 

There are actually many benefits to using Paytm as your payment gateway.

Paytm is Widely Accepted by all types of businesses and individuals. It is one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms and is widely accepted by both consumers and merchants. 

This means that you can easily accept payments from customers using Paytm and have peace of mind that your transactions will go through smoothly.

It has very low Processing Fees. So Unlike many other payment gateways, which charge high processing fees, Paytm charges very low processing fees which makes it one of the most cost-effective gateways available. 

This means that you can save money by using Paytm instead of other more expensive gateways.

You can manage payments really Quick and Easy. With Paytm, payments are received very fast which makes a great choice for online sellers who want to accept payments from their customers quickly and easily.

The whole paytm mall is very Secure in terms of accepting and sending payments to vendors. Paytm is one of India’s most secure payment gateways, ensuring that your data is protected at all times.

You can easily manage Your Orders in the seller paytm dashboard:. With Paytm’s easy order management features, you can easily keep track of your order status and make changes as needed.

10. Paytm provides Offers and Coupon codes to customers in every festival season

Paytm provides Offers and Coupon codes to customers in every festival season. Customers can avail discounts on various items and can also save money on hotel bookings. Paytm also offers cashback on various purchases through its merchant portal.

Paytm offers huge cashbacks and discounts. Due to such huge offers, customers tend to use paytm a lot. The main attraction of paytm is the offers. People get happy when they are offered a discount. So, even though users get cashbacks and discounts on their order, the seller will be paid in full. 

This is an added advantage for the sellers. These offers and promotions can increase the rate of sales.

Paytm Seller Central is the dedicated marketplace for online sellers to sell their products and services. Sellers can choose to list their products and services on the platform through an ad campaign or through reverse auctions. 

The platform offers a wide range of features that make selling on Paytm easy, including live chat support, product listing templates, and automatic shipping features. 

Sellers can also use Paytm Seller Central to manage orders, receive payments, and track their sales performance.

You can advertise your products to millions of paytm users and the best part is that you can also start running advertising campaigns with a very limited budget. You can get good sales results after perfectly optimizing the listings with relevant keywords.

How to Create Paytm Seller Account?

Step 1 Download the Paytm for Business app

You need to download the app on your mobile phone to sign up on the paytm mall seller panel. The Paytm for Business app is a great tool for sellers who want to increase their sales on the platform. It allows you to manage your inventory, set up shipping and billing, and keep track of your sales and transactions. 

The paytm business app also offers a variety of features that will help you grow your business.

Step 2 Tap on the “Create your business account”

If you’re an entrepreneur with a product or service to sell, there’s no better place to do it than on Paytm Seller Central. With this platform, you can easily create and manage your business account, post products and services for sale, and connect with buyers. 

Paytm offers a host of features that will help you increase your sales totals including a built-in customer service hotline and an easy-to-use buying process.

Step 3 Enter your personal details like name, email id, mobile number and create a strong password

If you don’t have an account, create one now. Once you have registered with Paytm mall then log in to Seller Central by following these steps.

  1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner of the Seller Central homepage.
  2. Enter your name, email id and password.
  3. Click on the ‘Create a New Account’ button to create a new account or login to an existing one.
  4. Enter your details like name, email id and mobile number. Make sure you choose a strong password that is unique to you. You will need this password when registering for paytm seller account.

Step 4 Select the type of business account you want to create

If you are thinking of starting a new business on Paytm, there are a few things you need to know first. You can create either a business account or an individual account. 

A business account is perfect if you plan on selling products and services online. Individual accounts are great if you want to sell just one product or service.

Once you decide which type of account you want to create, the next step is to choose a merchant name and password. You will also need to select a bank account number and start accepting payments.

To get started selling on Paytm, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Step 5 Enter your business details like name, GST number, address, category and sub-category

When you start selling on Paytm Seller Central, you need to provide your business details like name, GST number, address, category and sub-category. Once you have entered all of this information, you can begin listing your products.

To list a product on Paytm Seller Central, first enter the product details including the price and quantity. You can also add notes about the product for customers to know more about it. 

After you have entered all of the information, click on the “List Products” button to start selling your products.

Step 6 Upload your KYC documents

Uploading your KYC documents to Seller Central is important so that you can start selling on the platform. Once you have uploaded your documents, you will need to register for an account and set up a seller profile. You will need to provide information such as your full name, email address, phone number, and bank account number. You will also need to upload copies of your ID cards and proof of residence.

Step 7 You will receive a confirmation email and sms on the registered email id and mobile number

Once you have registered with Paytm Seller Central, you will receive a confirmation email and sms on the registered email id and mobile number. You can now start selling on our platform.

Who can become a seller on Paytm Marketplace?

  1. Any individual person with his own capacity can get registered as a seller on Paytm and sell his products or items through its platform.
  2. Any Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, One Person Company can be formed and can do registration on Paytm.
  3. Partnership firms can also register themselves.
  4. (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership can register itself as a seller.

How Paytm Seller Support is the Best Advantage in Paytm Seller Account?

Paytm Seller Support team plays an important role for the sellers success on the paytm mall. Whenever online sellers face any technical issues, have any queries or get stuck, the paytm seller support team resolves in a very quick time. 

All the support ticket chats have been sent to registered email address regarding the case. Seller’s can easily be notified when they get a reply from the support team of paytm mall.

1. Paytm seller support availability 24X7 

The paytm seller support is available 24×7 to help the sellers in case of any queries and questions. So the seller can contact the support at any time of the day without hesitations. Due to this, the productivity of work increases. Seller support executives are available 24×7 for newly enrolled sellers.

Paytm Seller Central is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in India. It offers sellers a wide range of features and tools to sell online. The seller support availability on the Paytm Seller Central is excellent. 

You can get help from customer support agents anytime you need it. They are available 24/7 to help you with your queries or issues related to selling on the Paytm Seller Central.

2. They helps in Document Processing for all the enrolled online sellers

When applying for paytm seller registration, paytm support executives are available 24×7. Even after getting registered as a paytm seller, there are few documents, invoices, etc that need to be processed. Paytm executives help in this process also so that they can onboard on the Paytm mall as quickly as possible.

The seller support team helps customers with document processing including uploading inventory, creating listings, and managing orders. In addition to providing assistance with product listing and promotion, the seller support team also provides guidance on how to grow an online business.

Sometimes things occurred like that the document provided by the seller mismatch with the business documents or brand documents. In that scenario, the seller support team directly calls or email to the seller to send the updated documents to them for onboarding.

3. Paytm seller support also helps in Managing Order Processing Initially

When you register as a new seller on paytm, you are not used to the seller portal with lots of tools and tab in the dashboard. There are various steps, documents, interactions needed to process a single order. So at the initial level, the sellers are not used to these features. The support executive team helps in managing the order very efficiently.

You just need to create a ticket on seller central and ask for assistance regarding processing the orders. Once you submit the ticket to the seller support team, you will get a revert on your registered email id.

4. They also resolve doubts regarding product listings

Sellers might need help in listing products in the initial phase of onboarding to the paytm mall seller panel. Online sellers mainly ask to add a new item, to remove any item, to edit stock details etc, all these are the frequently asked queries. So sellers having all the doubts related to product listing can contact the paytm seller support team.

Online sellers are not aware of product listing guides and resources. But the seller support team provides them via support chat. So that they can list the items in the inventory quickly.

5. They also helps in Brand Protection

There are a lot of things that a seller can do in order to protect their brand on the platform. Seller support can help with everything from creating and managing listings to responding to customer inquiries and complaints. 

In addition, the Brand Protection Team can help you identify and take action against any potentially damaging comments or reviews that may be posted about your product or business. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how to protect your brand on Paytm Seller Central, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Paytm seller support team.

Paytm sticks to strict steps for brand verification and authorisation. These strict measures are taken to ensure that there are no fake items listed on paytm mall. 

To register as a seller on paytm, Brand Authorization letter documents are mandatory. So sellers need not worry about brand protection. Your brand name is safe in the hands of Paytm.

What is Paytm Seller Commission?

The Paytm Seller Commission is the commission that Paytm charges its sellers on transactions done through its seller central. The commission varies depending on the product and the category of seller. 

For instance, a commission of 10% is charged on electronics category products sold through the app’s retail store and 2% is charged on home and kitchen products. These are just the assumptions of commision in the defined category.

The paytm seller commission keeps on changing on product categories and other services offered by paytm to the online sellers. So you must keep an eye on the commissions whenever they change.

You must get an email notification when the commission changes on your listed product. It is always recommended to look into all the emails sent by paytm.

India’s biggest and widely used payment gateway is Paytm. Most of the traders, customers use Paytm payment services. It is one of the best ecommerce marketplace in terms of large number of Online sellers. Due to such virtues, paytm is the first choice for sellers who wish to sell on mobile commerce. The use of paytm mall app has increased due to the huge offers and cashback.

Difference Between Paytm Mall Seller And Amazon Seller Central

NoPaytm Mall Seller CentralAmazon Seller Central
1. Seller Support TeamAvailable via Phone and Email.Available via Phone, Email and Chat.
2. Customer Returns Issues5-10% issues. It Varies as per the seller’s product quality.10-20% issues. It Varies as per the seller’s product and packaging quality.
3. Automatic Payment Reconcillation100%100%
4. Account suspensionIncase paytm seller policy is violated.Incase policy is violated and Look For Account Health Parameters.
5. Sales Estimation80% Sales can be achieved with promotion and advertising.60% Sales can be achieved with promotion and advertising. With Different categories of product, Sales can be Soared.
6. Policy Violation ParameterLate Dispatch, Order Cancellation By SellerLate Dispatch Rate, Order Defective, Order Cancellation, By Seller. Single Sytem Access of Seller Account.
7. Adding ListingsLenthy process. Takes much Time.Very Simple and Fast To Add product Details.
8. PayoutWithin 7-15 business days based on your seller tier.Within 7 business days sellers are paid.


1. How to become a seller on paytm?

To become a seller on Paytm, you must first create a Paytm account and then sign up for a merchant account. You will then need to add your bank account details and address to receive payments for your sold products.

2. How to delete paytm seller account?

To delete your Paytm seller account, you will need to contact Paytm seller support and request to delete your seller account.

3. What is paytm seller?

A Paytm seller is an online merchant who uses the Paytm payment platform to sell goods and services online.

4. How to check seller rating on paytm?

You can check a seller’s rating on Paytm by going to their profile page and looking at the “Ratings” section. This will show you the average rating that the seller has received from buyers and also the number of ratings they have received.

5. How to add product in paytm seller?

To add a product in Paytm Seller, you need to first create a product listing. To do this, log into your Paytm Seller account and click on the “Add Product” button. This will take you to the product listing page where you can fill out the necessary information about your product, such as the name, price, category, and description.

6. How to register as seller on paytm?

You can register as a seller on Paytm by going to the Paytm for Business website and clicking on the “Register” button. Then, you will need to enter your personal and business information after which you will be able to create your seller account.

7. How to contact paytm seller?

The best way to contact Paytm Seller is by logging into your account and going to the merchant’s profile page. From there, you can send the merchant a message through the Paytm messaging system.

8. How to contact seller on paytm?

To contact a Paytm seller, you can either send a message through the Paytm app or website, or you can call Paytm seller support.

9. How to be a seller on paytm?

To be a seller on Paytm, you must first create an account. Once you have created and verified your account, you can then add products or services to your Paytm seller profile.

10. How to check seller rating in paytm?

To check the seller rating in Paytm, you can go to the ‘More’ section and select ‘Ratings & Reviews’.

11. How to register as a seller on paytm?

To register as a seller on Paytm, you will need to create a Paytm for Business account and then follow the instructions to set up your account.

12. How to register on paytm as a seller?

You will first need to create a Paytm for Business account. To do this, you will need to provide your name, email address, mobile number, and create a password.

13. How to become a paytm mall seller?

You can become a paytm mall seller by visiting paytm business website where you need to add your correct business details.

14. How to deactivate paytm seller account?

Seller accounts cannot be deactivated from the Paytm Merchant Console. If you would like to deactivate your seller account, please contact Paytm Merchant Support.

15. What is business address proof in paytm seller?

Business address proof in Paytm seller refers to the seller providing a valid and current proof of business address. This can be in the form of a Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Lease Agreement, or any other official document that has the business address listed.

16. How to join paytm as a seller?

Paytm is a platform for buyers and sellers to conduct transactions and it does not itself sell any products or services. You can join paytm as a seller by visiting paytm business website and list your products in the paytm seller central.

17. How to become a seller on paytm mall?

If you want to become a seller on paytm mall then you will need to sign up for a Paytm for Business merchant account. To do this, you will need to provide some basic information about your business, including your business name, contact information, and bank account details.

18. How to become gold seller on paytm?

You can sell gold items on paytm by listing your gold products in the seller central dashboard.

19. How to rate seller on paytm?

You can visit the store page of paytm seller to rate them on the marketplace. Some factors to consider when rating a seller on Paytm might include the quality of the product or service received, the timeliness of delivery, and the overall customer service experience.

20. How to change paytm seller?

You can buy the items from other sellers which offers same product with different price also.

21. How to create seller account on paytm?

You can contact seller support team of paytm in order to create seller account for your business.

22. How to register as seller in paytm?

You need to sign up for paytm seller account and then provide all the information to start selling to paytm users.

23. How to login paytm seller account?

You can visit paytm seller login page in order to access your account and product listings.

24. How to check seller rating on paytm mall?

You can visit the sellers store page where you can see all the ratings and reviews of their products on paytm mall.

25. How to contact seller in paytm?

You can directly live chat with the paytm sellers in the customer dashboard.

26. How to change seller in paytm?

Look for various offers and promotions on same product which is offered by other sellers to customers.

27. How to become a clothing paytm seller?

You can sell clothing items on paytm by taking a brand approval on your clothing category and listing with the exact name on which you have taken brand approval.

28. How to close paytm seller account?

You can close paytm seller account by contacting the paytm seller support team and requesting them with a valid reason for account closing.

29. How to use paytm seller?

You can look into various guides and resources in order to get maximum benefits from paytm seller panel.

30. How to be a kitchen product seller in paytm?

You can sell kitchen items in paytm by listing the product in actual category with the desired brand name.

31. How to edit profile in paytm seller?

You can visit account information section in the paytm seller dashboard in order to change the email id and phone number.

32. How to become food seller on paytm mall?

You can sell food products on paytm mall by uploading a food licence and getting your brand approved to list in the food category.

33. How to change address on paytm seller?

In order to change your address on Paytm, you will need to log into your account and go to the Settings section. Once you are in the Settings section, you will need to select the option to change your address.

34. How to change paytm seller panel password?

To change your Paytm seller panel password, log in to your account and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Under the ‘Account’ section, click on the ‘Change Password’ option. Enter your current password, followed by your new password. Click on the ‘Update Password’ button to save your changes.

35. How to become mobile phone seller in paytm?

There is no specific process to become a mobile phone seller in Paytm. Any user who wishes to sell mobile phones on the platform can do so by creating a listing under the relevant category.

36. How to be a paytm laptop seller?

To be a paytm laptop seller, you will need to create an account with paytm and list your laptops for sale.

37. How to register paytm jewellery seller?

To register as a Paytm jewellery seller, you will need to create a Paytm for Business account and then complete the jewellery seller registration process.

38. How to create paytm seller account?

You can sign up on paytm mall seller dashboard and then list your items in the inventory.

39. How to change password in paytm seller?

You can visit the settings tab and click on change password option in order to change the new password for your seller account in paytm.

40. How to unsubscribe from paytm seller?

You can reach out to seller support team of paytm in order to unsubscribe from paytm seller panel.

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