How To Download GST Certificate In GSTN Portal

How To Download GST Certificate In GSTN Portal


Goods and service tax has emerged in India on 1 July,2017. GST is responsible for removing many indirect taxes like CST, VAT in Indian Nation. Now GST is the only indirect tax structure in India.

It is not so important to download a gst certificate and have a print copy of it. But many of the Indian taxpayers and business owners feel it is necessary to download gst certificate from gst portal because It provides an authority to the clients. It is really a good choice of having legal business documents in the store where the business operation takes place.

Having gst for a business is really a good advantage for the taxpayers. Through the income report, an individual can easily get to know if he is actually in need of gst registration. If you are myntra seler, limeroad seller, or any other e-commerce marketplace seller, you must require gst for moving in online business.

What is the GST Number?

GST Number is a number which contains a total 15 digits. It consists of your PAN details and your state code. The first two characters are those digits which are counted as state code. The next ten characters include TAN or the PAN of your’s. The 13th character is identified as the total number of registration done using a single permanent account number. The 14th character is default Z term and which will indicate the nature of the business deals in and the 15th is a check code.

The Taxpayer can easily get the gst certificate who is enrolled under the GST Act. The user must apply for the gst if the supplier of goods is having an annual turnover of more than forty lakh rupees. For traders and manufacturing individuals which are having yearly turnover of more than 1.5 crores rupees have to apply for GST. 

Many users are there who want to start an online business journey and for that e-commerce is the best solution that they want to consider. Even if they don’t have a huge turnover, still they need to register for the GST.

After going in Online business world, even if you sell one quantity of your product then you need to provide sales and purchase details to the accountant. GST Filing is mandatory for online sellers. They have to present all the purchase and sales invoice for a particular month and pay all the GST amount. The filing process does not take much time for the professionals.

When the GST Registration application process is done by the user, then the notification will be sent to the user stating that It has been received. As the gst registration status changes to approved mode then the user can download gst certificate from gst portal by logging into the account with username and password.

As a new user, you will get the information like GST Number, Username, Password on your mentioned email id when you have registered on the portal. Through that credentials you can easily log in to the gst dashboard where you will find all the information regarding your business identity.

There will be no physical paper documents which is issued by the GST Dashboard when applying or getting a GST Number. GST registration certificate can be only downloaded from the official website. It is a very important document to have on.

Many users generally ask questions like how to download gst certificate or how to download provisional gst certificate because through provisional gst users can start their online business operations all over India on an initial basis.

The validity of GST registration certificates which is issued to the user do not have a particular expiry date on it. It would remain valid for as long it can. However, the validity only lasts long upto 90 days for the non-resident gst registration applications. But It can be easily extended or renewed after the validity period date.

If you find some information wrongly put on your GST registration certificate then you can process an amendment to fields by logging into the gst panel. The Tax Officials have to approved on the amendment core fields and afterwards new GST registration certificate can be downloaded easily.

The core field includes:

1. POB (Place of business)

2. APOB (Additional Place of business)

3. Corrections made in the trade name of the business but not involves correction in Permanent account number

4. Inclusion or removal of Board members of Trustees, CEO, Partners, Directors, etc.

If you want to do amendment to the fields then you can easily process by following method:

1. Login into the GST Dashboard.

2. Roll over to the services section in which You have to click on Registration and then on the link Amendment of Registration Core Fields.

3. Add the following details that you think should be updated.

4. Tick mark the verification box.

5. A drop down list will be there in an Authorized signatory, check it carefully.

6. Include the place name in the field of place.

7. As all the information is added then you need to digitally sign on the application with E-Signature.

After the amendment has been done by the user, the notification will be sent regarding the status of the application if it is rejected or approved. It will be sent via SMS or through an email.

What Status Taxpayer will see for GST Application?

a. Provisional: It means that provisional GST Id is issued but the Registration has not completed at all.

b. Pending for Verification: The application is not approved nor declined. It has been submitted for the process.

c. Validation Against Error: The PAN information which was provided at the time of registration does not match with the IT Department PAN records up on checking.

d. Migrated: GST Migration has been done successfully.

e. Canceled: The application is cancelled.

If it is approved, then you can view the approval order which is REG15 and it can also be downloaded in the gst dashboard. Additionally, The gst registration certificate can become downloadable with new amended information on the certificate. The best thing is that there are no fees for the gst certificate. You will receive the soft copy in the form of a pdf version from the gst dashboard itself.

It is a very simple method to Download GST Certificate from gst website. You just need to login to your account and follow the process.

Process To Get GST Certificate:

Step 1: You have to go on Official website of GST Portal


Step 2: At the Right side of the Homepage you will see the “Login” Option. Enter the Username and Password.


Step 3: There is a Service tab  under which there is a User Services option on the right side of Dashboard tab.


Step 4: Click on “View/ Download Certificates”


Step 5: A Table will be displayed on the page where the details like Date of issues, Form Description, Form No is there. Download the file from the right side.


Step 6: It will be downloaded and accessed in the pdf format.

GST Certificate Include Details:

how to download gst provisional certificate
how to download provisional gst certificate

1. Registration Number: The Registration Number is given to the user which is called as GSTIN. It is a 15 digit number.

2. Legal Name: This is the actual legal name of the business operations.

3. Trade Name: The name of the trade through which business execution takes place.

4. Constitution of business: This particular field will provide information like the types of business. For an example: Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc.

5. Date of Liability: This is the defined date on which the taxpayer became liable at the time of registration. The date on which the registration process is executed is called the date of liability.

6. Period of Validity: This date will show the total period of time. i.e the start date & end date of your GST Registration certificate. Normally the end date is NA only.

7. Type of Registration: The type of Taxpayer identity will be shown here.

8. Signature: The Signature will be shown here. Users can also see the information of an approving officer in the end. Those information will have the following Name, Date of issuing certificate, Jurisdiction Office, Designation.

Verification of GST Certificate:

After you download the certificate from the dashboard, you can easily verify it to check the registration status by going on the official website. Follow the process to check the final status:

1. Goto official website url of gst.

2. Search the status by PAN/GSTIN.

3. Search the composite taxpayer.

4. Select the above method whichever is applicable to you.

5. Put the information of PAN, GSTIN. Then click on the search bar. It will show the fianl GSTIN Status.

6. If it is activated then it will appear as in active mode.

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