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Top Business Ideas in Chennai To Earn Good Money

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Many people are looking for an extra income nowadays. There is every scope of business If there is a demand and production. Chennai has a good scope of different types of businesses. You can step into any business after looking into the demands of local people. There are many small business ideas in chennai which can be done with little investment and they are Profitable Businesses too.

Let’s talk about chennai first. Why does everyone love this city for its beautiful beaches in India? The reasons are many actually.

Chennai is located in the south part of India. The most famous beach in chennai is Marian Beach. It is almost 12 km long and It is the second largest beach in the whole world. People like to enjoy themselves there with their families on the weekends. It is the main attraction for tourists coming there to witness the beauty of the famous beach. 

Business opportunities are definitely there in chennai for local peoples and others. Many people question how to start business in chennai and earn a good income. So Here are the top small business ideas in chennai which can make an additional or full time income for you.

1. Clothing Store

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There are many Profitable Businesses in every industry. But Starting a clothing business can be profitable If you actually love to do it. You must have good knowledge in the clothing industry also to step into this business. The Raw material can be available within chennai or you can outsource it from another state or city.

Chennai has its own style of clothing. South Indian people love to wear those dresses which suit their tradition. So you can consider the demand and dressing styles for your business. The Raw material needs to be of good quality. If you provide genuine quality clothing in chennai then you can grow your clothing business in a very short time.

There are many entrepreneurs who are doing good in the clothing business. Reselling also works very well with the help of social media platforms. You can target local customers in chennai and get sufficient orders.

Clothing can be also considered as a home-based business. It can also be started at home. You can target local customers within your locality. This home-based business does not cost so much in manpower at the initial stage. Even with the help of Social Media you can get sales from the local peoples. Social Media can really boost your brand and product visibility.

So Starting a clothing business and selling different varieties of products in it can be profitable in chennai. You have to research the data first about the demand and availability of products.

2. Franchise Model

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You can sell different products and services in the Franchise Model Business. There are many big brands which are situated in chennai. You can approach all the best brands in the industry that you want to work in. Research has to be done by you before approaching them.

It is a competitive business model in which many sellers sell the same brand products. You can get competition on e-commerce marketplaces also. There is a profit margin in the Franchise Model Business only If you consider the local market and demands.

There are no special skills needed to go with the Franchise business model. Food business is most popular in the Franchise Business model. But It can be costly at the initial stage in this model. 

Franchise Business model in chennai can be scalable because of various tourist attractions. You can definitely consider this model If you have a small team with you.

3. Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing services

Many businesses are coming online with their own website and also from Social media platforms. Every business wants to explore their brand and products to reach maximum audiences. The reach to the audience is limited on the platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Digital marketing includes many types of services which includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, content promotion, etc.

Being the largest exporter in this industry you can get good clients from all over the world. Many entrepreneurs have already started their agency business in digital marketing. India is the largest exporter of digital marketing services. 

You can approach all types of businesses for digital marketing services. You do not need a big team in the initial stage of consulting the services. If you have a good skill then you can take the projects on your own and deliver to clients with detailed reports. You can approach businesses in chennai via email and phone to get the business for you.

4. Information Technology Services business

Indian entrepreneurs provide so many IT services across the globe. They are actually doing good in this business area. You can also start your own IT service business in chennai. This business model includes professional manpower who have to perform technical sort of things.

IT services is a good business idea in chennai. There are many tech professionals who can provide you projects on freelancer terms. You can consult different types of services in this business model which can produce recurring profit to you.

The drawback of this service business is that you have to deliver the work within the time frame given by the clients. Most of the businesses are having high demand in networking services which includes wifi services, computer maintenance, software services, etc. There is a good potential of income by providing all these services.

5. Sell on E-commerce Marketplace

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Selling the products on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. can be a good choice. You can start your online business from the home also. But you need a gst number if you want to sell taxable products on these marketplaces. This e-commerce marketplace has taken a Retail business to the next level.

You need some special skills to create good content for your products. Those special skills will differentiate you from other sellers. You can get good results if you have done the product listing work properly as per the marketplace guidelines. Product listing on websites plays an important role in Retail business.

Online Retail business can be productive and reduce different costs. You do not need to invest money in employees in the initial stages of your online business. But you need to expand your team If you start receiving high orders from different marketplaces.

You will also get an option to only ship your products in chennai or selected locations. But you can get more reach of your branded products on ecommerce sites. There is a good chance that you start earning from the first week of setting up your online store.

6. Internet Cafe

Internet cafes are a profitable business in chennai. It does not require so much resources and employees. You just need to set up the computer systems and a good internet connection to get the business locally. Not so many people have access to the computer and internet connection these days in rural areas. So you have to start this business in those areas where the demand is there.

People like to interact with each other for their work. They always need an internet connection to make phone calls or to email each other. Internet phone calls from skype allows users to make video calls which can make use of internet data. So you can charge to the customers as per the data consumed. This is also the best business ideas for housewife.

You have to conduct a research on internet cafes pricing also If you want to proceed with this business. If you are satisfied with the pricing model and profit margins then only go with this business model.

7. Electronics Repair Store Business

There are many mobile companies in India. Majority of them are not producing made in India products. People have mobile devices with them to connect with their friends and relatives. It also happens that these devices sometimes are not operational. So they need to consult a professional person to sort out the issues in the mobile devices.

You can see the demand of this electronic device repair business in chennai and start with limited resources. But you need good advanced skills in the mobile hardware industry. This business is most preferable for electronics and communication individuals.

You can also take training classes to get the skills of electronics devices and then start your own business consulting repair solutions to the users.

Along with that you can also sell mobile phone accessories, mobile covers, sim card data, electronic gadgets in a single store. It can become a multi purpose business for you If you deal in other electronic products. 

8. Opening a Tea Shop or Coffee shop

best business ideas for housewife

The coffee shop must be decorated with chennai city culture and traditions paintings which can be a good choice to increase brand awareness. You can get more users If your coffee shop interior is focused on chennai achievements.

All food lovers want some form of tea or coffee when they plan a meet or celebration. So starting out a tea store or coffee store can be profitable where the people like to interact more. You can start this business with your own branding or also take franchise from other brands.

It will be value added service for profit margins If you can also provide snacks and other food products in your Coffee shop. You can sell different items depending upon the area of the coffee or tea store.

Tea and coffee are very special for food lovers in chennai. You can get good business in chennai If you are delivering the best product and services to the customers.

9. Maid service business

People travel for work from one place to another. They need the accommodation facilities and maid service at any place they go. So they are not able to find the maid who can actually serves them better with a good price rate.

So you can consult and start the maid service business by which you can get recurring profits upto the services consumed by the clients. There are possibilities that the shortage of maids may occur. 

You need to make every arrangement in that scenario.

Maid service business is possible with the help of developing networks with local peoples. You must have to be a local person If you want to start this business in chennai. So that it becomes easy for you to communicate with the maid in the local language. 

This is not a competitive business when compared to others. So you can take the opportunity when the shortage of maids occurs. Maid Service Business can be successfully maintained by the local individuals who are good at dealing in agreements with maids.

10. Become a Tour Guide Professional

The tourists from other countries always like to visit chennai because of the Marina beach and different palace attractions. So It is a good idea to become a tourist guide and earn some money by providing guiding services to them.

You must know all the information and facts about the tourist attraction places. It can become easy for you If you are able to communicate with them in their languages. Learning different countries’ languages can be a plus point in guiding business. You can actually guide so many tourist If you are multi-talented in language communication.

It is always better for you to have innovative ideas when explaining things to tourists. If you have good innovative ideas then you can be considered as the most demanding person in your guide professionalism. You must have good communication skills to better perform in this business. Guiding tourists in chennai is really one of the best profitable business ideas.

11. Create an Event Management Business Company

An event management business has a good potential for good earnings. Event planners generate good income from many places. You need to be a multitasking person in this industry. This event management business may need a small team If you don’t have a network of people. It is built for networking professionals who are good at teamwork and can deliver good results.

Events can be a birthday party, marriage function, Employees and managers meetup, etc. It is a better idea to come up with the plans by which you can make their event successful and remembered.

Depending upon the size of the team you can also take business in the local city also.

Event planners have full potential to get the business from any location in chennai and across the nation. Your communication skills in the local language can play a big role for getting the business in chennai. There are so many entrepreneurs event managers growing in this business.

12. Pet Store and service business

People like to have pet animals in their home. South Indian people are so much fond of having a pet at their home. There is a clear opportunity for you to start a pet food business through which you can regularly supply items.

There will be not so many suppliers of pet food in the area of your interest. So you can definitely research the demand of pet foods which can be found as a good income source. You need some knowledge before starting this business. There is also a need for a food license If you want to sell pet food items to the consumers.

You can also create a website selling pet products online in chennai. There you can list different pet products which can get you good orders from the selected pincode locations in chennai.

13. Open a Gift Shop in Chennai

Opening a gift shop can be a profitable business If the local people are engaged in local events regularly. It is also the best Retail business in chennai. You can earn good profits by selling most favourable gift items like pens, birthday gift cards, stationary items, gift toys, etc.

There is a good scope of Custom gift shop business in chennai. You can sell custom printed products to the customers. You can produce a different variety of products based on the custom text and images given by the customers. It can be presented to their friends or relatives. 

People are very much fond of presenting gifts to their friends and relatives in any event or functions they are invited in. You can open a Custom gift shop through which you can get more orders from the local market. Your Custom gift shop interior design should be well organized and beautiful.

This is a best business idea compared with other small business ideas in chennai with low investment for housewives.

14. Beach Photography Business in Chennai

It is one of the best service business ideas in chennai. Everyone wants to have their photos clicked on beautiful beaches and other interesting places. Chennai is well known for the beauty of Marina beach. There are so many tourists who visit this beautiful beach and want photography services.

You can start the photography business If you have a good high definition camera and also have skills in photo editing. There is a scope of this photography business and which can be scalable with more team members.

The resources and other costs may vary in this business. It is your responsibility to provide better photography services to the clients. It can be a always running business because there are many tourist places in chennai.

15. Car Washing Business

Car Washing is a good service business compared to other cost effective business ideas in chennai.

There has been an increase in the number of automobiles in India. Keeping this point in a mind you can provide car washing and other 2 wheeler washing services in chennai.

You need to hire labour in this business. It is considered the best business for the mechanical profession. Depending upon the area and demand you can charge accordingly.

This business is not so scalable as it can only cover the local business limited to a very shorter distance. The car washing business does not require any other costs except the skilled labour.

16. Become a Travel Vlogger

If you love travelling and want to explore different places in chennai then you can start your vlogging business. By means of vlogging you have to cover the most part of chennai and provide information about the best places in chennai.

You have to make good vlogging videos to your audience. Explain all the things about chennai and reach more people in chennai. The final goal behind this business is to target the audience in chennai. You explore things about chennai and interact with youtube audiences and brands on the internet.

You can consult with different brands also to get sponsored for their products and services. You can recommend their products to your youtube audience which can purchase your sponsored brand products and then you make money.

17. Website Development

Website development work is a good service business ideas. You must have some technical skill for the website development work. Your technical skill will decide the number of freelance projects you get from the customers.

India is the largest exporter of website development work. If you are a computer science student or experienced person in this field then you can start this business in chennai. The main skills include website programming language, website designing, domain, hosting, etc.

Chennai has many businesses listed in the web directory. So you can consult local businesses with affordable prices. This is also a recurring business in which you can retain your clients for maximum time.

18. Tour & Travel Agency business in Chennai

Travel agency business is also booming in chennai. There are so many tourist attraction places in chennai which can generate demand for tour and travel agency business owners. You can target the local chennai peoples in which you can offer local tours to them.

This is an investment business in chennai in which you need to invest money on manpower and promotions. This business is scalable anytime with more resources.

You have to promote your own tour agency business on social media to get more local users from chennai and offer them best discount rates in season.

19. Computer Skills Training Business

This is a very cost effective service business idea among other businesses. It is a no investment business idea in which you just need good computer skills to educate the people in chennai.

There are many school going students who want to learn the computer basics. As a beginner they have limited skills.

You can provide computer teaching to the school and college going students. The course can include Microsoft office latest version, Photo editing course, programming course, typing course, etc. 

There are all types of users in this business. Every individual wants to sharpen their skills in computer learning. It is definitely a good choice of business in chennai where the demand is very high in technologies.

20. Start Local Food Business

Food lovers are everywhere. If you want to start a food business in chennai then go with the local food items which are eaten more by the local peoples. All the states in India are having their own taste of foods. You will find all types of people who like spicy and non spicy items.

All food lovers customer enjoy eating local food which are made by local people. So you can also take this business opportunity and it is definitely scalable. Idli, dhosa, sambhar, upma are the most local items in chennai and that is the most favorable item to go with. If you have some cooking skills then you also have to understand the taste that the local people of chennai want from your business.

Along with the local food you can also offer coffee by opening a little coffee shop near your food court area. 

21. Social Media Marketing Services

It is one of the best Startup Business Ideas In Chennai and in other cities also. Every online business needs social media content for posting different types of post on their social media business profiles. If you want to grow in this business then you need to be very creative in designing the post as per facebook and instagram guidelines.

Social Media provides many opportunities to small businesses. Social media services include different types of services like content creation, Content promotion, Content marketing, etc. Social media marketing is an investment business for agencies who are operating to offer services to the clients.

You can charge the customers depending on the number of posts you provide to them. Social media content can be in the form of images, videos, gifs, articles, etc. If you can provide all these content types then you can scale your social media marketing business.

22. Local Language Tution Classes

If you are good in tamil language then you can also provide tamil tuition classes to students. Many local parents are looking for tutors who can teach their kids about tamil language. There is a good chance that you find so many nearby clients in your area. But you need to do promotion and advertising in the initial stage of this business.

To get more exposure you can approach different schools where you will get more exposure about your teaching business. Additionally you can also teach tamil to different users in the world. There are many websites where you can register as a tamil teacher and provide all the class details.

It is considered a local type of business in which your targeted audience will be from chennai. You can also promote your business on social media platforms where you can find users who can pay you for your tuition classes to them.

23. Tempered Glass Manufacturing For Electronic Devices

Tempered glass manufacturing is one of the most demanding businesses in today’s time. There are too many electronic mobile devices coming into the market. You can also consider this business profitable If you can fulfil the demands of the users. A glass manufacturing business is very unique and does not require so many man powers at the initial stage. 

The promotion and advertising cost can be minimum If you consider local people first in chennai. There is a good scope that you can actually scale this business with limited resources. You can produce different types of products with a glass manufacturing business.

This is a potential business which can grow in very less time. A glass manufacturing business can be less cost effective as compared to other businesses. Glass products which are built for mobile devices are mostly sold on Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces. So you can cover the online market by listing as many items in your inventory.

24. Small Hotel Business

This is a high investment business in which you have to invest on land and employees. You need many resources even if you want to start a small hotel in chennai. Hotel businesses have to get so many certifications and licenses in the area they want to operate in. You must be aware of all the documents which are required to start this business.

If you are having a small team for a small hotel business then you can easily scale the business. This business is well suited for hotel industry individuals who are having good knowledge in this field of work.

25. Photography Business

This is a unique type of business in which you can make good extra income. You can start this Photography Business part time or full time in chennai. Starting with part time can be a good idea because you have to reach maximum clients in the initial stage. The conversion rate for this business depends on the seasonal month.

If there is a marriage season going on in chennai then you must cover maximum reach to the users. You need to have good camera lenses, support staff, Photo editing software, etc. through which you can provide better photography services to clients.

There is every possibility that you can get repetitive business If the work done by you is purely genuine.

26. Security agency

Security agency is a good online source of income for retired individuals. Those people who are retired from the government services can start their security agency business. They just need to hire security guards and provide them good training.

Security agencies also come in most profitable business ideas. The training should be well structured explaining all the things to the guards which can protect the individuals and organizations.

27. Tax Consultant

Every business needs an accounting professional. You can also start providing bookkeeping services as a tax consultant. You can manage the accounting work for different businesses. Depending upon the work requirement you can charge to the clients.

Tax consulting can be a potential business If the services are provided within the time. There is a good scope of gst registration process because many online businesses are in need of it. The earning potential is good in this consulting business.

28. Fitness Center Business

Everyone wants to be fit and which is really good for the people. Looking into these demands you can also start your own fitness center business in chennai. Create your online courses on advantages of fitness to live a healthy life. Educate about the importance of exercising. It is definitely the best business idea in chennai through which you can also become fit and motivates others to do the same.

You can produce yoga online courses also through which you can educate people about yoga and exercises. 

Fitness center generate good income locally. They can target local users within the area and capture the business. It must provide a relaxation center where people can take rest after working out. The relaxation center should be well structured and organized for the people.

29. Printing Business Cards

There are so many businesses opening nowadays. It is a good idea to provide business cards services to the people in chennai. 

You don’t need any skills for running this business. There is a single task that you need to perform in the printing business. If you are creative in designs then you can also offer business brand logo services and other content services.

30. Start your Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop business is a good idea because people regularly buy Grocery items in their daily routines. You can earn good money from opening a Grocery Shop business in chennai.

You can keep the stocks of dairy products in your grocery store. Because dairy products are always demanding and the margins are also good. The best example is Ice cream. So Instead of just opening an ice cream parlor to sell ice cream only, you should keep stocks of so many rotated cream products. 

Ice cream parlors can be also profitable but it is a seasonal business. You will only get more customers in the summer. Opening a Grocery store is definitely a profitable business ideas.

31. Transportation business in chennai

There is a scope in local transportation business in chennai. There are so many tourist attractions within the city which can get you an opportunity to start your transportation business. No advertising and promotion costs are needed to get into this business.

You must have a good number of automobiles to start the transportation business in chennai. You can cover more customers in chennai even if the profit margins are little. 

Just a good skilled driver you need to start this business. You have to provide the training also to the drivers. So that they can understand the business terms and can provide best services to the users.


1. Which business is best to start in Chennai?

You can start many Businesses in chennai which includes clothing, consulting, career coach, franchise business, etc.

2. What are Startup Business Ideas In Chennai?

Startup Business Ideas includes providing services, food business, IT services, Digital Marketing services, etc.

3. Can I start clothing Business Online in Chennai?

Yes, Clothing business in chennai can be started with minimum man power and It is also scalable in chennai.

4. How to start business in chennai?

You must get your GST number If you want to sell taxable products in chennai and specially online.

5. What are E-commerce marketplaces small businesses in chennai?

E-commerce Marketplaces include Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, etc.

6. Which business is best in chennai?

Chennai is a tourist place attraction so Tour and travel business can be considered as best business in chennai.

7. How to start small hotel business in tamilnadu?

You must have good funds to start a small hotel business in tamilnadu. This business includes more employees and other resources also. Register your hotel business with GST and start the food business where chennai people come most to eat food.

8. How to register a small business in tamilnadu?

You must visit the GST Registration website to register your business in tamilnadu or chennai.

9. Which business is best to start in tamilnadu?

Clothing and food business are always the best business to start in tamilnadu.

10. How to start hotel business in chennai?

Hotel business can be a good opportunity business in chennai. You can start this business where chennai people and other tourists are coming regularly to eating food. The best place will be near the Marina beach.

11. What are small scale manufacturing business ideas in chennai?

Small scale manufacturing business ideas in chennai include Glass manufacturing for electronic devices, packaging material production, Home and kitchen raw material production.

12. What kind of business can i start in chennai?

You can start any type of business in chennai but It depends on the demand of that particular product or services.

13. What is the best small scale manufacturing business in india?

The best small scale manufacturing business in india is Glass manufacturing for Electronic products.

14. What is the best food business in chennai?

The best food business in chennai includes all the local items which are in high demand 24×7. You have to research the local food demand and the target market to start your business.

15. What are small business ideas for housewives in chennai?

The best small business ideas for housewives in chennai are selling products online, providing online tution classes, consulting with their professional skills, etc.

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