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Top Billing Software For All Type of Businesses

billing software in India

Billing software is a need for all types of businesses. If you are just starting a small business then also it is mandatory to have an invoicing tool. This tool provides you so much benefits when you have to create invoices for clients. The invoices can be created for different products and services.

There are many invoicing softwares in the market. But which one is right for your business that totally depends on your business workflow.

All businesses have different workflows. Whether it is retail businesses, medium businesses, or larger businesses. Your invoicing solution must consist of the latest features to fulfill your business requirements.

Retail businesses have many b2c transactions. So, the Invoicing can be done with a larger customer database. Medium businesses may include b2c or b2b transactions.

The invoicing flow will vary as per the demands in a particular business. Larger businesses mainly include b2b transactions. The invoicing solution can be different as per the business workflow.

There is a big difference between online billing software and Offline billing software. Online billing software is a cloud based software which can be operated with the use of the internet. But many online invoicing software also comes with the use of offline features that means It can be also operated without the internet.

Offline billing software does not require the internet. They can be easily operated by installing software files into your computer system.

Why Billing Software?

Billing software is the best possible solution for all your invoicing needs. They can create invoices in bulk within very less time. It can have many functionalities to better fulfill your business needs.

You can perform billing and accounting tasks in less than 2 minutes If all your templates are made with your business branding and other details.

Billing systems are a need of every e-commerce business. In today’s time online sales are purchasing and are occurring at a very high rate. There are so many e-commerce marketplaces for sellers.

They can sell the items on Amazon, flipkart, paytm, ebay, shopclues, etc. platforms. 

Because of so many marketplaces they need to create and maintain invoice records. In this way billing tools can become productive in any situation. Every e-commerce marchant on the internet requires crm functionality to engage with their customers.

Billing systems can also provide the crm features to the users. This definitely proves to invest in the billing system for any business you operate.

What is GST Billing Software?

Businesses will be definitely in need of GST software with GST (Goods and Service Tax) law being implemented in India. The GST billing software is capable of handling all types of billing. The government is also providing free billing software for all small businesses. This invoicing tool can do all types of billing invoices to the clients.

GST software is capable of many tasks and features for the businesses. The tasks can be performed very easily with pre-built gst templates. By using GST Invoicing Software your GST returns, GST filing, and all other tasks becomes easier. Your GST Invoicing Software must be a GST Compliant software to provide all the necessary details to clients.

You can easily create GST invoices for your clients. GST invoices templates are also available in most of the billing software. So creating invoices in a GST Compliant tool is not a big task for a non technical person.

You must consider downloading the GST tax invoice feature in your invoicing tool. This feature will help you to maintain the purchase and sales record in a single dashboard.

Maintaining the GST tax invoice record is mandatory for both the parties. GST Invoicing Software is also capable of providing downloadable reports of GST filing, GST returns, and other useful data for clients.

Best Billing Software For All Type of Businesses

1. Zoho Invoice

zoho billing software

Zoho Invoice is one of the best billing and accounting software for all types of Businesses. It has many features which includes: invoice, payments, estimates, client portal, time tracking, expenses, GST E-invoicing. You can easily send GST compliant invoices to your clients which could be in multiple currencies.

There is every guarantee of a professional invoice with this tool. 

There is also an option of choosing a payment gateway as per your needs. Business owners can accept online payments very easily.

The added advantage is that you can also send payment reminders for on-time payments. It is also the best billing software for cloth shop and also tops in wholesale pharma distributors billing software.

It is widely used by all types of businesses. It performs very well when compared with traditional billing software systems.


  1. Zoho Invoice has online payment tracking which can save much time of business owners.
  2. It is very easy and fast to make professional online invoices for the users.
  3. Zoho Invoice accepts online payment mode for the users.
  4. You can easily organize recurring payments in the dashboard.
  5. Zoho Invoice can also send recurring billing notifications to users.
  6. You can create credit notes in the dashboard.
  7. Zoho Invoice user interface is very good.
  8. It has simple integrations with payment gateways.


  1. It can be costly for small business owners who do not have much invoicing in a month.
  2. It can be complicated if you are looking for a custom invoice or advanced invoicing.
  3. It does not provide all of its functionalities to the mobile platform users.

2. Vyapar – Accounting & Invoicing

jewellery billing software

It is the free GST Billing Software for businesses. Vyapar has many advanced features which differentiate it from other tools. It is also available on Desktop for Downloading purposes and cloud based.

You can easily download the billing software and create beautiful invoices for the clients.

Vyapar software allows all best essential features to the users which includes Business Reports, tax report, sales reports, analytical reports and all Accurate reports for businesses.

The best thing is that you can easily get a 30-Day Free Trial. Vyapar software can be easily considered for making professional invoice to users.


  1. It is a user friendly application for all users.
  2. The UI is good and works smoothly.
  3. The App features are constantly improving.
  4. You can easily file GSTR returns.
  5. The support team is very good even with so many users.


  1. It works on a single system. Multi-system support is not there.
  2. It is difficult to search purchase and sales parties separately.
  3. The Graph view does not look simple in the income statement.

3. Invoicely

free gst billing software in excel

Invoicely is a good billing and invoicing tool to consider for your business. It is available in free version also. But the features in the free version will be limited.

It can be a productive tool for your business If you consider it with BASIC, PROFESSIONAL, ENTERPRISE plan. It is a good cloud based solution for billing purpose.

You can easily add tax details, brand logo, shipping details, and other information to better provide invoice to the clients. 

It has many advanced functions when compared with other billing software systems. The best simple billing software for businesses.


  1. The user interface is very good and it is not complicated at all.
  2. Totally paperless. You can easily send invoices in pdf and other format via email.
  3. The web app is very fast and delivers results in quick time.
  4. It can be used for small businesses. It does not cost too much.


  1. Automate invoice generation is not so quick.
  2. No Mobile application. You can only create invoices with a web application.
  3. Very limited features on free plan. It does not make any sense to move forward with it.
  4. Email customizations is only provided in the paid plan.

4. F-Billing Revolution

hitech billing software

F-Billing Revolution provides beautiful invoices solutions to the users. It is not a cloud based software. But It is available for downloading on your computer systems with operating software as Windows 7, 8, 10.

It is a very simple billing software which does not look so fancy.

The dashboard looks very simple and easy to use. F-Billing has all the essential features which provides analytical reports, sales reports, tax report, Business Reports, and all other accurate reports.


  1. The user interface is very simple. Any individual can understand this invoicing tool very easily. The desktop application works very well in the Windows operating system.
  2. It can be affordable for small and medium businesses.
  3. It is available for lifetime use also.
  4. You can create your own branding. It is a white label invoicing tool.


  1. Not available for mobile devices.
  2. It is not built on cloud based technology.
  3. There is no surity of future upgrades in the lifetime plan.
  4. The Free version does not have so many features to understand the software.

5. InvoiceBerry

gst billing software in excel free download

InvoiceBerry is the best Cloud Based billing system software. It is best suited for small businesses, freelancers, StartUps, SMEs, Agencies and Enterprises.

You can create invoices in less than a minute. There is a solo and pro plan which offer best features to the users. One of the best features it offers is autopilot invoicing.

It supports many languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

InvoiceBerry billing system software is very fast to operate. The support team is very helpful to the clients. You can easily understand the workflow of this tool.

It can also be considered for readymade garment shop billing software,  textile billing software and mobile shop billing software.


  1. You can easily Keep track of company expenses, client payments, etc.
  2. Many invoice templates are available.
  3. Automatic Backups. There is also an option of Payment Gateway Integration.
  4. High level of security.


  1. Cost is so high for non western countries.
  2. No download option for windows and mac users.
  3. It can’t be operated on mobile devices also.
  4. You can’t create many invoices in free versions.
  5. No desktop application.

6. Billing360

kirana shop billing software

Billing360 is a complete billing solution for businesses. It has many advanced features for their users. The features include Taxation Management, Purchase and sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Vendor Management, Payment Handling. Billing360 is Web App and Windows compatible.

It is one of the best invoice software when compared with other billing platforms. It is based in Ahmedabad and has many clients in India.

Billing360 is complete inventory management software which is best suited for all types of businesses. You can create as many free GST Invoice with this invoice software.


  1. Automatically payment reminders is the best feature it offers to clients.
  2. It has good analytics capabilities. The No desktop application is user friendly.
  3. You can get various reports within the dashboard.
  4. It is best suited for Indian companies.


  1. No Free Version is provided to the users.
  2. Customer service is not so good. The response time is high.
  3. No Training is provided to understand the complete billing solution
  4. Only Email support is there for the users.

7. Invoice2go

gst billing software free download

Invoice2go is a new billing tool in the market. It offers many Advanced features which includes Expense Management, Customer Management, Recurring invoice, Taxation Management, Payment Handling, Purchase and sales Order Management.

The users can get all the information regarding their online payments, outstanding payments, overdue payments. The track of payments can be easily done with this billing tool.

The headquarter is in Redwood City. It is a good Cloud Based solution for getting productivity in billing tasks.

Invoice2go billing tool supports Advanced features. You can integrate payment gateways within the software. If the payment gateways are not found in the system then you can contact the support team to add your choice feature. 


  1. You can add your own add invoice templates.
  2. It supports many languages.
  3. The track of payments is the top feature it offers to the users. The clients can easily get the updates on overdue payments, online payments, and outstanding payments.
  4. It is available on Android.


  1. It does not support windows and mac versions.
  2. customer support response time is not fast.
  3. The updates and upgrades occur in large amounts of time.
  4. Error occurs when paying through credit card or debit card.

8. Horizon ERP

online billing software

Horizon ERP is a good invoice software system for small businesses. It also offers advanced features when compared with other billing products. But it is not a cloud based Billing & Invoicing Software. Horizon ERP is available in single language English.  

Horizon ERP Billing & Invoicing Software company headquarter is in Kochi. It has many indian clients across the whole nation. This tool is used in Indian market because of its simplicity in the dashboard.

It provides support via Email, Live chat, Training, Tickets, and via phone also. It is the best example of wholesale pharma distributors billing software.


  1. It offers a one time payment plan to the users.
  2. It offers advanced functions like Inventory Management, Barcode Integration, Customer Management, etc.
  3. It is ideal for businesses which have hundreds of SKUs for products.
  4. Customer services is upto the mark. The customer support sort out the issues in very less time.


  1. Not a cloud based software
  2. This Billing & Invoicing Software is not made with focus to capture multiple markets.
  3. It lacks mobile device compatibility.
  4. Updates and upgrades occur in large amounts of time.

9. TallyPrime

tally billing software

TallyPrime is a business management solution for all types of businesses. You can perform many tasks other than accounting also. It’s best features are stock control, billing or accounting, reporting, and payroll.

The user base of TallyPrime is really big. It is best known for HR & Payroll, Asset Management, Budgeting, Accounting, Inventory Management, etc.

The language this billing tool supports is really unimaginable. It supports Arabic, Bengali/Bangla, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Panjabi, Tamil, Tegulu. 

This is the main reason behind its more user base across the nation and other countries too. You can also consider this billing software for cloth shop. Best example for: school billing software, society billing software, vat billing software, sap billing software, hotel billing software.

TallyPrime is Windows compatible billing software.

It works well on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The company Headquarter is in Bangalore. You can get a 7-days free trial with this billing software.


  1. It is trusted by most Accounting professionals.
  2. It is a one time payment solution to the customers.
  3. TallyPrime is considered as India’s leading business management software solution.
  4. It is made for all types of organizations whether it is small or big.


  1. There are issues with the reporting feature.
  2. Sometimes the server issues occur. But not all the time.
  3. The printing of invoices setting is little bit complicated
  4. It takes time to understand the workflow of this tool.

10. Giddh

billing software for retail shop

Giddh is an online invoicing software made for any StartUps, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises. This software is very easy to use and user friendly. It does not take much time to understand the overall software.

You can use the tool If you are an e-commerce merchant who handles large inventory across multiple marketplaces. The User interface and the dashboard looks very simple.

It is one of the best kirana shop billing software.

Giddh online invoicing software supports many features like Document Management, Inventory Management, Banking Integration, Database backup and restore. Best example for: salon billing software, pos billing software.

It also integrates with shopify, wordpress, and woocommerce. It supports only English language. The company Headquarter is in Indore. It has a good client base in India.


  1. It is a complete accounting software for small businesses.
  2. You can make your work fully automated.
  3. This online invoicing software works very fast on all platforms.
  4. Constant updates and upgrades are provided.


  1. Not suitable for Freelancers with a less invoicing model.
  2. No payroll management feature included.
  3. Giddh online invoicing software
  4. Reporting feature could be made better for the users.

11. Swipez Billing

hotel billing software

Swipez Billing is another web-based billing software which provides excellent features to its users. The features include Billing & Invoicing, Split Billing, Online invoicing, Recurring Billing, Invoice Designer, Banking Integration, etc.

You can easily Automate all the company billing tasks using Swipez web-based billing software in very less time.

This web-based billing software supports all Desktop Platforms. But it does not operate on mobile devices.

It can also integrate with top accounting solutions Tally and marg. Built for all organizations. It does not support many languages. The Headquarter is in Pune. It is widely accepted by many accounting professionals in India.


  1. Automated payment reminder functionality.
  2. It is the top web-based billing software solution in India.
  3. Swipez Billing can send recurring invoices to your business customers.
  4. printing of invoices can be done in bulk.


  1. It does not perform on mobile devices.
  2. It does not support local languages.
  3. This web-based billing software takes much time in private branding.
  4. It gets slow when so many tasks are performed in the dashboard.

12. Busy Accounting Software

gst billing software

Busy Accounting Software is the best retail billing software I ever use for e-commerce purposes. The billing process is very quick and easy.

There is no complexity in their billing process for any businesses. You can easily operate the software without having any accounting knowledge. It can easily scalable as your business grows. 

Busy Accounting Software supports so many industries which includes Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Trading, FMCG, etc.

The support is provided via Email and call functions to the users. The company Headquarter is in Delhi. It is very popular in India and has many clients across Whole India.


  1. You can create and maintain financial records for the long time.
  2. The billing process performs well on desktop and mobile devices.
  3. It can help the users in creating bank deposits, write checks, and make beautiful customer invoices.
  4. This retail billing software is very good at taxation.


  1. Data management is not so good.
  2. This retail billing software User interface is not good as other tools in the market.
  3. Updates and upgrades do not occur regularly.
  4. It takes a lot of time to load company data.

13. Spectrum Billing

textile billing software

Spectrum Billing is good invoicing software solutions for Retailers. The features are really good for any retail business owners. The Headquarter of the company is in Navi Mumbai. It has a wide range of customers across India.

The feature it provides to the clients include Quotation & Estimates, Integration of different Payment Gateways, Customer Management, Expense Management, Inventory Management, Invoicing, etc.

The pricing plan is Yearly and It supports the English language only. It does not support local languages of India. The local business owners have to create and manage the invoices in English language only.

This invoicing software solutions is made for all type of business owners whether they operate small or big businesses. The CRM feature is a value added advantage in this best billing software.


  1. It is a must have tool for Retailers. Build for the retail industry.
  2. Spectrum Billing has Multi-Device and Multi-Platform Capabilities.
  3. This invoicing software solutions also support franchisee models architecture.
  4. It is one of the best GST Billing Software for Retailers business owners.


  1. Pricing is a concern for freelancers and not for big business owners.
  2. It does not work well on Mobile devices.
  3. It is not made for local business owners who create invoices for local party in their geographic region.
  4. The user interface has to be advanced.

14. Marg Billing & Invoicing Software

marg billing software

Marg Billing & Invoicing Software is top software in the billing industry. It has many specifications and benefits for all types of clients. It is built for any size of businesses.

The functions include Recurring Invoices and billing, Discount Management, Statements & Collections, Billing Management, Vendor Management, Product Database, Invoice Designer, Time Tracking, etc.

The company Headquarter is in Delhi. Marg Billing Software is a big brand in India. The customers are also very satisfied with the service offered by them.

Marg Billing Software consists of so many features when compared with other tools in the billing industry market. It offers additional services with their products which can provide productivity in the vendors’ businesses.

Marg is a good supermarket software which is used by most of the malls and multiplexes across India. Marg billing software can be also customized as per the business needs and requirements. 


  1. You can get all types of reports in this tool to better understand your profits.
  2. It is the best tool for E-commerce merchants.
  3. Marg Billing Software is simple to use for any individual.
  4. The user interface and design of Marg Billing Software is very advanced.


  1. Sometimes It becomes difficult to understand the dashboard workflow by non-techy users.
  2. Marg Billing Software customer services response rate becomes low sometimes.
  3. Pricing can be a little concern for freelancers who don’t deal in many invoice generations.
  4. Not suitable for agency models.

15. Saral Billing

supermarket billing software

Saral Billing is another Complete, GST enabled desktop software with POS invoicing, Job Costing, Online document storage advanced features. It is not a cloud based solution for businesses.

It operates on the desktop versions devices. Saral Billing is considered as good tool for manufacturing and retail industries. Every business who deals in b2b or b2c must consider this tool for billing and invoicing productivity.                

Manufacturing and Retail businesses have so many process which includes barcode scanning, data integration, data management.

This is the main reason saral billing tool become so productive at this process. It can work very fast in all the tasks which are performed in the retail industry. The product roadmap also looks promising to invest in this tool. 


  1. It is easily scalable as per the business needs and expansion.
  2. SMS notification for every update and renewal.
  3. You can file gst returns which makes the tasks easier for accounting professionals.
  4. Maintain serial number wise sku items.


  1. The user interface is very simple.
  2. Upgrades and updates do not occur regularly.
  3. Sometimes the software performs slowly when creating large invoices.
  4. Customer service response time varies with regards to query type.

16. QuickBooks

mobile shop billing software

QuickBooks is a Small Business GST Accounting Software which provides productivity to businesses. The tool features include Online Banking Integration, Financial Management, Expense Tracking, Expense Management, Database restore and backup, etc. It also offers free trial upto 30 days.

It is suitable for small and medium businesses. The company Headquarter is in Bangalore. This tool is mostly used by big brand organizations. 

QuickBooks GST Invoicing Software is built for any individual or company who needs to scale the business with reports and stats.

You can download the QuickBooks application for android and ios devices. The app really performs faster on mobile devices.

It is a unique tool in the market with many advanced features. E-commerce merchants have so many tasks on a daily basis and they can fulfil all their needs with quickbooks. It is one of the fastest invoicing solutions for vendors. 


  1. The user design is very good and stylish.
  2. The customer support response rate is very fast.
  3. Product roadmap is impressive to invest in the tool.
  4. Upgrades and Updates occur regularly.


  1. It can be costly for those freelancers who do not have so much invoice generations.
  2. No desktop application. It is not available in local languages.
  3. It must include product training support for all clients.
  4. Implementations sometimes take time and affect productivity.

17. QuickBill

excel billing software

QuickBill is an amazing billing tool for all types of Organizations. It is a scalable solution for vendors and it also provides complete solutions for organizations at any stage in the business.

The top functions are Quotation & Estimates, Payment Handling, Warehouse Management, Customer Management, Inventory Management solution, Expense Management, etc.

This software does not support mobile platforms. But it works really well on the desktop version devices. The company is situated in Bengaluru and has many Indian users.

QuickBill can fulfil all your invoicing requirements.

You can create unlimited invoices in bulk also. The dashboard looks easy to operate. It does not have SMS Notification feature. It supports various integrations which includes paytm, phonepe, ezetap, etc.


  1. Easy to use for non techy user.
  2. QuickBill can fulfil any business invoicing requirements.
  3. The customer support is always helpful.
  4. Product roadmap looks good to invest in this tool.


  1. The user design is very simple.
  2. It lacks new technology integrations.
  3. More payment gateways have to be integrated.
  4. It does not support SMS Notification whereas most of the tools are already integrated with this feature.

18. Invoicera

free billing software in excel

Invoicera can make your invoicing tasks much easier. It is good online billing and invoicing software for billing purposes.

It offers many features to the clients. It has features like Time Tracking, Quotation & Estimates, Vendor Management, Product Database, Auto billing, Staff Management, Online invoicing, Subscription billing, etc.

The company Headquarter is in Gurgaon, India. It has huge Indian customers across India. This is really a good productive tool for billing and accounting professionals. It can be also used as pharmacy billing software.

Invoicera knowledge base is very helpful to the users. They can learn all the things by which it becomes easy for them to operate. If you get stuck in any tasks then you can contact the support team.

Their customer service is always helping and provides solutions to any query the customer deals with. Your invoicing tasks can be done quickly. 


  1. Updates always occur within a short time.
  2. Invoicera Product knowledge guides are very helpful.
  3. It can be operated on desktop and mobile platforms.
  4. Invoicing tasks in bulk can be created easily.


  1. Sometimes Navigation can become time consuming.
  2. Beginner users can find the tool difficult in the walk through process.
  3. Pricing is over optimized for freelancers who do not have so many invoices generation.
  4. It goes slow when the server becomes down.

19. Profitbooks Invoicing

free restaurant billing software

Profitbooks Invoicing is a Cloud Based software. It is operated completely online. It has also many features as per the user requirements.

It is a free Invoicing Software built for providing productivity in your business. You can create beautiful invoices for clients and get paid faster. It is a very good alternative to excel billing. Freelancers can make use of this tool to create invoices when they need.

You can find invoices and other customers data with the use of custom fields. The Headquarter is in Pune, India.

Profitbooks Invoicing is a best accounting tool for retailers & manufacturers. You can easily track all the inventory from purchase to sales process.

E-commerce sellers have so many tasks and inventory to sell on the marketplace. They can monitor all their tasks in a single dashboard.

Inventory Management and Expense Management is a top priority feature of Profitbooks Invoicing. You can view all the transactions by any particular customer. The custom fields are also available for filtering certain features within the dashboard.


  1. It is most trusted by Indian users.
  2. The product roadmap looks very interesting.
  3. Latest Updates make the product much better.
  4. Organize different orders as per client projects.


  1. Not available in local languages in India.
  2. It does not support desktop applications.
  3. The customer support reply rate varies.
  4. The software service is not available on Android and ioS.

20. FreshBooks

free gst billing software

FreshBooks is built on cloud server. The best billing tool for small & medium businesses and service providers. It has beautiful templates of Invoicing. You can also make your own custom template invoicing. The custom template can be useful for company brand Invoicing.

Freshbooks features include inventory tracking, Billing & Invoicing, gst return filing , GST Reports, etc. You can get different plans with each having active clients limits. But you can create and send unlimited invoices to the active clients.

Freshbooks is a very productive tool for all types of service providers.

All the tax calculations are done automatically. E-commerce merchants can make the use of this tool for inventory tracking, stock management, product management, etc.

The gst return filing task becomes easy for accounting professionals.


  1. FreshBooks UI and UX is very good. It is available in many languages.
  2. The tool performs very fast and billing can be easily scalable.
  3. Updates and upgrades occur regularly to eliminate the bugs.
  4. Available for all mobile versions.


  1. Pricing can be high for freelancers who do not have so many clients.
  2. Not available for desktop download.
  3. The customer service reply rate varies as per query raised by customers.
  4. It does not support Indian local languages.

21.  JustBilling

pharmacy billing software

JustBilling is a good billing software for mobile shop. There are many reasons retailers should use this tool for billing purposes. It’s features include Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Multi Currency invoicing, POS invoicing, Expense Tracking, Multi User login, Customer Management, etc.

The company Headquarter is in Hyderabad.

It is available in Arabic, Bengali/Bangla, Bhutani, Cambodian, English, French, Hindi. This is the value added advantage the user can get with this billing and invoicing tool. Local vendors can create beautiful invoices and support is also available in different languages.

JustBilling is one of the best pos billing software providing many features to users.

JustBilling can also be used as Restaurant POS Billing Software. It has all latest functionalities to perform various tasks for the hotel and retail industry.

You can download this tool on windows system and android mobile. It is one of the fastest online cloud based solutions for the users.


  1. The UI and UX is very dominating.
  2. The simple and easy to use dashboard for non techy persons.
  3. Majority of features are available in the tool.
  4. Updates and Upgrades occur regularly.


  1. Customer support revert rate may vary based on query type of customer.
  2. Pricing can be optimized for freelancers.
  3. Sometimes Server goes down but it is not a major problem.
  4. Not available on ioS devices.

22. Sleek Bill India

restaurant billing software

Sleek Bill India is a well suited billing software for retail cloth shop. It is operated online and based on cloud technology.

This tool has impressive features when compared with other tools in the market. It is used by most of the big brands in India.

It provides complete billing solutions to any type of organization. It has features like Taxation Management, Customer Management, Inventory Management, Estimates Management, Quotation Management, Payment Handling, Integrations with Banking, Invoice Designer, etc. The company Headquarter is in Pune. 

Many Indian customers believe in the good service offered by Sleek Bill India. It has grown over the periods and has capabilities to expand more with new technology features.

You can definitely invest in this tool for billing and accounting tasks. It is surely a top hitech billing software made for businesses. 

This is also top billing software for jewellery shop. You can enter so many custom fields in it. It can be a productive tool for your business. It is also found as tally billing software competitor with additional features to the users.

If you are looking billing software for retail shop then you must check this tool to make invoices for the clients.


  1. Sleek Bill can be accessed Online and Offline.
  2. You can create GSTR1 and GSTR3B reports from the software.
  3. Sleek Bill India has good technical support which serves the customers with best solutions.
  4. Upgrades are always there. You can invest in the tool.


  1. Invoice templates can be increased.
  2. Updates occur very slowly.
  3. Customization features need to be explored.
  4. Product training is not up to the mark.

23. Invoice Simple

pos billing software

Invoice Simple is a billing solution which provides invoicing through Mobile and desktop versions. It is a very unique online invoice generator software for businesses.

It has so many users in India and in other countries. It can be accessed in different languages like Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish . The company Headquarter is in Vancouver. You can get so many features with this tool and It is very good at data management.

You can accept different forms of payment which makes the payment collection tasks much easier. The invoice templates are also available in many designs.

Invoice Simple vat billing software free download version is not available to users.

There are so many features and templates which are fully customizable as per your needs. You can easily add your company branding and other details on it.

This billing software price is not so high for small and medium businesses.

It allows you to get notified when your invoices are open by the customer and track when it is due for the next payment. You can Keep your finances records well organized within the dashboard.

Invoice Simple can help you in maintaining a record of customers and track all the monthly income with built-in reporting feature which can easily be shared within your billing department.

Managing all your finances report is very simple with Invoice Simple.


  1. It is the fastest Online billing software for client billing work.
  2. Software updates regularly take place.
  3. It is available on android and ioS mobile versions.
  4. Invoicing templates design looks very impressive.


  1. Customer support response may vary as per the query.
  2. No Desktop version is available.
  3. Product training can be improved.
  4. Knowledge base for users has to be explored.

Features of Billing Software:

1. Making Customer entries: The billing software must have a feature which can maintain records of all the customers. Whenever a new sale is made then all the customers details can be entered in the custom fields or in mandatory fields. So, when the customer demands a return or refund at any time it should be clearly seen about the order details in a dashboard.

Nowadays modern Invoicing softwares are capable of this feature.

There should be some mandatory fields when creating customer entries. So that you can filter various options to get the result from the client database. petpooja billing software is a best example of this feature.

2. Making of Invoices: Your invoice billing software must have a feature to represent the business brand on the online invoices or offline invoices.

The online invoices should be well structured with all the taxes of products and services. The invoice templates would make your invoicing work easy.

There are many invoice billing software which integrates client information from different tools. These tools can be your CRM, project management, accounting software, etc.

The invoice templates can be also customizable invoice templates by which you can edit brands and other information.

3. Readymade Templates: The readymade templates in a billing software will certainly reduce the time of the operating person.

These templates can be made as per the business needs of client business. It is always good for business to provide invoices with their branding and other useful information.

Clients can also use customizable invoice templates to make professional invoices for their customers.

4. Except Multiple currency: When you have multiple currency options in your billing application then it becomes easy for you to create invoices for global clients.

The billing application can be also capable of basic financial operations. Nowadays most of the accounting apps come with built in this feature.

If your business is operating worldwide then you must check multiple currency features to better produce invoices for global clients. It is good to differentiate all the accounting apps and go with the best one which can fulfil your business needs.

5. Accept Credit card payments: Most of the businesses are accepting recurring payments from the customers. The best example of this type of business is Saas: Software as a Service. It will be a good feature of credit card acceptance to have in the billing tool.

This feature will automatically deduct the amount from their credit card when they renew their software service.

Your billing and invoicing software must have integrations with different payment gateways. Paypal, paytm, stripe, and other payment gateways are considered as top solutions in online payment methods.

6. Payment, Tax, Invoice Reports: Every business owner wants business reports. You must check the billing software feature If it is providing different reports in downloadable format.

These reports can make the tasks much easier for accounting professionals. If you have a large organization then you must have a report feature in your invoicing software.

Large businesses have so many customers. Maintaining a record of sales and purchase invoice can be time consuming.

This is the main reason you must have a solution which can eliminate this type of problem and execute the work in very less time.

7. Built in CRM: The customer relationship management software helps the business in so many ways. You can also gather the customer information when billing your customers.

This data can be productive for many benefits. It can be targeted in festival season, holiday season, etc.

If your invoicing tool has a built in crm feature then you don’t need to buy additional software just for crm purpose. But you have to make sure that the built in crm has capabilities to maintain and download the records at any time.

You can also filter the customers data and get specific results as per your needs to target the same customers.

Advantages of Invoicing Software:

1. Easily Track Invoices: Big Organizations have so many clients. They need to create invoices for every client or project they take to work on. As a result so many invoices are made for their work. So if you are setting up any billing system in your organization then you must check list the invoice tracking feature.

It can help the organization in a very productive way.

Whenever the department head of the organization requests any invoice of a particular customer then It can be easily found and reviewed.

The invoice tracking feature mostly help the businesses when they are having a refund ticket processed for any products and services they have sold before.

There are many software in the market which have this tracking feature in their system. Business owners need to consider this feature as a priority. It can definitely help the business to gain productivity for them.

2. Get the Payments Quickly: There are many invoicing tools in the market which automatically sends the payment reminder to the clients. So whenever the time period is over for a particular service then it can automatically create and send the invoice to the client for initiating the payment.

Thus by integrating the payment gateways solution you can accept payments directly into your bank account. You as a business owner don’t need to call or email the customer again for making payments to resume the service.

This process is done automatically If you have integration in your billing system.

3. Send the Invoice Quicky to Clients: With the use of billing software you can send the invoice in very time. If you have made a beautiful template with your company branding and tax details then you just need to enter the client tax details and it can be created in less time. 

The pre-built template for billing purposes can help the business owners in many ways.

You just have to create templates for products and services and then with drag and drop features the invoices can be prepared for clients. 

For getting payment on time you must have to provide invoices very quickly. If you have set the automations then you don’t need to think about the recurring payments.

Once the time period exceeds then the billing system will automatically trigger the emails and other notifications to the clients.

4. Less Time Consumption: A billing software provides so many templates for different items and services. You just need to spend some time in making a proper template as per your business needs. Then it’s all about a drag and drop feature or enter the client details to make the invoices.

If you don’t have any billing software then you have to do it in excel. But excel is very limited to certain features. You can’t get business and other productivity by using it for making invoices in bulk.

Excel is only good for freelancers who are making less than 10 or 20 invoices in a month. But the branding, invoice tracking, reports and other features are lacking in it. If you don’t have a crm in your billing software then also it may impact the business productivity.

5. Business productivity and trustworthiness: If you present the better invoice to the client then it also reflects the trustworthiness of your business. You should always send the invoices with your brand identity, company tax details, business address, bank details with account number, etc. details to the clients.

Business trustworthiness is most important nowadays to get more sales in your industry. Proper invoicing also provides the repetition of business if it is presented with good messages and notes at the bottom of the invoice. 


1. Which is the best mobile shop billing software?

You should consider Zoho, TallyPrime, Sleek Bill India for mobile shop billing purposes. But it would be also good if you consider features of all these tools and finalize with your business needs.

2. Which is the best readymade garment shop billing software?

Marg Billing Software, QuickBooks, QuickBill, InvoiceBerry are the best accounting applications for readymade garment shops.

3. What is billing software?

A billing software is made for making invoices for the clients. It can help you in so many ways like invoice generation, CRM, Invoice tracking, tax reports, sales reports, purchase reports, other expenses, etc.

4. How to make billing software in excel?

You can make it by creating a beautiful template with the company brand name, tax details, business details, etc. It is also easy to add mathematical functions to calculate taxes and amount for different products and services.

5. Which is the best billing software for cloth shop?

You can consider Swipez Billing, Spectrum Billing, Invoice2go, Billing360.

6. Which is the best kirana shop billing software?

These are the best kirana shop billing software:
Horizon ERP
Marg Billing & Invoicing Software

7. Which is the best wholesale pharma distributors billing software?

Marg Billing & Invoicing Software

8. How to make billing software in java?

You can learn the tutorials from the java experts.

9. Which is the best textile billing software?

Profitbooks Invoicing

10. How to create a billing software in visual basic?

You can learn the software creation methods from the subject matter experts.

11. What is vat billing software?

This software provides the invoices with vat and other tax related terms. If you are creating invoices with vat, gst, then you must have this terms enabled in your tool. You can also add the custom field in which you can make your own functions and rules.

12. How good is petpooja billing software?

Petpooja billing software is also popular in India. It is mostly used by indian users and has many good functionalities.

13. What is the top billing software for mobile shop?

F-Billing Revolution
Marg Billing & Invoicing Software
Saral Billing

14. Which is the best school billing software?

Marg Billing & Invoicing Software
Invoice Simple
Acme Insight
Horizon ERP

15. Which is the best society billing software?

Invoice Ninja
Marg Billing Software

16. Is there any free gst billing software in excel?

Yes, you can find it in the gst dashboard. There are so many free gst billing software provided for small and medium businesses.

17. What are the top hotel billing software?

Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software
Horizon ERP

18. What is focus billing software?

This is also built for small and medium organizations. It has good features which can provide better invoicing to clients.

19. What is hitech billing software?

Hitech billing software is a good productivity tool for manufacturers and retailers. It can provide unlimited invoicing for clients with any plan you subscribed in.

20. Which is the best billing software for retail cloth shop?

Swipez Billing
Busy Accounting Software

21. What are the best supermarket billing software?

Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software
Horizon ERP

22. What is the best billing software for restaurant?

Acme Insight
Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software
Spectrum Billing
Horizon ERP

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