Best Amazon Seller Tools To Skyrocket Amazon Sales

How Amazon Seller Tools Can Increase Your Amazon Sales

amazon seller tools

Selling on Amazon is really a good online business. There are lots of tasks that sellers need to do in their seller account to increase the sales of the products. Inventory management is one of the crucial tasks by which sellers strategize their promotion and advertising campaigns. Amazon sellers must have an action plan to implement any task starting from product listing. The action plan will guide the sellers in a productive way of doing online work. Amazon seller tools can be considered for all the optimizing work on your listings.

The quality score of product listings must always be good. There are many factors involved in getting a quality score of a specific product detail page. Monitoring listing and inventory management takes time and also it can be done precisely. Inventory management can be done in process to get the desired result when listings are being promoted to a larger audience.

Here are the tools explained through which you can generate good revenue on Amazon Marketplace.

1. Facebook


Have you heard about facebook offer ads? It’s a great instrument for launching new products and distributing coupon codes integrated directly in facebook.

Here’s how it works to increase sales on Amazon. 

You set up a facebook offer ad (e.g. promoting your discount). You can use any targeting you want, e.g. by interests, age or by an existing audience. You create a percentage off discount codes in the seller central and upload the list into the ad. Finally, you set up the ad to point directly to your amazon listing or to another URL on amazon (e.g. your storefront URL, 2 step URL, etc). 

When a user clicks on the call to action button on the ad, they will get a one time code from facebook and will be forwarded to amazon, where they can use the code.

You can activate the Facebook pixel for retargeting, or use other tools like many chat to build a complete sales funnel.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest is also one of the best tools to get your products discovered to the platform and generate good sales via targeting the right audience. But the question is How can Pinterest help you to promote your product in amazon and generate free targeted organic traffic?

We’d like to share advice  about Pinterest and how it can help you promote your product and generate relevant external traffic on your amazon listing.

Here’s how it works:

Register on Pinterest and create a board. The board’s name, description and images should reflect your category and basically tell the users on Pinterest what this board is about.. 

Create 5 pins on Pinterest for each of your Amazon listings. A pin is like a post with a picture, a piece of content and a link (can be a direct link to your Amazon listing). You need to make sure that your pictures are beautiful and attractive to your target group. Pinterest will show your post to your followers and if they engage, then you will start getting organic views and pinterest will start showing your images to other users. 

Pinterest shows the images to your followers, and depending on your interactions and engagements you can get organic views and if people like your posts and start to pin them then you get more and more views and your link is exposed every time under the picture.

Pinterest users is an audience that doesn’t need discounts but are looking for quality products. It’s warm traffic. According to Joe Reichsfeld, Pinterest users spend 40% more on average than any other social referral.

3. Instagram


Three efficient ways of growing and leveraging your instagram audience:

A. Influencers

Find influencers in your niche on instagram, contact them and offer them free products in exchange for content. Most of them agree just for the free products. Big influencers with millions of followers might charge you for the review. There are high chances that you generate a big revenue with this promotion method if the price and products are properly optimized for the right audience.

B. Raffles (aka giveaways)

The prize can be any of your products or even something else; Let people know that they need to tag friends in the comments, and follow your page. Run them for around 1 week or so. To reach even more people, you can run ads to it. When you pick the winner do it live with a site like so people know it’s not fake and they will come back for other giveaways too.

3. Instagram story ads

The story ads are more profitable than traditional ads at the moment. You must definitely try them to grow your sales. Business owners have seen a lot of sales and engagement on their page by running the story ads.

4. Amazon own Advertising tool

Amazon own advertising tool

Try ASIN targeting when your keyword is relatively “shallow” in terms of search results (that is, the user mostly finds the product on the first page without going to next pages). 

Your conversion rate will depend on the objective attractiveness of your offer in an advertising campaign: if you have a better product with more reviews and a competitive price, the CR will be higher. Set the bids based on how your product compares with target ASIN’s: if your offer is better, you can bid more and vice versa.

5. Blogs


Try perceiving your listings as a blog post where you tell the story of your product by arranging the right images and description so they could get the customer to the logical conclusion – purchase.

In a product blog post you are more likely to provide all the information in many forms of media: Text, images, gifs, videos, etc. There are high chances that It gets more visibility on search engines and you generate good sales from the blog post.

6. Sellerboard


Everybody knows that using tools can simplify your workflow. Here’s where comes sellerboard – an accurate profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. All this starting at $15 a month with a free trial to all new users.  You can get 2 months of free access to sellerboard using this link:

It is one of the best amazon seller tools in the market to generate the sales on many amazon marketplaces that also includes amazon India, Amazon uk, Amazon US, etc. There are many advanced features through which sellers can monitor profit margins, total sales stats, trending products, etc. in one dashboard only.

7. Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon brand registry

Not all sellers choose to register their brand straight away as most prefer to see how the sales of a product go first. 

However, many miss out on the fact that Brand Registry is important as it identifies brand owners which helps protect a brand owner’s intellectual property and product content such as protect product listings from other sellers and helps in not losing control over the product details of your items as well as help your brand in growing to globally recognized.

This massively helps sellers increase the sales figures and gives the opportunity to receive a unique ASIN which also helps in keeping the Buy Box for your ASINs to yourself. It’s Amazon allowing you to own the ownership of a brand or company. This program is extremely beneficial for Private Label Brand sellers, manufacturers, and handmade products suppliers.

Most importantly, Brand Registry protects you from the below:

  1. Hijackers on your item titles, images and details.
  2. Other suppliers selling identical products at a lower price, reducing the ability of matching errors.
  3. Increased competition which may lead to a price drop of your product.

8. Refersion


Refersion is the best affiliate marketing tool because it provides real-time tracking of your affiliate sales and commissions. With Refersion, you can see which affiliates are driving the most sales and which ones are not performing as well. This allows you to adjust your marketing strategy on the fly to maximize your earnings. In addition, Refersion provides detailed reports and analytics so you can track your progress and see where you can improve.


Amazon seller tools can really help you to grow your online business to the next level. But there are many tasks which need to be optimized first to get the better results with the listed tools. Your work is what the audience will discover on the product detail page and they are the ones who will make purchase decisions on your products.

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