Top Amazon Global Store For Amazon Global Selling

Top Amazon Global Store To Start Amazon Global Selling


What is Amazon Global Selling?

Amazon Global Selling is an amazon program for all the amazon sellers through which any seller can make registration, list their products, and start selling on amazon global marketplaces. Amazon has operations in many countries which allow all the amazon sellers to operate on other amazon’s marketplace irrespective of their physical business establishment.

If the sellers are registered on the single amazon marketplace then also they can scale the online business. They can sell local products with their brand name on it and can easily grow. However, If they want to explore their brand to the international level then Amazon is the best way for brand expansion. Amazon has dedicated teams all over the counties where they have operations.

The Amazon team is guiding the sellers in such a way that they can easily get all the clarity by selling on amazon global store located worldwide. Amazon Team will help in getting business identity and registration in the specific country that the seller likes to enroll in the marketplace. After getting all the documents, an account setup will be done and then product listings will take place to get the visibility and sales on it. 

Amazon global strategy is what sellers can make to grow their business. Nowadays Online selling is not limited to upto single nation. Customers can come to their business from any part of the world and can easily purchase what they like in your store.

Any interested amazon seller can get into this Amazon Global Selling program. If any seller wants to scale the business and the brand then you just need to do some research before enrolling in any amazon global store. i.e Amazon Japan, Amazon US, amazon global store uk, etc. 

Amazon sellers have to decide which marketplace would be a better choice to go on. As Amazon has already well established with larger audience. But Each marketplace has their own choice of product preferences. It might be a case that your product can make a huge impact on the Amazon australia marketplace but you are not registered on it. So, Seller has to make many decisions before starting an ecommerce business in different countries. 

After you decide the preferred marketplace to go on. Then you have to simply register on it, list the items, select the shipping services, manage the selling account and provide good customer service on amazon.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon Global Store

The top advantage amazon sellers will get in  setting up amazon global store is that amazon will take care of all the logistic customer service through Amazon fulfilment by amazon program.

1. Huge Customer Audience

amazon global selling

There are millions of users who visit amazon website everyday to shop many categories of items. The main reason customers come to the website again and again is only because of the offers and discounts it provides continuously. Amazon prime members can avail an exclusive deal before 24 hours and it is the best advantage amazon provides to many prime members. Amazon Customers can make purchases in different categories like clothing and accessories, shoes, Home & kitchen, etc. 

If amazon indian sellers are listing their items on Amazon US Marketplace and Amazon Japan Marketplace, then they can expect good sales internationally and can also earn huge profits. So, the seller will get more views on their product listings and in this way they can generate good income.

2. FBA Service


Most of the sellers are having a big issue in logistic services hiring. But Amazon has a best program which is introduced to all the amazon sellers worldwide and that is Amazon FBA. By Enrolling into the FBA program, sellers don’t have any headache of storing quantities of products, packaging, and shipping the items to the end customers. Amazon itself will do all the work for you.

Amazon will provide shipping and customer service too after the product delivery. With a prime tag on all the listings, Better the brand visibility seller will have by showing items to customers. Hence, sales volume will increase and international amazon customers will get to know about your brand and all the items. Amazon global store also have their own warehouse for fba operations so sellers will definitely get the place there. For example If the seller wants to enroll in amazon global store uk then FBA option is also available to them to store the items in the amazon global store uk warehouse.

3. Sales Expansion During Festivals

amazon global store uk

As Amazon operates in many different countries and all counties have different festivals and they celebrate with full joy and enjoyment. The best part is that whenever the festival comes, Amazon provides huge discounts in money off or in percent off way. This discount giving method drives more traffic to amazon and during this time amazon sellers can get more sales. For example: Amazon Indian sellers have also registered on Amazon US. So whenever the festivals come into existence, sellers will get the advantage of more orders.

4. Brand Building

amazon global store

Brand building is the most important task when the seller wants to grow in any type of business. Whether the business operates online or offline, brand building is an important part of growing in the business community. Through Amazon, Sellers can build their brand online and this will help them in reaching to more customers. Amazon also runs a brand visibility campaign through which it will promote your products to the vast audience in a specific niche seller is interested in.

It is always a good option to sell the items on amazon with the brand name and brand logo on it. Amazon customers will buy products from you again and again if they get good customer service and a better product quality that they found useful by purchasing it from the marketplace. So, If you sell a generic item without any brand and the product quality is still good but there is no brand. Then The customer will not come back to you as it does not have the brand name on it. Therefore, Brand building is very important and it will drive a huge audience to your store.

5. Get Profits From International Countries

amazon global shipping

By selling on different Amazon global store, sellers can expect a good income from all the marketplace in which they are registered. Sometimes there might be a case in which you will be receiving higher profits from just a single international marketplace and this is the best advantage to deal globally. Amazon customers are always looking to explore many different products which are listed in the site. So, if the seller is enrolled in the fba program, customers will get the products in very less time and it will certainly help in getting good feedback and reviews regarding your items.

Top Amazon Global Sores To Sell Products

  1. Japan
  2. Australia
  3. India
  4. China 
  5. Brazil
  6. Canada
  7. Mexico
  8. United States
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Italy
  11. Germany
  12. Spain
  13. France

How Amazon Global Selling Can Scale Your Business

Amazon Global selling program is one of the best program in amazon to scale the online business. This program offers visibility to real audiences which are always available on the website to purchase products in any categories they have need in. 

There are many programs like Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon FBA, Lightning deals etc. through which there is every possibility to get good online income by selling to Amazon customers.

Through Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Sellers can register their brand on amazon and can avail many benefits that it offers to every seller who falls in certain criteria. Amazon sellers have to submit the documents that the amazon brand registry team ask for at the time of filling the application. Once the brand is approved, then sellers can get many benefits to promote it, to protect it from other sellers, etc.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a program through which amazon sellers can make the content of all their listings in a much more advanced way. Amazon sellers can then add videos, large size customized images, long form textual content, etc. as soon as their brand is eligible to do so. There are many templates when creating enhanced brand content for those listings that the seller find useful in creating it. Here are the Top 3 ways described to get more and more visibility on the listed items internationally. 

1. Promotions

amazon jp global

There is a promotion tab in the amazon seller central account for all the amazon sellers. The best promotion methods are Money off, Percent Off, Buy 1 Get 1. The most favorable promotion method that many of the amazon sellers take advantage of is Money and Percent off on the entire catalogue or on those products that the seller wants to do promotion. 

Amazon sellers can do any time of promotion in any amazon global store in which the listings has been done. By this method, sellers are getting more and more sales which then result in more genuine ratings and feedback on the items. It is all upto a seller how much quantity they have to provide to the amazon customers when they enroll in defined promotion and between the selected time and date of the set promotion.

Creating promotions is always a best method when the seller has products listed in any amazon global store. This method always drives audiences to the listings and thus sellers can expect good profit with it.

2. Advertisement

Whenever the new sellers join the amazon seller central dashboard, they will get a good amount of credits to advertise their products with amazon larger audience. No ecommerce marketplace provides high credits to the sellers but Amazon does to build the brand of the sellers. Sellers can do two types of advertising campaigns. One campaign is related to advertising of listed products and other campaign is advertising the brand of the sellers. Both ways of advertisements helps in getting good revenue on amazon.

3. B2B deals

Many of the sellers don’t know that amazon also operates b2b. So, If any of the sellers want to sell internationally on the prefered amazon global store that the seller finds useful, they can simply put bulk deals in the listed products to all the amazon customers. This way sellers can make more and more bulk deals and earn good income online as a business seller on amazon global store.

Amazon sellers can make b2b deals by offering the items in larger quantities and less price or by offering in larger quantities percent off. These two methods of b2b deals play a very important role in business purchases. It all depends on the seller which method of b2b deal has to be proposed to amazon customers. This will also apply to Single marketplace or any other amazon global store. 

Amazon global selling is the best choice for any amazon seller because by registering on amazon global store sellers just need to focus on other marketing activities through which more number of audience get driven to their amazon listings. Social media marketing on facebook and instagram is one of the best tactics through which sellers can create a good engaging post of their items and it will also help in building their own brand. There is a lot of active audience on both these platforms and the majority of the users are actively looking for different products for them.

Amazon sellers can create an advertising campaign on facebook and instagram and target the audience on those countries in which the seller is listed on a particular amazon global store. All in all, Sellers can also send traffic on their own through different marketing channels and in that way they can expand their business to the next level.

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