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What are the Amazon Easy Ship Charges For the Amazon Sellers?

amazon easy ship for amazon sellers

Amazon sellers are benefited most when they opt for selling their products to millions of amazon customers. The benefits are numerous like Amazon Easy Ship, Amazon FBA, etc. for all the sellers. Amazon is a very big company in the e-commerce industry. There are many operations of Amazon worldwide. Whenever an offline retailer joins an online selling program on any e-commerce site the main concern arises in everyone’s mind is shipping to the customers.

When you get an order from the customer then you should process the order very quickly. The reason is obvious: If the product is delivered on time from the seller’s location then It will reach the customer as soon as possible.

There are many e-commerce platforms to join in the market. However, the main concern all amazon platforms have regarding shipping service availability to the sellers location. Whether you want to sell clothes on amazon or to sell different category items. If e-commerce sites provide the sellers a best shipping service to their doors of business locations then they would feel more confident when doing work with that site. 

Amazon offers the best two shipping services to all the sellers which are associated with amazon. These are Amazon easy ship and Amazon Fba services. Each of these shipping services are always recommended to the sellers. However, they operate very differently when opted. With Amazon Fba, sellers have to ship their items to amazon warehouse and when an order is placed by the amazon customers, the Fba team will process the order.

Whereas with the easy ship method, sellers have to maintain their inventory on their own business location. When the order comes to them they need to pack the item and schedule easy ship pickup time and date.

What is Amazon Easy Ship?

amazon easy ship

Amazon Easy Ship is a shipping service which is offered by Amazon to all the sellers. When you register for an account on their marketplace website then at the time of putting your business pin code will decide that the service is available or not on that location. The best thing is that It covers most of the pin codes in India from which service can be availed by the sellers.

Easy ship amazon service allows the amazon sellers to pack the items when they received an order and then schedule an easy ship pickup. After the order is received in amazon seller central, the seller has to process an order by printing a tax invoice, printing a packing slip, scheduled for pickup. Sellers just need to put the actual size and weight of an item for which it is scheduled.

As per the weight and size of the product, Amazon will automatically trigger the amazon easy ship charges for a shipping service. There are various things to consider when the shipping charges are calculated by the Amazon. Along with the product size and weight, the location of the customer where the items have to be delivered is also considered.

While packaging your items, Amazon always recommends to use Amazon branded packaging material like Amazon polybags, Corrugated boxes, Amazon tapes, etc. These packaging materials are easily available to all the amazon sellers with very good prices to purchase. Amazon Branding is a good choice to have on all the orders dispatched by the amazon sellers. 

Amazon Customers are expecting their items to be delivered in a well manner. So, It is always recommended to ship the products with Amazon branding. The two things are very important after the item is packed and these are Invoice label and shipping label. The Invoice have information like cost of the item, Address of the customer, tax details, authorised signatory, etc. The shipping label has a barcode for traceable purposes.

Amazon sellers are by default enrolled for easy ship amazon service. However, If sellers don’t want to ship the items with Amazon shipping service then they can opt out any time they want. They just need to go into the Amazon Easy Ship settings tab and turn off the service. After turning off the Easy ship amazon service the seller has to ship the items with a self ship option. They have to provide details like tracking id and other information that amazon asked when processing an order with self ship service.

Amazon Easy Ship Charges

Every seller who runs amazon business on the marketplace and enrolled with amazon easy ship service has many doubts regarding the charges they want to pay when using the service. You can check out the Image below to understand the amazon easy ship fees which is calculated on item weight and the distance where it has to be delivered.

easy ship fees
amazon easy ship charges
amazon easy ship calculator

You must remember that amazon easy ship charges are different from amazon referral fee and closing fee. These two fees are charged as per the selling pricing of the item which is listed in the manage inventory section.  When you actually compare the amazon easy ship fees with other third party shipping service charges, you will feel more confident with amazon service.

All the things will be taken care of by amazon once the order is processed by the seller in easy ship amazon. It is a very good shipping method to enroll in for all the amazon orders and can be easily traceable.

Easy Ship Amazon vs Self Ship

1. By enrolling in easy ship amazon service, sellers don’t need to go anywhere for their products to be shipped. They just need to set the date and time for item pickup. Whereas in Self ship orders sellers may have to move out for delivering items to shipping partner locations.

2. An Amazon authorized person will come to the doorstep of your business address for taking the item from the seller and delivering it to customers. In Self shipment, all the item delivery has to be taken by the seller.

3. Easy ship charges are not so high compared with other shipping services in the market. Self shipping charges may have many terms and conditions with the charges.

4. Amazon covers most of the pincodes location all over India and It is the main advantage sellers can avail by opting the service. Self shipping method may take time to ship the item to the amazon customers. There is not to think much about amazon easy ship pin codes issues. Most of the sellers are eligible for it.

5. All the orders are traceable in easy ship amazon service. As an amazon seller you will get the actual locations during transition. With Self ship orders you have to go on partners website to track your item location. 

6. Amazon sellers can get all the easy ship amazon services of their all orders within the amazon seller central dashboard. However, sellers have to go to the shipping partner website to download the invoices when delivered by self ship.

Easy Ship vs Amazon Fba

1. Sellers can get many benefits with Easy Ship service and Amazon FBA service. However, through Amazon FBA service sellers can get the prime badge on their product listing and the sales of that product will skyrocket as It will then get more visibility and engagements on the listed product. Amazon fba takes care of packaging and shipping.

2. Product listings which are not having a prime badge on it get processed by either easy ship amazon service or self ship service by sellers.

3. Amazon FBA items can be delivered to the prime customers within one or two days. One or two days delivery is not possible with easy ship service.

4. Amazon prime customers can have many benefits on every prime badge listing they see on the amazon marketplace. They are aware of it’s benefits and definitely like to order more items from the marketplace.

5. Amazon sellers can expect sales growth with the Amazon Fba program when they actually compare their sales statistics with easy ship ordered items in their seller central account.

6. Amazon sellers have to pay an extra charge with the amazon fba program on a monthly basis. The charge is regarding the seller’s inventory stored in Amazon warehouse. Those charges are calculated by the item’s size and weight with the total number of quantities they want to put in the warehouse.

7. There is a best customer service by amazon fba team for the sellers who are registered with them and shipping their items with Amazon Fba. Sellers don’t need to worry about customer service with fba enrollment. But with easy ship service sellers have to provide all customer service and support for all their orders.

8. Amazon customers are always looking for free delivery listings and with amazon fba service they will get what they need by purchasing it. Hence easy ship charges have to be paid by sellers when processing an order.

9. Amazon Fba builds trust in the customer’s mind and when they see any prime badge listing they are very much sure about the delivery of the item within a short period of time. Easy Ship delivery is also good but not as fast as Amazon Fba.

10. Easy ship tracking performs good in amazon seller central. Sellers can track item locations when it is shipping during each point of location. Amazon Fba sellers don’t need to track all the time for their shipments. All the delivery responsibility will be taken care of by amazon fba team.

11. Sellers have to purchase amazon branded packaging materials to ship their items with their own brand name and Amazon brand name on the packaging material. There is no need to buy Amazon Fba packaging material when the seller wants to process the orders with prime bade fba listings.


1. What is easy ship in amazon?

It is a shipping service designed for the amazon sellers through which they can ship their items to the amazon customers.

2. How to disable easy ship in amazon?

For disabling the service sellers have to go in the shipping settings tab and then disable the option of easy ship service manually.

3. How to change self ship to easy ship in amazon?

Amazon sellers by default are eligible for easy shipping on amazon. They just need to check by going into the shipping settings account info tab and there they can turn on the service.

4. How to check amazon easy ship pin codes?

At the time of registration on amazon seller central you will get to know about the availability of easy ship amazon service whatever pincode you put there.

5. What is easy ship in amazon?

The best shipping service by amazon to amazon sellers.

6. How amazon easy ship works?

They work with amazon sellers after they process the order with easy ship service. Amazon authorised associate will come to the doorstep of the seller business address to pick the item and they will deliver it to the customers.

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