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What is The Need of ECommerce and Why It is Important?


Most of our daily life work requires the use of the internet be it shopping, paying bills, recharge of mobile etc. People are most likely to use the internet for shopping instead of going to the traditional brick mortar stores. Hence, the basic reason behind the evolution of the e-commerce industry is internet penetration.

Each and every thing is now available online, which has increased the need and importance of e-commerce. As the number of internet users have been increased which is more likely to rise in the coming years, it is very important to have an e-commerce website for the business owners.

It has become a basic need and because of increase in need of e-commerce trend in recent times there are many people’s which are registering on different marketplaces. It is really a good option to sell on ecommerce marketplaces as Flipkart Seller, Paytm Seller, Snapdeal Seller, Shopclues Seller. There is a big opportunity to become an online seller and earn more by listing as many products to the customers.

Boundless number of people use search engines to find products that they want to purchase. So, it is very cumbersome to reach out to such a large audience with a physical store. Nevertheless, this can be easily accomplished with an online store.

To expand the business and to achieve huge profits, brand awareness is a must. No other medium can be better than an ecommerce website. In such cases where most of the buyers fancy purchasing online, an ecommerce website of your business is needed here.

So to reach higher peaks in the business market, buckle up to start online business, if you don’t have it yet!! Ecommerce websites for your business are needed and needed to remain in the business competition!!!!

If you are still not owning an e-commerce website, it’s high time to start one because if you won’t then your business will suffer a huge loss.

Why is an e-commerce website most crucial for your business?

Top reasons to have an ecommerce website for your business:

1. Availability 24*7


Your e-store will be available for the customers 24/7. Time is not a barrier anymore, customers can purchase at any time and from anywhere, whether it is a Sunday or a holiday, your e-store is always OPEN!

This is the biggest benefit for both, the sellers as well as the buyers, as it increases the sales rate.

2. Increases your reachability

As the internet can be accessed from anywhere anytime around the world, it allows people to reach out to your store globally. If you own a physical store, only the nearby ones might know about your store, where as in your estore, you can reach out to the whole world.

Using language translation functionality, you can reach out to various people from different parts of the world. You can now sell your products globally!

3. Customer experience


An excellent user experience enriches the shopping experience of the customer.  A user friendly, interactive and well built website with attractives layouts and designs smoothens the customers shopping experience. Being able to choose from a wide range, with a large number of varieties will let the users spend more time on the website.

The customer can track their order and have a record of the number of orders placed. My Orders, My Account, Track Order pages keeps the customers updated.

In addition to this, the automated mails about the order updates helps the customers to get timely updates.

4. Reduces Cost


The entire process is automated, so it reduces the role of middlemen. The overall cost is comparatively less to run an ecommerce website  than the traditional business store. It reduces the cost of labour, store rents etc.

New products can be easily introduced with advertisements at a lower cost. Hence, the overall cost is reduced in all aspects.

5. Automated Flow

The whole business can be managed through a single system! Right from when the order is placed from the customer, to get the inventory updates from the manufacturer, the whole cycle is managed by the system.

Hence, no middleman is required. This saves time as well as money. In a snap, all work is done automatically!

It helps streamlining the process and allows us to integrate business activities. Instant and speedy flow of information regarding orders, goods, inventory, delivery status etc are easier to track.

6. Brand awareness and Business expansion

Being on the internet will make other competitors aware about your estore. Advertising on various platforms, email marketing will make your estore reach a huge number of customers.

More users will become aware about your company and its product and will be interested in making online purchases. This helps in creating new chains with other businesses and manufacturers and for creating new business relationships.

7. Trouble free to set up

With so many ecommerce platforms to choose from, it is very easy to setup an ecommerce store at a reasonable rate. Various development platforms and management platforms ensure to build a robust website. All you need is a good team to build up the site and to maintain it.

Various e-commerce platforms are Magento, WordPress, Shopify etc. Skilled IT executives have made this process very easier.

8. Improved engagement activities and increase in sales


The sales team can approach customers to purchase products online at good discounts. So, various such activities can engage the team, which will result in an increase of sales on the sales portal. In addition, it will also keep a record of how many salesmen could turn leads to potential customers.

9. Better Marketing Options

limitation-of-ecommerce-Better Marketing

With great marketing tools and options such as e-mail marketing, advertisements on social media, pay per click advertisements, etc will help to generate traffic on the website. Within several months of SEO, you can reach out to the audience globally.

10. Better targeting

The digital marketing models and tools allow us to target a better audience. When you are planning for a loyalty program, you can track their buying habits, which will help in target marketing and promotions.

Search engine optimization strategies are the key to customer research and to set marketing trends. So, there is really a need of e-commerce in online business world to expand the business.


Business strategies, workflow, operations have rapidly been changed due to ecommerce. If customers want to purchase anything today, the first thing they do is Google search. They compare prices on different websites, and then make a choice to purchase. Customers nowadays are very tech savvy and want to make value out of the purchase.

So, all the ecommerce businesses out there, be updated and keep evolving with the time. As developments in ecommerce have made all the businesses to sell digitally, it is highly recommended to shift to ecommerce, rather than selling on a physical store.

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