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What Is The GST State Code In GST Number?

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Goods and services tax is a very interesting topic to understand If you are in any business community. It involves many terms like Tax Identification Number, Original bill, supplementary GST Bills, tax credit, digit provisional ID, etc. of which common people are not aware of any of these terms. If you consult with accounting professionals then it can become easy for you to deal with these terms in your routine business operations. It can be always useful for you to know about basic functionalities in the GST along with gst state code.

Organizations aggregate turnover is a big factor in Government Revenue. There are many benefits through which organizations can enroll in different government schemes and avail service tax benefits if they meet certain guidelines. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and customs have all the necessary resources to know about the GST Benefits. You can click on the download button and save the resources which you find useful there.

It is also a good option to Know Your Jurisdiction by going to central jurisdiction for gst. Select the state, Commissionerate, zone from the list and you will get to know about your central jurisdiction as per the location.

Organization must have digit PAN number, digit provisional ID, product range details i.e categories in which the dealings have to be made, unique code of their different items or products, etc. so that Invoicing making process becomes easy for them with the gst state code.

The gst state code is first 2 digits in your GSTIN. Whether the Business operates Offline or Online, It is important to understand and know about the gst state code list or state code gst which is mentioned in the GST Number. There are many resources to learn about goods and services tax on the internet. It is really important to understand the basic functionalities of the GST System. If you like to explore more then there will always be an update on the Central Board of Indirect taxes and custom website about the GST, service tax, new tax regime, etc.

Before GST Implementation, Business owners have to add the (TIN) Tax Identification Number in the e-commerce dashboard. To get the input tax credit, It was very necessary at that time. GST Registration is very important whenever a seller starts an online business on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. All the transactions are carried out with a proper invoice whenever an order is received on the e-commerce sites. It is advisable to have gst number and other business information in the tax invoice which is given to the customer.

There are different types of information which can be seen after logging into your gst dashboard. There is an option to download the free billing tools through which invoice generation becomes much more easy. GST certificate includes all the details about the business identity and the taxpayer. GST Identification Number is the most important thing to have nowadays to get benefits in government schemes also. GST Payments play a crucial role in Government Revenue and in increasing economic growth.

Different States have a unique state code for gst. All the taxpayers use the gst state code list for the gst registration, Invoice generation, etc. These gst state code must be entered correctly whenever an invoice has to be generated. There are many fields in an invoice in which the details like Business Name, Address, Phone No, GST Number, etc have to be filled by the person who is making an invoice for the party. 

For getting GSTN you have to know the documents required for gst registration. Along with that your state code for gst matters when getting it from the official authority. It is always advisable to gather all the information and documents that you want in the gst certificate. If all the information and documents are shown and verified correctly then you will get the gst number within a short period of time.

Here is GST State Code List:

NoIndian State NamesState Code GST

You can see from the list of gst state code that 33 gst state code is assigned to tamil nadu, 29 gst state code to Karnataka, 27 gst state code to Maharashtra, 24 gst state code to Gujarat, 36 gst state code is of Telangana, 23 gst state code is of Madhya Pradesh, 09 gst state code is of Uttar Pradesh, gst state code 29 is of Karnataka.

gst state code
gst state code list
state code gst

Whenever a seller registers on different e-commerce marketplace platforms like Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Flipkart, etc. then they must check and verify their state code for gst which is entered in the gst field column. Because the Invoice will be generated automatically in the ecommerce seller portal. It should always be correct to receive the tax credit at the time of filing gst returns.

Once the order is received from the customer and invoice is generated then the information which is printed on it can’t be changed. There are many other things to verify whenever the products are listed on ecommerce websites. The other thing to look for is “PRODUCT TAX CODE” commonly known as PTC. It should be set with the tax rate of listed subcategory items in the seller central account. There can be many unique code that are displayed on the Invoice.

You must consider this list whenever the invoices have to be made by you to the actual party of your products and services. It will definitely help in productivity in Invoice generation by adding the different state code gst in the billing or accounting software of the organization. There are many custom field options in an accounting tool through which it can integrate the list and makes your work easy in Invoice generation.

Billing tools include various custom fields like Digit PAN number, Indirect Taxes, service tax, digit provisional ID, etc. in which you just need to manually enter the data to generate the invoices to the party. There is a single download button in any billing tool by which invoices can be downloaded in pdf format or in excel format. It is also good to know about creating supplementary GST Bills for the clients whenever you find suitable according to condition.

If you are not aware of supplementary GST Bills then you can search for the resources of it. The making process of such an invoice is not a big task. The company’s aggregate turnover must be presented in the Invoices with simple procedure for any Individual to understand it.

Why and Where The State Code GST Matters?

  1. At the time of providing necessary details about your business to the tax authorities or consultant.
  2. Registration on Different E-commerce Marketplaces.
  3. Sending Invoices to the business clients of different products and services across the country.
  4. Getting Invoices from the clients for items or service purchased from the supplier.
  5. Filling out the gst returns.
  6. When opting for an additional place of business in the gst portal.

The gst number is a combination of state code for gst and the PAN Number. You can see that the PAN is also introduced in the gst number. You must check code in the gst certificate which will match with your state code.

After the gst number is generated It is important to look for all the information regarding your business and the final gst number. state code for gst list is always available for you to verify the details of you and your business clients. If you are not sure about ** state code in gst then you must consult an accountant or to the actual authorities who are working in this niche.

However, the state code for gst list will resolve your doubts in checking the actual number of state code gst which is displayed in the gst certificate. There is also an option to download it and can easily submit it to the authorities if necessary changes have to be made for correction.

If you have doubts regarding gst state code then there is an official number of gst support also through which any doubts will be resolved in a very quick time.


1. which state gst code is **

You can check the list to know about gst state code.

2. gst code 36 which state


3. 29 gst code which state


4. gst code 19 which state

West Bengal

5. 09 which state gst code

Uttar Pradesh

6. gst code 37 which state

Andhra Pradesh

7. gst code 29 which state


8. 06 gst code which state


9. what is state code for gst

The state code for gst is a number which is displayed in the GST Number.

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