How To Contact Flipkart Seller Support

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Flipkart is one of the best e-commerce online marketplace for the online sellers. There are many reasons to choose flipkart to sell the items on the platform and reach millions of flipkart customers. The Flipkart seller support is very helpful to the flipkart sellers in any aspect. Whether the sellers are stuck in product listing or have some doubts about the registration process.

In today’s time, majorly all e-commerce online marketplace have their seller support team, customer service, seller performance team, seller payment team, etc. to carry out different operations and tasks with ease. There is no actual flipkart seller support number or flipkart seller support contact number directly available to contact them for any doubts. There is a procedure or steps that need to be followed to reach out to them. As an Online seller, I feel confident that support executive  will be there whenever joining an online marketplace.

Online buying is increasing day by day. People are looking for every category of products across the websites and on e-commerce portals. You can easily find products in clothing & accessories, toys, shoes, handicrafts, Industrial, food category, etc. The impact of e commerce is really dominating.

E-commerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm are the giants in the Online business Industry. People are going to their website because of the offers and discounts it offers to them. The Durability Certification of any product only depends on the quality of product sold on the leading e-commerce marketplace. The exchange policy is also well defined on flipkart.

Flipkart only operates in India. Their platform is only taking orders from Indian pin code locations. Still, the traffic is in millions on flipkart online marketplace because of a large Indian audience. People love shopping on flipkart as they experience good customer service by support executive and better delivery of products to them with all the tracking details can be found after the order is dispatched by the seller. Flipkart is very good to all online seller communities and always come with a Growth Capital programme to expand the business for them.

There is a clear transparency on flipkart for the flipkart customers and flipkart seller regarding the terms and conditions of any product category with returnable or not. Customers can find all the details on a product detail page or buying guides page so that they can make decisions on buying a particular product. The exchange policy is only applicable to a few categories.

The buying guides page is also important to know about whether the product is returnable or not. No Marketplace provides Durability Certification of any item which lists there on the site. Sellers have to come up with Durability Certification of their products to last long upto the maximum period. The exchange policy is different for each and every category of items.

The ticket dashboard can be found as a productive tool for the sellers. It has many growth capital programme for preferred seller and flipkart buying guides page is also good for the customers.

What is Flipkart Seller Support?

Flipkart seller support is a dedicated team which always helps the flipkart sellers for any doubts or queries they have regarding the further process after registration process or anything. There are many reasons for which flipkart sellers are contacting seller support regarding orders & delivery, listing related issues, Inventory management, seller performance, payments, advertising, promotions, etc. There might also be a reason If the pickup person does not arrive at time for order delivery to customers.

It is also found that sometimes a pickup person is not able to come to the business address of sellers because of poor environmental conditions or other issues. But your orders will surely be picked up by a pickup person whenever a ticket is submitted for the subject matter. The Flipkart pickup person also knows his responsibilities and you have to manage it by contacting seller support. You will also get the details of the pickup person who is scheduled to take your orders from your address.

You can also generate a seller support ticket for your query and when the ticket is submitted with an actual subject then you will be notified about it. The flipkart seller support quickly takes the tickets submitted by the seller and reaches out to the sellers with a proper resolution. It is actually very real and quick communication which can be done with a seller support ticket system. Sellers can view support ticket page anytime by logging to their seller account. 

There are many other things on which Flipkart Seller Support can help you to run your online business on flipkart 24×7. They are also aware of having your products live on the flipkart online marketplace affects the sales in a business. So, they will quickly follow up with you to get your queries solved within a short time period. The ticket dashboard works very well for handling seller support doubts.

As an e-commerce preferred seller, I too have contacted many seller support teams on online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, paytm, snapdeal, shopclues, etc. I must say that Flipkart Seller Support handles the queries very well and responds to the sellers with true information. I am very much impressed with the seller support services towards the flipkart sellers on ticket dashboard.

The ticket dashboard has all the information regarding the subject matter and when it was contacted for a particular doubt or query.

Is There Any Flipkart Seller Support Number?

There is no direct Flipkart Seller Support Number or phone number through which they can be contacted. You have to login to the seller panel with your credentials and contact them by raising a seller support ticket about a specific topic. You can find the flipkart seller support mail id or flipkart seller support helpline id when you contact with your seller portal. Flipkart seller support email communication is a best method also to contact the team regarding the doubts in flipkart seller central 

So, when you contact the seller support team of flipkart they will be able to verify you as flipkart seller. This is a very good option for them because no other person can contact the support team without a reason. You can also see the communication between you and flipkart on “view support ticket page”. The solved ticket can let you know about the past subject matters.

There is a Flipkart customer care number which is 1800-208-9898. This phone number will take you to customer support of flipkart. So, there will be no meaning If you call on this number for resolving your seller portal doubts. You can call them regarding any product return doubts or order cancellations, etc. 

The flipkart customer support will only resolve the doubts regarding the product return, order cancellations, and payment issues. They can only take flipkart customer queries. If you want to buy the products from flipkart and have some doubts regarding the cod, electronic payment method, ordered product return then You can contact them with this number. The verification process is always there for solving customers queries and seller queries.

Order cancellations is one of the top issues in any e-commerce website or platform. Flipkart customer support is always good at handling order cancellations issues whenever this issue arises by sellers or customers.

How To Contact Flipkart Seller Support With Steps:

Step-1: Visit the flipkart seller portal and login with your flipkart seller account details. i.e. Your registered email ID and password.

flipkart seller support

Step-2: After logging into the seller account, you will be able to see three dots at the right side beside your organization business name. Click on contact seller support.

flipkart seller support number

Step-3: You can search for the queries or click on the following topics mentioned at the right side of that page.

flipkart seller support contact number

Step-4: You can select the topic and your queries will be answered with detailed steps. It is easy to view support ticket page in flipkart seller central. Once all the queries are solved then you can see it in the solved ticket page.

flipkart seller support phone number

Let’s say you click on the Listings & Catalog topic and then you have doubt on Listing related queries, so you select that particular option and then you click on How to do single listing? Once you click on it then only your queries will be resolved about that specific topic. You will get the Step guide Instructions to follow it.

If you are able to do the task on your own by following the step guide mentioned in a resolution then you don’t need to submit a ticket. But If you are not able to do the task with yourself then you can click on “No, create a seller support ticket” and It will be then submitted with your query subject. The solved ticket notification will also come on your registered email id.

You can view your solved ticket anytime. The solved ticket methodology works in a simple way to let the sellers know about issues they had in the past. You must keep in mind that resolved ticket have a certain limit to store. The registered email ID is a good source of information of tickets created in the past to have a look on the subject matter.

How Seller Support Flipkart Can Help Sellers?

1. Whenever the new sellers onboards to the flipkart marketplace, The first step guide is to submit all the necessary documents like cancelled cheque, pan card, etc details so that the team can verify the seller with authentic information about them and their business. So, the seller support flipkart team makes this task easy for the sellers. The verification process is simple and quick for any new online seller.

2. When the seller successfully completes the registration process part then their next step is to “List the products” in the relevant categories and subcategories. You have to submit the brand details of the product that you want to list in the inventory section. The brand details will be verified and then It can be listed with it in the approved category. In this way seller support flipkart will help the sellers in the product listing process.

3. If the sellers on flipkart have payment issues regarding the orders they process then you can contact the flipkart seller support team and then you will be directed towards the dedicated payment team which will solve all the problems related to the payments. All the payments will be directly deposited into your bank account which you have submitted in the seller account bank details.

4. If the sellers have doubts regarding the orders and delivery method then also the seller support team can be contacted to process the order within the time frame. You can avail the flipkart own shipping service which is called Ekart for order delivery to the flipkart customers. This method of shipping is flipkart protected and they will deliver the items as soon as possible.

5. Seller support flipkart also helps the sellers in Cataloging guidelines. Flipkart sellers just need to follow the mentioned guidelines for their products catalog on flipkart and then It will be easy for them to upload and scale their online business on flipkart with rich cataloging. The support team is always there for flipkart sellers.

6. Flipkart sellers can also protect their brand name by registering their brand on the flipkart marketplace. Once it gets approved, no other seller can sell the items with your brand name. This is the big advantage the preferred seller can get when selling on flipkart. They can create a ticket for brand infringement and when the matter is solved they can see the status in the resolved ticket page. The resolved ticket page can help you to know about all the tickets you have generated on specific subjects.

7. There is also a support given by the seller support executive flipkart team regarding the promotion and advertising of your own products to get maximum visibility and generate good sales with built in tools available to sellers.

8. If you have some doubts about seller performance metrics then you can contact flipkart seller support executive to understand how it actually works in calculating the performance. There are parameters listed like Buyer review, seller score, seller tiering, etc. on which you can clarify the things in the seller portal itself. 

9. The seller support flipkart is also able to solve the queries related to account login issues or any other task which relates with your seller account. All the details are secure and safe when you register yourself on a leading e-commerce marketplace.

10. You can get many services in the seller panel If you want to grow your business on flipkart and seller support executive flipkart will also guide you to avail the services which will help you to scale the online business. The support team has many suggestions or resolutions for any doubts sellers have in their mind. Growth Capital programme plays a crucial role in seller journey at leading e-commerce marketplace flipkart.


1. How to contact flipkart seller support?

By logging into the seller dashboard with your seller account details.

2. What is flipkart seller fee?

Flipkart charges commision on the basis of the category that the seller wants to sell on flipkart.

3. What is flipkart helpline number?

The flipkart customer care no is 1800 208 9898.

4. How can I become a flipkart seller?

You can become a flipkart seller by registering on the flipkart seller portal.

5. How can I talk to flipkart customer care?

You can contact flipkart customer care number 1800 208 9898 for the queries regarding products, orders, payments.

6. Does flipkart give refund?

Flipkart team will investigate any case before initiating refund to the seller or customers.

7. Is selling on Flipkart profitable?

Yes, selling on flipkart is profitable If you understand the commision structure on the categories that you want to sell on flipkart marketplace.

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