Yearn Finance Price "What You Need To Know"

1. Yearn Finance is a decentralized finance platform.

2. Yearn Finance offers cryptocurrency users the opportunity to earn a passive income.

3. You can invest through the investment of your digital assets.

4. Yearn Finance primary token, YFI, was launched in July 2020.

5. It become extremely popular among crypto investors due to its high yield and liquidity.

6. Yearn finance price is highly volatile.

7. It is is dependent on market conditions, investor sentiment, and other factors.

8. Yearn Finance is considered one of the most promising DeFi tokens

9. Yearn finance price has strong potential for long-term growth.

10. The total market capitalization of YFI is more than $6 billion as of May 2021.

11. Yearn Finance is actively working on new strategies for earning passive income.