Amazon Stock Moves Lower on Mixed Earnings Result

1. Amazon's stock surged 23% in January due to a combination of broader market tailwinds.

2. There were specific operational announcements from the company. 

3. Investor sentiment was buoyed by a slowing of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

4. Which is beneficial to cyclical businesses like Amazon that are trading at high valuations. 

5. The company's decision to expand layoffs, launch the Buy with Prime program.

6. Adding a new pharmacy benefit to Prime all showed their growth stat.

7. Amazon was continuing to expand its ecosystem while also reining in costs.

8. Layoffs can be painful for employees, but they often result in stock gains.

9. Since they show a company is committed to cutting costs and increasing profits.

10. By announcing 18,000 layoffs in January, Amazon sent a clear message to investors.

11. It was serious about improving its bottom line.