Halloween Ends Movie Review Updates

1. Most People agreed, the Best Part of Halloween Ends Is That Actually It Ends.

2. Director David Gordon Green's trilogy of new Halloween films comes to a close with Halloween Ends.

3. This finale is grating and nonsensical, much like the six-hour return to Haddonfield as a whole.

4. Green and his team of screenwriters give us a conclusion that twists the series' themes into even more baffling knots than before.

5. What are the main themes of these films?

6. The first one was about trauma. The second one was about a sort of civic rage sparked by wanton violence.

7. The third film, Halloween Ends, is about the things mentioned above, along with some contemplation about the inevitability of evil.

8. This is likely done in order to bring forth a profound thesis statement.

9. It's possible that the movie is a spoof of horror films that take themselves too seriously, with all their clumsy allegories and hackneyed clichés.

10. But I don't really care one way or the other. I'm just glad I don't have to think about it anymore.

11. Halloween Ends is a strange and dull drama about a young man, Corey (Roham Campbell), mired in guilt and loneliness.

12. He is an outcast in Haddonfield because of a tragic accident several years prior

13. The wary townsfolk want nothing to do with him, convinced that he is a new type of bogeyman.

14. This section of the film is reminiscent of a 1990s indie film about Gen Xers feeling alienated from society.

15. It also parallels 2019's Joker in several ways.

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