Southwest Airlines Continued To Cancel Flights

1. Southwest Airlines continues to suffer from a massive disruption in its operations due to a winter storm.

2. Southwest Airlines has cancelled over 2,509 flights for Tuesday.

3. Southwest Airlines is also expecting more cancellations and delays through the remainder of the week.

4. CEO Bob Jordan said that the reduced schedule could be extended.

5. Southwest Airlines is offering customers a full refund or flight credit for cancelled flights.

6. Customers have experienced long wait times when attempting to rebook.

7. The US Department of Transportation has expressed concern over the cancellations.

8. Greyhound has also issued a service alert for cities in the upper northeast due to winter weather.

9. This disruption is making it difficult for travelers to get home in time for the New Year's holiday.

10. The airline is committed to doing their best to make sure travelers are taken care of.

11. Jay McVay said that the customers would be provided with hotels, ride assistance to get them home.