Georgia’s Senate Runoff Live Updates And Analysis

1. Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has once again proven to be an unbeatable force in the state's politics

2. In a rematch of their 2018 race, Kemp won with 2.1 million votes, about 200,000 more than his challenger.

3. Despite the formidable opposition he faced, Kemp managed to keep his distance from Walker as he coasted to reelection.

4. This victory is proof that Kemp has been able to convince even ticket-splitters to vote for him.

5. Georgia is a pivotal swing state in American politics until further notice.

6. With Donald Trump's continued influence on the Republican Party, Georgia will remain an important Election Day battleground.

7. Voters in the Peach State have already had a taste of the potential political power they can wield

8. Georgia voters will once again be at the center of the national political conversation.

9. Georgians have the opportunity to shape the future of democracy.

10. Donald Trump's latest attempt to secure a Senate seat for a Republican candidate has failed

11. Warnock is now one of two Democratic senators representing Georgia.

12. It seems clear that his attempts to remain influential in politics have been futile.