How To Become Flipkart Seller To Boost Sales And Profits in Business?

1. Research Flipkart's selling policies and guidelines

2. Create a professional seller account on Flipkart

3. Add Bank account information to recieve money from your sales

4. Start listing products on Flipkart

5. Use Flipkart's marketing and promotional tools to reach out to buyers

6. Manage your orders and shipments efficiently

7. Provide excellent customer service to buyers

8. Create Promotional campaigns in the flipkart seller central

9. Create Advertising campaigns in the flipkart seller hub

10. Make coupons in the festival season for more sales

11. Promote your flipkart product listings on social media pages

12. Invite people to your product giveaway contest

13. Get more views on your product listings

14. Make affiliate revenue from your sales

15. Stay up to date with Flipkart's policies and guidelines