There Were No Immediate Reports of Disruption To Airport Operations

1. Heavy rain has caused major flooding in Los Angeles County.

2. Leading to a Flash Flood Warning being issued for the area.

3. Flooded streets have trapped multiple cars.

4. A man was forced to stay on his car's roof to avoid the rising water.

5. The warning affects a number of areas in Los Angeles County.

6. The area include Burbank, Griffith Park, and Downtown Los Angeles.

7. The National Weather Service reports that 1-3 inches of rain has already fallen.

8. The authorities are expecting with 2-5 more inches.

9. The weather service warns of "life-threatening flash flooding" in burn scars, urban areas.

10. Including Highways, streets, and underpasses, as well as near creeks and streams.

11. CalTrans advises drivers to "turn around, don't drown" when encountering flooded streets.