GitHub Makes Bold Move to Lay Off 10% of Workforce

1. GitHub will lay off 10% of its workforce through the end of the company's fiscal year.

2. GitHub had around 3,000 employees before the layoffs were announced.

3. The company will shut down offices and transition to a fully remote work culture. 

4. The CEO announced a hiring freeze and other internal changes.

5. It is performed to "protect the short-term health" of the business. 

6. GitHub has 100 million members globally and is growing rapidly in India.

7. With over 10 million developers on the platform. 

8. The CEO stated that sustained growth is important for every business.

9. GitHub must become the "developer-first engineering system for the world of tomorrow.

10. The CEO also stated that moving toward a fully remote GitHub.

11. Due to low utilization rates in the company's offices worldwide.