49ers' George Kittle Makes Incredible Catch

1. It was a 19-12 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in their divisional round playoff game on Sunday.

2. It was 5:19 left in the third quarter and the score tied.

3. Niners quarterback Brock Purdy rolled to his left and saw Kittle streaking down the middle.

4. Kittle waved his right hand, Purdy spotted him and threw it just in front of his tight end.

5. Kittle reached out with his right hand and deflected the ball back to himself.

6. It bounced off his face mask and he reached back out with both hands.

7. The play went for 30 yards and led to the Niners' first touchdown of the game eight plays later.

8. Kittle finished with five catches on as many targets for 95 yards.

9. The most by a Niners tight end in a playoff game.

10. Since Vernon Davis had 104 yards in Super Bowl XLVII.

11. His catch provided the jump-start the 49ers needed at a crucial moment.