Cleveland Cavaliers Have Removed Kevin Love From Their Rotation

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to take veteran player Kevin Love out of their rotation.

2. Love was listed as a "DNP-Coach's Decision" in their recent win over the Indiana Pacers.

3. His playing time and role have steadily decreased over the past few seasons. 

4. Love is earning $28.9 million this season, but his four-year contract expires after the season. 

5. Love has struggled this season with his shooting percentage.

6. He also had some issues with his mental health. 

7. The Cavs are only in fifth place in the Eastern Conference.

8. Have a problem winning on the road.

9. Love's expiring contract could provide value to another team as salary cap relief this summer.

10. The team is doing great match against other teams.

11. Have to figure out the way for best performer.