Damaging Up to 100 Homes in Great Neck Area

1. Up to 100 homes are damaged in Virginia Beach after an EF3 tornado hit the Great Neck area.

2. At least three schools are closed due to road closures and storm damage.

3. No injuries have been reported, but some homes had gas leaks.

4. The National Weather Service confirms the tornado based on damage reports and videos of the storm.

5. The city manager declared a local state of emergency and opened the Great Neck Recreation Center for affected residents and pets.

6. The Something in the Water music festival was canceled due to severe weather and tornado warnings.

7. The tornado was rated an EF3 with estimated wind speeds of 140 to 150 mph.

8. The organizers of the Something in the Water music festival canceled its third and final day.

9. Due to the looming threat of severe weather.

10. After the storm, the city manager announced a local state of emergency.

11. The Virginia Beach Fire Department dispatched crews to respond to reports of roofs that had collapsed.