How Bills Clinch Their Victory over Chiefs?

1. In the starting phase, the Buffalo Bills were also unable to find success with squib kicks.

2. The scene on Sunday was unreal. It's as if a nightmare had come true when the Chiefs had just 13 seconds left on the clock.

3. The missed field goal led to extra time, which resulted in a Bills loss and an offseason of hearing about mistakes like not squib kicking after a touchdown.

4. The Bills were able to score with just 16 seconds left on the clock, and they benefited from a squib kick that took four seconds off the clock.

5. This allowed them to win the game in dramatic fashion.

6. The Chiefs marched down the field, quickly gaining 28 yards on two passes.

7. They proved to be too much for the opposing team, winning the game in convincing fashion.

8. With the game on the line, the Chiefs pulled out all the stops. 

9. They moved the ball downfield, and when it looked like their opponent had them cornered.

10. They hit Travis Kelce with a pass that looked strikingly similar to how they scored that winning touchdown in last year's playoffs.

11. Harrison Butker made good on the opportunity and nailed a field goal to give Kansas City a victory.

12. "It was a great battle," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "You love these games, and you just don't want to be sitting on this end of it.

13. But you love the competition and the way the guys get after it.

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