Apple Stock Drops on Rare Q4 Earnings Miss

1. Apple stock typically gains after earnings reports.

2. With an average increase of 0.3% in the trading session before the release.

3. It showed an average jump of 1.1% in the session after. 

4. The stock has also seen an average gain of 2.3% in the month following the release.

5. This trend has been consistent since 2007 when the iPhone was first released.

6. The current slowdown in the economy could have an effect on Apple's demand.

7. High inflation rates can make Apple's products increasingly expensive.

8. Making them less attractive to customers and potentially impacting sales. 

9. Consumer spending may be reduced due to the economic situation.

10.  which would also have a negative impact on Apple's demand.

11. It does seem possible that Apple's earnings could be negatively impacted.