How To Save Money On Your Costco Travel Plans?

1. Look for coupons and discounts regularly

2. Find a time when rates are cheaper

3. Use points or miles to pay for travel

4. Stay in a less expensive hotel

5. Use a rental car instead of taxis

6. Find a Costco with a gas station nearby

7. Make sure you're a member and have your card with you

8. Use Costco's travel website to search for your flights, hotels, or rental cars

9. When you find what you're looking for, book it through Costco

10. Use a Costco Cash Card

11. Use a credit card with travel rewards

12. Shop around for the best travel prices

13. Purchase your airline tickets through Costco, but book your hotel rooms separately

14. Download the Costco app to find the best travel deals while on the go

15. Plan your trip in advance

16. Enjoy Shopping at Costco!