What to know about the Year of the Rabbit?

1. As the Year of the Tiger comes to a close, the Lunar New Year begins this weekend.

2. Offering a much-needed reprieve from turbulent times.

3. This transition is especially auspicious due to the Rabbit's historic symbolism of peace.

4. Possibly foreshadowing an upcoming year of tranquility.

5. Celebrated as either Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

6. This is one of the most important holidays in Asia.

7. Which includes family reunions, feasting and gift-giving. 

8. This year marks the first time it will be officially recognized as a state holiday in California.

9. What does the Year of the Rabbit symbolize for Lunar New Year?

10. The Chinese Zodiac system allocates each year to one of twelve animals.

11. Those born in the years of 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, and 1951 are said to possess quick wit.