How You Can Make Student Loan Pause For Certain Time?

1. You can pause your student loan payments if you return to school at least half-time.

2. You can also pause your payments if you become unemployed or underemployed.

3. You can pause your payments if you are experiencing financial hardship.

4. You can pause your payments if you are in the military.

5. You can qualify for student loan forbearance if you’re working in a public service job

6. You can also contact your loan servicer to discuss your options for deferring your loans

7. You can look into ways to refinance your student loans.

8. You can try to negotiate with your lender for a lower monthly payment.

9. You may be able to consolidate your loans to get a lower monthly payment.

10. Get in touch with your lender.

11. Check your repayment plan.