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Top Small Business Ideas in Gujarat To Earn Good Money

Gujarat is a state in the western region of India, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. One of the first Indian states to enter the world of manufacturing. Gujarat has seen skyrocketing success in the manufacturing sector in recent years. The state’s thriving industry has led many entrepreneurs to open up their own manufacturing companies. If you’re looking for new business ideas in Gujarat then you are in the right place.

People always ask questions about how to start a business in india and in any other state of India when they are not aware of business strategies and goals. But here you will find the best ideas which can make you start your own business even with little knowledge.

Gujarat is among India’s largest states and the richest in terms of development and infrastructure. It is the best place if you like farming and if you are in search of business ideas in india. It is mainly because of the natural beauty of the place that attracts tourists and entrepreneurs to come and start their own businesses in Gujarat. Gujarat is one of the best place to start a food business. Gujarati people are so fond of eating gujarati foods.

With a population of more than 60 million people, and modern infrastructure and logistics, Gujarat is an ideal place to start a new business. It’s also a time-tested and prosperous state in India, making it a great place to invest and start an entrepreneur journey.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, the gauntlet has been thrown down. We live in a time where the competition for the customer is fiercer than ever before. This is a global, international world where businesses are looking to find any possible edge. The world of “new-age” e-commerce has cut out traditional brick and mortar businesses, and made the digital market a significantly more attractive space. 

Here are the List of Best New Business Ideas in Gujarat:

1. Clothing Business in Gujarat

small business ideas in gujarat

Gujarat is the hub of the clothing industry. There is a good opportunity If you are looking to expand your business in this category. The demand is also good in the clothing industry. Ahmedabad and other cities are known for their beautiful gujarati dressing style.

Gujarati peoples like to dress differently in various festivals. So there is a good scope of clothing business. You can also export the clothing materials in other parts of the country. Gujarat is the largest producer of cloth and has more potential than other states.

There is every possibility to sell the clothing products in the local market and also on ecommerce marketplaces. Amazon and flipkart are the best websites where you can list your items and get the orders 24×7.

2. Food Business in Gujarat

small manufacturing business ideas in gujarat

Gujarat is one of the best states to live and start a food business. Gujarat is considered as a land of foodies. Gujaratis love to share food with each other. Gujarat has a large diaspora settled in the United States, Europe and the Middle East and they all are looking for Gujarati food outside of Gujarat. 

Gujarat has the most exportable food products like Surati Kadi, Chana Dal, Dabeli, Khandvi, Jalebi, Khakra, etc. You can expect good profits in selling just local gujarati food items. It can be a simple business to anyone but it requires more physical work.

The local items are really good in taste and always demandable. So starting the food business is definitely a good idea to make some profits.

3. Fashion Designing Business

new business ideas in gujarat with low investment

It also comes in most popular new business ideas in gujarat where you just need good designing skills. This business is most favorable to womens. But there are many male individuals who are having good skills in the fashion industry.

This is not a simple business to start. You have to gain some experience in this industry and then come up with a business plan to implement.

There is a good chance that you will find a high converting client If you are good at providing quality results in designing. Ahmedabad and Surat are the main cities where you will get more customers in Gujarat for your business. Gujarat is the largest producer of fashion designers all over india.

4. Art & Craft Business in Gujarat

The art and craft products are very demanding in gujarat. Because of the gujarati artwork by the local peoples you can also consider this business to generate income.

You can create arts on various products which are always in demand and sell in the local market with a reasonable price. There are many markets in Gujarat where you can get good deals to export art and craft products.

5. Furniture Business in Gujarat

Furniture Business in Gujarat

The residential locations are expanding in the developing cities like ahmedabad and surat. So there is a good opportunity to come up with a furniture business. You can sell the furniture items in the local market and also within the state.

But to expand your business you need to have your own website which can get leads to your business. The profit is very high in this business. The only point to consider is the shipping of high weighted products across the state.

6. Electronic Business in Gujarat

Electronic business is very popular in all the cities and countries. You can start your business by selling items like mobile phones, mobile batteries, computers, laptops, etc. It is not a seasonal business. You can expect sales in this business 24×7.

The profit margin is also good If you source the products directly from the supplier. You have to research the market first and then purchase the products in bulk for maximum profit.

There is a good chance that you can be profitable in this electronic industry business.

7. Shoes Business

Shoes Business ideas

Shoes business is also a running business wherein you can sell shoes products in different categories like mens, womens, kids. This business involves variation themes so you must have to provide the variation in sizes and colors to the customers.

You can think of this business as profitable only if you can manage multiple inventories in the warehouse. Any profitable business ideas should start with thorough evaluation.

You need to stock these items in a large store so that it can remain in good condition in any season.

8. Gujarati Language Teaching Business

Gujarati Language Teaching Business

You can become gujarati teacher and provide coaching tuition to the students studying in the schools. You can get good business in the teaching industry If you are able to communicate in the local language gujarati.

You can also teach gujarati languages to foreign peoples via skype or any other video communication channel.

The demand for local language teaching is always there. So you can grab this opportunity and start your own business. This also seems profitable business ideas which may seem like second nature for many people.

9. Event Business in Gujarat

Event business is the most profitable business in India and most of the states. Events are regularly happening whether it is a birthday, marriage function, etc. You have a good chance to start this business in Gujarat and earn some good income.

The main thing in this business is to have a large team which can execute their tasks in a timely manner. If you have a good team then you will surely grow in the event business industry.

Gujarat has many events which occur every month. There is a good possibility to run the event business.

10. Become a Tourist Guide in Gujarat

Tourist guide is really a good job to do when you explain the culture and different historical places to foreign peoples. You can start the guiding business where the tourist attraction is more. You just need to have good communication skills in english language and then you are good to go with this business.

There are places like sabarmati ashram, akshardham, etc. in ahmedabad and in other cities where you can set up your own business and team.

11. Vada Pav Stall

Vada pav is a famous food in gujarat. People like to eat vada pav snacks in the daytime or in the evening. You can think of the vada pav stall business If you have a good target market in the commercial areas. This is an example of small scale business ideas compared with other businesses.

This is a local food item business where you can expect profits in limited margin. These items are normally consumed with tea and coffee. So you can also make extra cash by opening a tea stall nearby vada pav stall. The capital investment must be limited in this business.

This business can be a good start in Gujarat where you can get good sales within the target market.

12. Hotel Business in Gujarat

Hotel business comes in large scale business ideas. Hotel businesses are popular in Gujarat because of the tourist attractions and many other things. You can consider the hotel business If you are having good funds with you and can be able to hire employees for the execution of work. 

The places where you can consider this business are ahmedabad, surat, baroda, gandhinagar, etc. where the crowds come and tourist attractions are there.

The capital investment must be high in the hotel business.

13. Selling Herbal products

Selling herbal products are trending nowadays. People are making good profits in this business. You need to understand  the herbal products industry first and then start making some cash with this type of business.

You can have many varieties of products in this business. The only point is to advertise and promote your product line with a minimum budget. Because the advertising rates of this category items are not cheaper when compared with other products.

14. Courier services

Courier services business can be a good choice to start in gujarat. You can ship the items of ecommerce sellers and other vendors who require shipping services.

This is an all time running business but you need to have a proper system for running this business. You need to have a proper tracking system enabled which can provide all the details to the vendor and customers about the product delivery.

Gujarat is a good choice If you want to start this business and expand locally or nationally.

15. Real estate Business in Gujarat

This industry computers with large scale business ideas. Real estate industry is expanding in Gujarat and in many other states of India. You can be a good business owner in this industry If you actually have good contacts to reach maximum audience.

This business does not need any big client base. If you have a limited client base which can have good money to invest in this industry then you can explore and grow in this business.

Promotions and advertising are the main source for getting new clients in this industry. So you must have good funds in your hand before starting a real estate business in gujarat.

16. Start a local delivery business

local delivery business

Local delivery business is most popular among tiffin services and other essential product delivery services. You can start this business If you have local people in your team who can communicate in the local language.

You have to generate business by targeting local services and commercial areas where the demand of tiffin services are there.

Swiggy and other food businesses are a good example for learning and to understand the whole process. Timing plays a crucial role in this business.

17. A startup to help other startups

There are many business ideas for beginners who need to start with a low budget in any industry. Startup is good to have but you need to grow your startup business. You can also think of providing resources to other startup companies in terms of providing internet services, electronic resources, interns to make their organizations grow, etc.

There are many startup companies which are in need of all the useful resources to grow in any business industry they serve. Providing Small Business ideas for beginners who have little experience or feel like nobody understands them.

There is a good scope of this business If you collect the data from a trusted source and provide the startup with all forms of facilities and resources.

18. A service that helps people with their existing businesses

You can start the service business in the IT industry. You can serve many businesses by providing them the leads at your price and then scale it to the next level. Providing leads from sources like google, facebook, instagram, etc can be a good choice for any business owners.

So you can provide the leads for their business and earn the commissions on successful purchases. 

The capital will be limited at the initial stage of this business.

19. A marketplace for ecommerce consultants

Starting a business with a marketplace approach is really a good business idea. But you need to reach maximum potential consultants for gathering them on a single platform.

A marketplace can be a useful tool for customers and consultants. You just need to make some commissions when the sales and purchase happens in the marketplace. You can set your commission rates for different categories of services.

20. A service that helps people find and hire the best tutor for their child

Think of an online local marketplace where you can list all the service providers and get maximum business from each of the services being sold. You just need to set up the process for enrollment and your commissions are made 24×7. 

Parents are always looking for the best teachers who can guide and teach their childrens in a much better way. Because of limited resources parents are not able to search for good teachers within the local area.

You can take the opportunity to create a marketplace for parents where they can hire good teachers for their childrens.

21. A website that helps people find the best hotels/hostels

You can think of oyo business model If you want to start a business which can provide accommodation facilities. This is a good business idea where you just need to provide all the hotel and hostel names on the website.

Whenever the booking occurs on your website then you will be able to generate income 24×7. So It is all about creating a good website and promoting your business on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, google. etc., to create brand awareness and gather many customers.

22. E-commerce website

Selling the products online on websites is the most profitable new business ideas in Gujarat and everywhere. You can list as many products in your ecommerce website and generate income from any part of the world.

Ecommerce website allows you to accept orders from local areas or with the pin codes where you can deliver your products. There are many possibilities with the ecommerce websites. 

You can provide coupons and other additional discounts whenever a new season arrives. Customers can buy the products with their online net banking or credit debit cards. This can be useful for sellers and customers both. There is a good scope of online selling business in the ecommerce industry.

23. Grocery store

Grocery business is always a running business model for business owners. You have to set up the store with all kinds of essential products. The sales will be regularly in this business. But you need to understand the market first.

Before starting this grocery business you need to understand the demand and availability of different items.

There is a good scope of grocery business in Gujarat. This business purely focuses on the local market. So you can expect good sales within the local region. It is also built for online market shopping but the order flow will be maximum from the local area where the store is located.

Hence It all depends on the business owners where they want to promote their business.

There are a lot of various solutions on what makes up a good business idea. Some people believe that a good business idea is one which is innovative, revolutionizes, and embraces change. However, others believe that a good business idea is one which generates high revenue for the company.

“Innovative” can often be defined as not following conventions, or using new techniques to create products or services. “Revolutionize” can be defined as to fundamentally change in a drastic way or to bring about a major change. “Embraces change” can be defined as having a positive attitude towards life and in business, and adjusting to new technologies.

Why Gujarat is the best place to start a new business?

If you are a business owner, then you must be thinking why Gujarat is the best place to start a new business. It is the land of entrepreneurship, and you have the best of opportunities to expand your business.

But first let us understand why the state is the best place to start a business.

1. Benefits in Taxes

Gujarat has a special tax scheme available for startup businesses. It is also one of the fastest growing states in India. Therefore, there is no scope for any kind of tax pressure that may hamper your growth.  Startups have a good chance of attracting investors and raising funds.

2. Best infrastructure in Gujarat

There are good infrastructure facilities in Gujarat. For example, all the major cities and towns of Gujarat have world class infrastructure facilities. Gujarat has developed a world-class road network that is second only to that of China. It has also emerged as a manufacturing hub in the country.

3. No pollution

Gujarat is known to be a green state, and this is why pollution levels are very low in the state.

It is famous for its very low levels of pollution. It doesn’t have any toxic and dangerous air pollutants at all. Gujarat is the cleanest capital city in India. Gujarat is the largest exporter of IT, pharmaceuticals, and oil. It also has a low level of pollution. It has a highly efficient and well-developed transport system that is why pollution levels are very low.

4. Internet connectivity in Gujarat

Another reason for Gujarat to be the best place to start a new business is that the state has good internet connectivity. This means that there are many Internet service providers who can provide internet connectivity to the new business entrepreneur. The infrastructure in Gujarat is also good, which means that it is easy to access the internet for new business entrepreneurs.

There are more new businesses in Gujarat than any other state in India. The city is already the largest destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) in India.


1. How to start a business in gujarat?

You can start a business in Gujarat by getting the GST registration done of your business. It will be good for any individual to start any online business with a gst number.

2. Which business is best to start in gujarat?

Gujarati Food business is the best business to start in gujarat. But you have opportunities in other business categories also.

3. What are top small business ideas in gujarat?

Selling tshirts, local food items, electronic gadgets, mobile covers, etc. are the low cost investing business to start in gujarat.

4. Are there any new business opportunities in gujarat?

There is every opportunity to start a business in Gujarat where you can grow with a large audience.

5. What are some new business ideas in Gujarat with low investment?

You can set up a manufacturing hub for items like Mobile covers, packing products which includes polybags and corrugated boxes.

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