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Kitna Milega Or How Much You Will Get On Amazon

kitna milega amazon

Amazon offers many programs to the Amazon sellers on it’s every marketplaces like Amazon India, Amazon US, Amazon UK, etc. Amazon sellers are enabled to list all the items in their inventory that amazon allows on it’s platform. After setting up an account on amazon seller central, the seller’s main concern is “kitna milega”. That means How much profit that they will get after selling an item. You can also find the profits with Kitna Milega Calculator on amazon.

Many sellers have seen growth after Enrolling into amazon seller training program and by learning different modules in the seller central. Online businesses have to be done while keeping the marketplace policies in the mind. The marketplace will definitely help the sellers If the work done by them is compiling with the policies. They will also offer promotion and advertising opportunities to reach out to maximum audiences.

All sellers will get equal access to tools and resources that the marketplace has designed for the seller’s business expansion. However, sellers should have to be more productive by understanding the working structure of those tools and algorithms. In online business there are many costs which are added when listing on the website or marketplace. For getting clarity about profits you should know the costs very well which are associated with all the items.

E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. have their certain amount of commissions on different categories of items that the sellers want to sell on their platform. As an e-commerce seller, you must check or verify the amount that you will receive after the item is sold on it.

Amazon has very good trained seller support executives which makes the platform very responsive. You can expect good amazon seller support service If you get stuck at something when doing any task in the seller central. There is a dedicated team which handles seller’s queries or doubts and according resolve it with proper explanation.

Kitna Milega on Amazon?

If you are an amazon seller and want to know about the profits that you will get after selling a single quantity of item then It is better to understand the pricing terms of the marketplace. Let’s say, If you are selling a product from your own business address and the products that you have listed in the Inventory section will be packed and shipped by you. Then only the referral and closing fee will be charged on the sold item.

The amazon fees are calculated based on the selling price that you have set and the specific category in which the item falls in. The closing fee will be fixed to maximum i.e 50 Rs but the referral fee is exactly the percentage shown on the listed category. It can be 5%, 6%, 9%, etc. 

It is important to understand the structure of pricing and fees of amazon marketplace. If you have set the selling price without any information of charges that amazon will charge from you after the product is sold then It might happen that the amount of profit would not come to you as you thought of after selling it.

Amazon always makes clarity on all the charges that will be charged in the selling process at the time of registration also. It is always advisable to Enroll for Amazon seller training program If you are a new seller and started an online business on the platform. Through the training program you will get to know many things that can be performed in the seller central dashboard. 

Amazon sellers have to do online business by keeping amazon policies in their mind. If the sellers are found violating the policies then It might happen that amazon will start sending emails to them regarding the action sellers have performed and the amazon team will get to know about it with proper actionable solutions that it could not happen again in their seller account.

If an Amazon seller wants to sell the same product on another amazon marketplace then you should know about the charges and pricing structure. It will definitely change as per the terms and conditions of the marketplace and must be set with competitive prices after doing some research on pricing and other things that can result in good sales of your products.

Other than this Amazon also offers shipping service to the sellers which is called Amazon Easy Ship. This shipping method is one of the best shipping options Amazon sellers can avail for delivering their products to the Amazon customers. Amazon shipping charges are also based on the item size and weight.

Calculate profit Using Kitna Milega Calculator

kitna milega calculator is a tool in which amazon sellers have to input the price in various fields. It can be filled with two methods i.e “Your fulfillment” or “Amazon Fulfillment”. This tool is so advanced that it can provide all the metrics on a single page.

If You are fulfilling all the orders by yourself then select “Your fulfillment”. Enter the prices in the fields like:

  1. Item price
  2. Shipping price
  3. Cost of seller fulfilment includes Labor, packaging material, customer service, ship to customer.
  4. Storage cost includes Monthly storage cost per unit and Average inventory units stored.
  5. Cost of product

After adding all these costs, you can easily calculate the profit that you can get by selling it with a mentioned price to the amazon customers. It is a best tool in which all the costs can be added and we can get all the estimates regarding amazon fees and charges.

Amazon sellers can also fulfil their items with “Amazon Fulfillment”. Fill up all the field like:

  1. Item price
  2. Ship to Amazon cost is the shipping charge that you will be charged at the time of shipping the items to amazon fulfilment centers.
  3. Average inventory units stored price
  4. Cost of your item.
kitna milega calculator

Kitna milega profitability calculator is really a good tool to find out every costs that are related to your items. This tool works for almost every marketplace and you just need to enter the amazon product id to fetch the item which is already listed on the website. The resources that amazon offers to the amazon sellers is really productive to them and for their business. Not every e-commerce marketplace offers this type of tool through which sellers can get clear visibility on the profits chart.

kitna milega amazon calculator
amazon calculator
fba kitna milega

As a registered seller on amazon, If you want to sell with amazon fulfilment then you need to go with Amazon FBA. This program offers good benefits to the sellers and many of the services are included in it. The services include store, pack and ship the items, customer service during and after the shipping has been done. 

The prime badge on the amazon product listings provides more visibility and with a high number of views on your items will definitely result in a high number of receiving orders from amazon prime and non prime customers. However, the prime customers can get more benefits with one day or two days delivery shipping.

Get Amazon Seller Training To Understand Pricing

Amazon seller training is a program where you can learn different things to scale up your online business on amazon marketplace. This program is beneficial to the sellers who have just started and explore more in the seller dashboard. Sellers generally have question like “kitna milega on amazon india” and for that you must understand the pricing rules on various categories of items.

You will get in-depth knowledge of performing tasks which will get your business to the next level. There are many programs available to all the amazon sellers through which the task execution becomes much more easier when performed. You can also get to know about the events and strategies by which business networks can be expanded.

The main objective of training is to understand the listing process and different factors which provides visibility to your items on amazon website. It should be presented in such a manner that customers can get all the information with its advantages and features.

Some sellers also violate listing policy and as a result they need to submit the documents that amazon asked for. If you are ready with all the points and detailed information of your item then listing work doesn’t take much time and It gets live on customers portal.

The promotion and advertising tasks have to be carried out to generate more sales on amazon. The in built tools can make this work easy and business can be expanded by utilizing it in a proper way. These tools will definitely produce good results in product sales. As the sales increases, customers will get to know about your brand and quality of items that you sell. This will generate recurring revenue from them.

Order processing and other tasks can be done with ease. You just need to follow certain steps and then It becomes easy for you to manage all the work by yourself. You will also get to learn about kitna milega amazon calculator through which analyzing profit amount can become easy to understand.

So, What are you waiting for?

Contact MohitECommerce to learn different modules and scale your amazon business.


1. kitna milega on Amazon By selling products?

It depends on the category of the item that you want to sell on amazon marketplace.

2. How to calculate profit using kitna milega calculator?

You have to input all the cost in fba calculator and then you will get to know the profit amount by selling a single product or in bulk.

3. What is kitna milega amazon?

It is a way of analyzong the profit amount by selling a specific category of item.

4. Is kitna milega profitability calculator Shows right analysis?

The amazon fees changes periodically so the profit that you going to get can increase sometimes. You have to keep monitoring on the amazon fees for the actual profit calculation.

5. How to calculate earning profit using fba kitna milega calculator?

You can visit the fba calculator page in amazon seller central and then enter the amount in the fields that they ask for. You will understand all the charges and fees along with your profit on a single item.

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