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How To Make Rakhi and Sell Online On E-Commerce Marketplace

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India is popular all over the world for its festivals. We celebrate every festival with love and joy. And Raksha bandhan is no exception. It is celebrated to strengthen the bond of love between brothers and sisters. This festival is not something that will fade away with time, it will forever be celebrated with love. Many people want to know about “how to make rakhi” because they want to start the Rakhi business.

There are many products which are widely sold during festival times in India. Those products are very popular in every part of India. Special Clothing dress like chaniya choli in navratri is majorly sold in navratri festival. Home made handicraft items are sold most in the Diwali festival. The same as with rakhi items and It is sold in millions in India only. 

Rakhi making business is one of the most lucrative and best home based businesses. It can be started at home with small capital. Mostly ladies get engaged in this rakhi making activity. This business empowers women of the rural areas and is considered to be one of the famous cottage industries of India. This business sees a great spike in sales at the time of Raksha bandhan festival.

During the raksha bandhan season, millions of hand made rakhis are sold across the world as handcrafted rakhis have become quite popular. You can earn huge profits in this small scale business by making rakhi at home. All you need to know is how to make rakhi at home. Most of the people do seasonal business of rakhi at raksha bandhan time. They generate good profits with a single seasonal  business also.

If you are planning to start this business, you will need an investment of Rs 10,000 to 1 lakh, depending upon the scale of business you are planning to build. As this is a seasonal business, we suggest you make friendship bands also, as it requires the same raw materials.

As Rakhi is a VAT exempted item, you can easily get a license from local municipal authorities. You can also get financial help from nearly all the authorized banks and government schemes. One popular government scheme is the Mudra scheme. Indian People are looking for how to start a business in India with minimum investment. So anyone can start selling with any business ideas.

Rakhi can be made in any shape with a simple stitch. There is no one shape or style to make rakhi for business. There are many things to consider when making rakhi for different age groups of peoples. The shape and size will also matter when It is made for kids or adults. Any person who knows simple stitch can make rakhi easily. 

You need to follow the step by step process of rakhi making. Rakhi can also be made with any piece of cloth. But the clothes used in making the rakhi have to be very fine in quality. If you provide fake items to customers then there is a higher chance of getting returns. So, you must follow a step by step guide in which all the things are mentioned.

What are Types of Rakhi Designs?

A rakhi is a silk thread or a simple thread that is decorated with stones, beads, or jewels. There are a wide range of Rakhi designs available. You can make these design’s step by step with your own or hire professional people who are good at designing skills. The best ones are:

  1. Silk thread rakhi with zari work
  2. Floral design rakhi
  3. Bracelet type rakhi
  4. Cartoon design rakhi – Rakhi for kids
  5. Rakhi with god’s images
  6. Rakhi with small sequence
  7. Sandalwood rakhi
  8. Rakhi with stones engraved on it
  9. Musical Rakhi

Raw materials used to make rakhi at home:

  1. Silk thread
  2. Stones
  3. Beads
  4. Glue
  5. Cotton thread
  6. Knife
  7. Scissors
  8. Packing material
  9. Cartoon characters – to make rakhi for kids

Home made rakhis are quite popular these days. You can also make custom rakhis with names of customers on it. Taking orders before the festival and delivering them on time can be a good idea.

How To Make Rakhi Step by Step Guide

Rakhi making at home does not require special machinery. Check out rakhi making ideas at home first. Rakhi can be made with different types of cotton thread. But you need to make sure about the quality of the cotton thread that you use for making it. The quality of cotton thread must be very good in rakhi making.

Here is a step by step guide of making rakhi for the business. 

Step-1: Collect all the raw materials – Start with simple rakhi designs and kids rakhi

  1. Take all the raw materials that are required and as listed above.
  2. Take a bundle of threads, try to use multi colored threads as they make the best rakhis.
  3.  Mostly red and yellow colors are used in rakhis. You can use silk or golden threads.
  4.  Use threads with a minimum length of 30’’.
  5.   Fold the thread bunch into half.
  6.   Using a cotton thread, tie a knot at one fourth of the length.
  7.   Cut loops of the folded thread and open up the ends. Divide the longer part of the   thread into halves and plat them.
  8. Decorate the upper part with stones, zaris, sequences etc.
  9.  For kids rakhi, you can simply stick cartoon characters at the top.

You can also come up with your own new rakhi designs homemade, that are unique. Different color piece of cloth can also be used for rakhi making items. You can also search various rakhi designs on the internet and finalize the better one. It would be very good If you have your own designs for making rakhi.

Step-2: Decide selling price

It is very important that you set a profitable price. In the initial phase, you can start with a reasonable price considering this as an investment. And, later as the business grows, you can eventually increase the price. 

Sellers need to understand both the markets offline and online. By looking into the market demand the selling price can be easily set with retail price or bulk price. You must take time to finalize good pricing for rakhi products.

Step-3: Sell your rakhi

You can sell your handmade rakhi to retailers and distributors in your locality. If you do not want to go to them, you can directly start selling on e-commerce portals such as Flipkart and Amazon. For marketing of your business, you can create pages on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so that people can get timely updates on the new designs. 

You can also advertise your rakhi products on Facebook and Instagram. There is an option of targeting the audience based on your locality. Once you set the advertising budget, target audience, age groups, etc. then you will start receiving more visibility on the products.

To achieve profits in a business, a strong marketing and business plan is required. And Rakhi business is no exception. You can check the market demands and supply accordingly. 

Start preparing the rakhis at home 4 to 6 months before the festival with good stock. Start with simple rakhi designs and move to heavy designs once you come to know about the market trends.

Do a market analysis, find the new rakhi designs that are trending and have a huge demand. 

You can add chocolates, cards and other goodies to attract the customers. Such creative and unique ideas always work. Simple rakhi designs with a classy look and sweets definitely is a good combo. Add chocolates along with kids rakhi.

People give chocolates these days on all the festivals, also on rakhi. So adding homemade chocolates, sweets, DIYs and dry fruits attracts the customers.

Benefits of Starting a Rakhi Business

1. Low Investment

Low Investment

Rakhi making business can be started with a low investment. It is a business where you won’t need any special office, staff or a huge team. You can easily start this business at home. All you need to know is how to make rakhi at home, which you can easily learn. New and interesting rakhi making ideas at home with a handful of raw materials are needed. This sums that this is one of the businesses which requires the lowest investment. It can be made with simple stitch skills.

2. Huge Market Demand

As people of India are very fond of this festival, it creates huge market demand before the time of rakhi. People like to go for different designs and home made rakhi. The different varieties of rakhis – rakhi for kids, for ladies, and many more have huge demands.  Also, due to such huge demands, you can come up with your own new rakhi designs that would be loved by the customers. India has demand in millions in most of the product categories. 

3. No Special Skills required

You do not require any special degree or special skill set to start a homemade rakhi business. All you need is the raw materials and a little interest in craft will be an advantage. It is very easy to learn how to make homemade rakhi and get rakhi making ideas at home using online videos or tutorials on YouTube. There are thousands of videos and articles available.

So with these basic skills, you can easily start your own rakhi making business.

4. Limited Raw Materials 

In every business, the maximum cost is needed in the raw materials and production. But, in the rakhi making business, you don’t need too many raw materials. You will just need a handful of items to make a rakhi at home. So, your raw material and production cost will not be much. You will just have to give your time and focus on this business.

5. No labor cost

As this is a business which can be started by a single person, your labor and staff cost gets reduced. You can invest that amount in other entities. As this is a creative and craft making business, mostly housewives and ladies get indulge here. It’s your choice, if you want to make rakhis on a large scale, you can create a group and make rakhis or make all the rakhis on your own. Either way, it is a cost-efficient business.

Benefits of Selling Handmade Rakhi on E-Commerce Marketplace

1. Worldwide Shipment

rakhi making

Indians are present in all parts of the world. Due to this, online e-commerce portals have introduced courier services at an international level with reasonable prices. These e-commerce portals ensure that your parcels will be delivered on time with utmost care. You can get started with different e-commerce giants like Amazon, where you can sell your products worldwide. 

Amazon Global Selling Program enables local Indian sellers to showcase their items at a global level. Also, with the easy delivery services, your items will reach out to the customers very easily. Sellers can trust their courier services for better delivery of items.

Also, the pricing and profits earned will be in dollars. So you will definitely earn huge profits. It can cost you some shipping cost with courier services enrollment. But the profits will be good enough to cover all the costs. You can package the item in a small packaging material and It will not require rigid materials like cereal box.

Sellers don’t need to think about packaging material weight also. The weight of cereal box would be different compared to rakhi packaging material. The cereal box contains some weight and It cannot be used for the shipments of rakhi.

2. Large Audience

how to make rakhi at home

There is huge traffic on all the e-commerce platforms. If you opt for online selling, you get a huge customer base. You will not have to run any offline ad campaigns, go and check with the distributors. You just need to sign up as a seller and start selling where you will get a pool of customers.

So, you will save money in ad campaigns and marketing. Also, customers will come to know about your brand which will increase your visibility. With quality rakhis, people will post good reviews, which will result in an increase of your sales, ultimately increasing the profit.

3. Reach New Customers

handmade rakhi

Every day there are thousands of customers shopping and signing up for the ecommerce marketplaces. So you will have access to new customers on a daily basis. Your customer reach out will also increase. Unlike the traditional shopping methods, you will have access to a large audience and new customers on a daily basis. 

4. Customers shopping start with a Google search

google search
google search

Because of the increasing internet penetration rates, the use of digital channels has increased exponentially. It is estimated that 87% of the shoppers search on google before purchasing anything. Even if they buy from offline local stores, their shopping begins with searching, especially on marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart.

They check out the prices, compare prices on different marketplaces, check the customer reviews and more. To get potential customers, you will have to create a brand value and an online presence. With e-commerce platforms, you can easily create your own identity and come up when people search out.

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