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How To Change Billing Address in Amazon Marketplace

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There are many ecommerce companies which are selling a variety of products to the customers. Some are only focused on apparels category and others are more emphasised on shoes category. But Amazon is the company which is focused on different categories of items. 

Though Amazon is found as the best for b2c platform for most of the categories items. However, it also offers b2b deals for the business customers. In this way, amazon sellers have more benefits to increase the sales on amazon marketplace. They can list their products with both b2c and b2b price.

Amazon has given flexibility to its customers whether it is related to updating an address and in the payment process too at the time of checkout. Most of the customers wants COD option available on the products and that is what the best advantage it offers to them. 

Amazon has a process after the product is delivered to the customer that makes it unique to understand the customer satisfaction with reviews and feedback systems. No other ecommerce marketplace focused more on the customer satisfaction part. Promotional emails about offers and discounts are sent to the customers so that they can be informed easily and get notified.

Amazon is one of the best ecommerce company because of its many operations and services all around the world. Amazon is considered as one of the top ecommerce platforms for worldwide users. It offers many discounts to the customers. Amazon has built a good trust in the customer’s mind. Amazon customers always ask different questions like how to change billing address in amazon so that they can get the invoice with their choice of address when they receive a product.

Amazon focuses more on customer demands and their needs. Amazon operates in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc for its ecommerce operations. Amazon also offers good programs for the sellers like Amazon Fba, Seller Flex, etc.

Amazon shipping service is absolutely world class. They have also introduced product delivery service in less than one day or two days.

What is a billing address?

A billing address is an address which will be added when the order is processed by the amazon or amazon seller. So, when the customer surfs on the amazon and then he finally makes a decision to purchase the product. He will then proceed to checkout where the information like billing address, mode of payment, name, addresses, etc have to be filled by the customer.

When the seller receives an order of a specific product. Then he will be notified via an email and phone number about the order details that need to proceed. The invoice is automatically created in the seller dashboard in which the customer details like name, email, phone number, billing address, etc should be found.

The customers can also benefit in tax purposes where they can show the purchase invoice of a product and get the gst credits.

Note: If the order is processed by the seller to the customer, then amazon will not allow to do edits in the addresses section for a particular order. So, It is better to get the changes done before the order processing takes place. However, the seller support team and customer team is always there for both sellers and buyers. They will solve the problem as soon as they can for a specific case that arises by any party.

There are many things which will be displayed on the invoice. The information includes amazon seller business details and Tax id’s. 

Here are the Steps To Update Invoicing Address:

Step 1: Go to Amazon Marketplace Website & login there with your details like email id and password.

how to change billing address in amazon

Step 2: Look at the top side and click on account & lists, then click on “Your Account”.

how to change billing address in amazon india

Step 3: You can now see “Your Addresses” on the left side on the page.

how to change billing address in

Step 4: There you can see your past addresses which you have entered for a product delivery. You can choose either of them or add a new address for a new onw. click on set as default.

how to change billing address on amazon

Step 5: To add a new address, point out the address you want.

how to change billing address in amazon app

Step 6: In this page you can add many details like email,zip code, phone no, name, state, country, etc.

how to change the address in amazon order

Step 7: As soon as the new address is added, notification will be sent to the customer for a security purpose.

amazon billing address

You can also change billing address in amazon app by downloading it from mobile store. Whenever any changes occur in the customer account, notifications will be sent to the customer immediately. This is one of the best security notifications amazon provides to its customers on all the marketplaces it operates.

Amazon app for the customers is also the best way through which customers can make purchases for a variety of items. You can add new addresses from there also by logging in to your amazon customer account.

Amazon also allows best features to its customers in a way that they can see their previous ordered items history. As an amazon customer you can easily get to know about all the ordered details like when the product was ordered, when it was delivered to the address, what was the mode of payment to an item.

You can easily download the invoice for all the purposes you find suitable in. Incase you need some extra information then there is a customer team who is always available for the customers to solve the issues regarding the orders and other part.

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